only bill kurtis please
the harleen quinzel
I can't handle brooke the narrator ...I don't want to hear her opinions...or what she googled...just the facts...and bill kurtis........seriously why would narrator tell that she got her start doing podcast in her closet, sure hope it was a walk-in closet.
I love listening to Brook! I was so sad when her podcasts wended! So glad I can still listen to her on here!!!
Content vs Narration
The stories and interviews are great- 5 star! Brooke isn’t a narrator. I’m sure she works hard but sounds like she had marbles in her mouth and some moments of horrible vocal fry.
Can’t get past narrator.
You shouldn’t sound like you are reading (poorly) from a delightful children’s book while discussing true crime. The narrators tone and inflection (if there is any at all) is at the wrong times and makes it very hard to get through.
Find someone else besides Brooke
Miss P314
Bill Curtis is a story teller. Brooke needs to learn how to tell a story with a flow instead of sounding like she is reading line from line while reading too fast....
Waste of time . This lady sounds like she is reading word for word on a script . It is not interesting at all! 😫 These real stories deserve better than this !
The actual case content and the podcast quality isn’t bad. Not a fan of Brooke, sounds like she has something in her mouth which makes her hard to listen to.
Love it
This is my favorite podcast. I’m not super big on podcasts, but this is the only one I wait for
Thank you Brooke!
Kiersty MN
Awesome work, thanks so much!
Need a different narrator
The stories are interesting, of course, but Brooke speaks way too fast, and her voice is too juvenile sounding. These need to be narrated by someone with a good storytelling voice. Like Bill Curtis.
Can’t Stand Brooke’s Commentary
She states her opinion constantly. Then picks apart investigators decisions and her “thoughts” make zero sense. On the most recent episode she picked apart the decision of detectives to stake a victims funeral.... extremely standard practice. She said “what did they think they would gain? Why did they do that?” Idk she does not seem well versed in true crime, and yet hosts a podcast devoted to it? Her annoying commentary is unfortunately why I don’t listen often anymore.
Great stories but....
The stories are great but the girl narrating the stories are horrendous. She reads the stories like she is reading a stories to kids. Bill Curtis reads with emphasis and suspense but when the girl reads the narrative it is pathetic. No emotion and read too fast. No feeling. She would be the last person I would chose to read a suspenseful stories. Listen to the Bill Curtis stories and skip the others.
True crime at its best
As a lover of true crime and as a private investigator, I love listening to these stories and the interesting tactics used to solve these cases. Cold cases fascinate me because they’re the greatest challenge to solve, and every investigator loves a challenge.
Really great podcast😊
I love the show! I think that Brooke does a great job. Thanks for all your hard work😊 Dornbach Saint Louis, Missouri
Host is awful
I can’t. It’s like a middle schooler reading a script. I was wondering why I never downloaded this...until I started listening and realized I previously DID and deleted it.
Love Bill Curtis
The host doesn’t seem to add much of anything constructive , I’d rather just listen to Bill Curtis episodes
All done.
Foxy vampires
I don’t really want to hear what Brook thinks about the case, and she seems VERY anti police. It’s super easy to criticize how every case was handled after all the facts have been gathered and the criminals arrested. I’m unsubscribing, the opinions as well as the monotone delivery sealed the deal for me.
Great listen
Loved it!
A map to murder
Worst episode ever!!!! Way to victimnghame and shame society because someone is sick in the head!!!! What a joke. You sound like a pandering fool!!!! Stop making excuses for criminals!!!!! The host should be fired. And her whiney voice is annoying!!!!!!
Host reads like a perky 12 year old
TRUE CRIME = suspense, intrigue, mystery... why am I being read copy like my niece reads a book report? Cold case, give me Keith Morrison, give me Hannah and Suruthi of RedHanded. This is such a waste of content, it is unlistenable.
Love it!!!! I have binged on the show for days!
Hooked on Cold Case Files
Love Brooke's voice! Brooke is an amazing story teller. Thanks for all of the great episodes!
Bill Curtis is great! BUT....
Ksong 2018
I enjoy Bill Curtis but, I find Brook’s voice “nasally.” I finally ended up having to delete all of her episodes due to not wanting to hear her. Just a personal preference.
Hit and miss
I like the podcast! But I don’t care for the hosts’ own personal opinion in some of them. I just want to hear the story and facts and the actual tapes.
I can’t stand this chick! Her commentary is moronic!
To many ads
The amount of advertising done within the podcast is to high and should be cut down or at least kept to one portion of the podcast and not multiple times through the podcast
Hard to Listen to
They need a different host. She sounds like a high schooler giving a report.
Love Brooke
The female host, Brooke, is very insightful and compassionate. She talks to listeners like friends. She adds more substance to the short episodes than the regular narrator since he’s just reading a brief script. Brooke makes wonderful contributions to the true crime world and actually works on current cases too. Great pic for the cold case show!
Hit and miss
I’ve listened to a few episodes now & I always end up feeling like “that’s it?!” I actually love the length of the episodes. It’s quick listen, however I don’t feel like there’s any good content during the episode & I feel like it’s unresolved and left more questions than answers. I love the show on A&E, but I’m going to pass on this for now.
Great Podcast with a Great Host
Boise Cindy
I've been listening to Brooke's podcasts for a few years. Her demeanor is calm and her experience in the innocence community tells us that she really knows what she is talking about. Add to that a podcast that is single story episodes that are quick listens and you have a winning podcast. Find everything Brooke does and listen!
Not for misogynists
Before you listen be aware that the host, the amazing Brooke Gittings, is female. She has a female voice. This doesn’t change no matter how many episodes you listen to. If that bothers you this isn’t the podcast for you. If you like Cold Case stories told with compassion and empathy you’ve come to the right place.
Great podcast
I really enjoy this podcast. It’s like an extension of the tv show, but one I can take with me as I work out, do chores, commute, yard work, etc. The host is both professional and friendly/relatable, and the editing/production quality makes it easy to listen to.
I love Brooke and her voice! She keeps me hanging on every word. You can also tell she really cares about the wrongly convicted. I love her passion and her dedication to delivering not only a compelling story but also to tell us the facts! Truth still matters!
The Distinctive Brooke Gittings
I love television, I love radio; podcast radio. The Cold Case Podcast is one of my absolute favorite true crime podcasts simply because of how it blends the original TV series narration with the host narration provided by the lovely Brooke Gittings. If you’re a true crime junkie and enjoy the occasional well delivered advertisement then please give this podcast a try. You can slam MY review if any part of this review is untrue.
Great podcast!
I love this podcast. The host is great!
Omg I love Brooke and the stories. It’s enjoyable and calming at the same time. I’m hooked!!
Love! Tell me stories please!
First- I think I can listen to Brooke read the phone book and It would lull me to sweet slumber. There could not be a more perfect host, I adore everything about the narration. FYI- her personal experience brings a whole other level to the pod that I value greatly! Second- the way the story is told, the layout, is impeccable. There is enough nuance, enough personal anecdote, and enough restriction to balance the story. Lastly- this is so entertaining. I just cannot say enough. Thank you for making my commute, clean up time, and down time so much more entertaining.
I'm a fan
I grew up watching the show on A&E and I love that the pod is here! It's a favorite!
I love listening to Brooke's podcasts. You can tell she really enjoys what she does and looks forward to them. Awesome podcasts
Great Show
I really enjoy the intros and transitions provided along side the original audio. Some other “originally for tv” shows only dump the audio into a podcast episode, but I appreciate that Brooke sets up the story and gives her voice and tone to it.
Absolutely love!
Cold case files is my saving grace through long work days or long drives home. The host speaks with such honesty and conviction, unlike some of the other true crime podcasts that I listen to. She talks like she’s a real person, sitting next to me in the car, I don’t know how to explain it. The content is always great, and I’ve recommended this to all of my colleagues already! 10/10
Great job!
Love listening to these! Listen to them on drives and at work! Great narrative! Thanks for doing these! Keep it up!
Great podcast, easy listen, makes you want more
S. Horner
This is a great podcast! My husband and I enjoyed listening to all the stories as we drove out west! The podcaster speaks very well and it’s an easy listen! Highly recommend!
Great podcast
Leanna Weber
I love this podcast. It’s one of the first I’d ever listened too and now I compare all podcast to it. Brooke Giddings does a great job.
Yay commercials!!!
Few suggestions. 1- get a 12 year old to narrate this that likes to interject her own lame opinion once in a while. 2- play more commercials And while your at it, have that 12 year old read some of them. 3- oh and more commercials!! So much fun to listen to.
Love it
I enjoy listening to this podcast weekly. Brooke gives great information and feedback. I love how her voice is calming and professional.
Great story telling
Sad stories, but told with great respect by both hosts. Bill Kurtis keeps the narrative going while Brooke adds a more humanistic feel to it all. This is a go to podcast for me!
Great podcast, poor narrator
Brooke sounds 12, amateurish, and at times hard to understand. Thankful for the classics hosted by Bill Kurtis.
A Favorite
I look forward to this podcast and really enjoy listening to them. Thank you for taking the time to provide them.
Too many Ads!
I understand that without sponsors, the show wouldn’t be possible but there is just too many in the middle of the show. I spent most of my time skipping through the ads to get maybe a 20 minute show. It’s best to put them all in the end.
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