pray for him
After hearing about her father in hospital.. did she go to him.. pray for him.. forgive him directly.. A once final chance to save him?
Great Podcasts
I’ve listened to Dr. Dobson for many years and have read many of his books. He’s a trusted godly man with much wisdom and knowledge of God and dealing with kids. Highly recommend him!
Hateful Influence
I was raised by two Christian parents and they did a great job. I grew up in the church and myself identify as a Christian as an adult. Before my mom started listening to this program she was more open minded and loving towards others. Ever since she started listening, I find that she is colder, judgmental, and unwilling to put herself in others shoes as much. She follows and believes anything that is said on this station even when there is no fact or logic behind it. I’m all for a good Christian message but we cannot follow a leader blindly, we must think and decide for ourselves.
Dr. Dobson's wisdom is timeless
Wendy Gossett
Dr. Dobson's wisdom and experience is truly timeless! His work was groundbreaking when he first wrote about the Strong Willed Child and it is still ground breaking today! I grew up listening to Focus on the Fmaily and continued to listen as a young adult and then parent. I was reintroduced to his podcast as a result of being a guest on his son Ryan's podcast, REBEL Parenting which is also wonderful! Dr. Dobson, who you are, what you stand for and all you do has made a tremendous impact on me personally, as well as so many people in my circle who have looked to your advice and example over the years! Thank you!
Thank you
Natural mamma
This is exactly what my marriage has looked like it. It brought me to tears. Are the sources for help listed?
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