Love it
This first 2 episodes of the show are a great introduction to DND. I’ve loved every arc since. Just yesterday I found myself so invested that I was screaming at Inara “USE THE F$@&!NG DOOR PATCH!” Definitely my favorite non-TAZ DND podcast!
A delightful podcast, I’ve been listening obsessively while I work and it frequently makes me laugh aloud. It’s super helpful if you’re new to D&D, and the story plot is full of exciting twists, with lovable characters trying their best to make friends, earn some gold, and maybe save the world.
Best show ever!!!!!!
eldritch monkey
This podcast is so amazing and funny. Tracey makes me want to play a warforge barbarian so much. This show has really inspired me. If you like DnD listen to this show now!! It is soooooooooooo good!
I love multitude!
This podcast always is so fun, filled with heart, and funny goofs! This podcast introduced me to D&D and it always makes me feel better when I’m feeling down!
Makes my day keep doing what you are doing
Great show
A podcast of dungens and dragons fun. Rules are alittle off but if your expecting the fun rule then your all good :)
You're Invites!
Join this party! This is currently the only DnD podcast that I listen to and it's all I need. I'm a big fan of Multitude and I'm so happy for Amanda to have an outlet to be gay and I am living for it lol Her rogue is my absolutely favorite disaster gal. I hope she finds love in the end <3 This show is fantastic. You need to listen to it.
This is truly a party!
Love the story, characters, hosts, but most importantly, the opening music! It really gets me hyped up to start the episode. I also love love love that the DM is clever, witty, and can think on his feet. The after party episodes are an excellent way to tie everything together for listeners. Thanks for being an amazing time!
caleb london
This show made be realize that I love D&D and has gave me an amazing crew to do play D&D and listen to the podcast with
Awesome show!
katri joy
I’m partway through season 3, and I can’t stop listening! I love the characters, their dynamics, and the storytelling! Would absolutely recommend to anyone who likes collaborative storytelling, fantasy, or just a fun time
Great starting point
Now that’s what I call a bruh moment
Joe the camel
So fun!
I don’t even play dnd, and I love every minute it! This podcast is so well done! It’s written perfectly! The characters are so fun and dynamic. The sound design makes you feel like you’re there! All of the queer storylines are amazing as well. I cannot begin to say how much I love this pod!
It’s good dnd! It’s queer! It’s great!!
Great story! Great rollplaying!! Love the little queer references (Alonzo can’t sit in a chair and I feel very seen). When the mention a relationship it’s gay!! Amanda is my podcast like cool older queer cousin (bc saying Mom would be weird)
Yes, Join this Party!
So I thought D&D was all rolling for combat damage in battles. This is so much fun, and it has motivated me to grab a starter set and try to run a campaign with my friends. If you are looking for a fun live RPG, look no futher than Join the Party (then they will advise you on who else to look up through their interviews). Keep it up, pretty please, for the sake of the undying light!!!!
i love joe the camel
That is all
Amazing story with humor galore. Fantastic group of people with an immersive imagination. Looking forward to what the future holds.
Fun storytelling
Unique Exemplar
The story feels just like what you'd expect from a table of players making their own world-affecting choices. It's fun and well edited. I eagerly await what comes next each episode.
Amazing characters and interesting plot!
I don’t play D&D, but I love fantasy stories, and this podcast does not disappoint. Both the hosts and characters are so fun, and the plot is very cool!
Great into to RPGs
I have been listening with my son, who recently got into D&D, on our subway commute. Great story line and we love each after party, it gives so much context to how to play and generally what it is like being part of an RPG group.
I never write reviews but I genuinely wanted to for this amazing podcast. I’ve listened to this in the car, at the gym and at work; my coworkers have actually stopped to ask what I was laughing at. I love the goofiness, the depth of emotion and the thought and dedication that goes into this, and I am so, so excited to see what they have in store for the last arc of their first story and beyond. Thank you!
I’m DMing for the first time and this is giving me so much to think about—it’s so reflective and entertaining—in an enriching way! Love this.
Great for everyone!
Never played D&D, just rpg videogames and they do a great job explaining everything and it's just fun to follow along.
Love the show!
Great characters and a load of fun listening to all of them play! what's not to love?
Defined real-play podcasts
The Yifster
JTP has set my standards for a DND podcast. The acting, the pacing, thelaughter, the heart, the creativity.... my heart is OVERFLOWING with praise for y'all. Also, I absolutely love how Arcs (another lovely pod) recognizes you, often, as the ideal! You earned that!
Great storytelling and world building from the Astounding DM Eric Silver. Amazing character development of Inara and Tr8C from Amanda and Brandon...keep it up!
fastastic podcast.
Moose McCall
this has become my favorite podcast to listen to. started listening to this after listing to other Multitude shows for months and immediately fell in love with this. the story telling and characters are both so good. this podcast also helped me start a campaign with my own friends which is so great.
This is an awesome podcast
This is a great podcast for learners and players alike.
Audio Butter
This is seriously one of the best produced AP podcasts out there. The whole crew is amazing both while on and off the air. Highly recommend for a stellar fun-filled listen!
Come Join the Party!
Ray Heil
This podcast is amazing, to say the least. The characters are inspired and fun, and the story never even begins to stagnate. If you’re a new viewer scouting for a good podcast, this is the one to come to!
Love everything about this show!
I’m working my way through a re-listen if the show, and it continues to be one of my absolute favorites. Amanda, Fish, Brandon, Eric, Julia, and any guests I’ve missed: the story telling is amazing, the production is amazing, your afterparties are a great idea! Can’t wait to hear where you take it next! 💜
So Glad I Found This Pod
I’m super new to D&D and want to be a better player—just started listening to Join The Party, and I’m so glad I’ve found it! It’s fun, it’s good storytelling, and it’s inspiring to me as a newbie player (especially helpful are the After Parties)I can’t wait to see where it goes.
Hilarious but sometimes annoying
Let me get this out there: this podcast is very good, watch it. But now onto the criticism thing. This podcast is sometimes ridiculously, overwhelmingly, PAINFULLY sjw pandering.(its often fine and really makes it better, but, sometimes it gets to be too much.) Examples: so far literally ALL women in this universe are lesbians (how is this planet still functioning? No one would be reproducing.) in fact, the only straight people so far were (debatably) Johnny, (maybe) Tracey, and maybe some of the tailgaters. Also, every few episodes, there’s some comment from Amanda about how white men are bad, how straight people are bad, etc. ect. So my main comment is: Amanda, chill out. You don’t need to romance every woman you find, you don’t need to insert your political views every fifteen minutes, and you need to just let something be not be about you all the time. You’re funny, let that just be without trying to combine it with your opinions a ton.
Pretty good!
I really love this podcast, and I’m not sure whether this is a weird bug, or it’s happening on all podcasts, but my apple podcast app doesn’t download all the episodes, and I’m kinda sad, because I love join the party!
Shipping Greg and Alanzo more than most
I’m half way through (just finished Pool Party y’all!!) and I just want good these for these people and these characters and asdfghjklñ!!!!!! Thank you for bringing dnd to my ears during work and the gym and other mildly embarrassing places. I dont have a group yet myself, so it’s wonderful to escape with a bunch of cool characters and worlds. Thanks for everything! Let’s keep the party going! ❤️
Greatest podcast I've heard!
Cereal killet
I absolutely love nothing more than this podcast I've been listening to! The sound effects are outstanding, the audio quality is clear, and the comedy is sensational! Highly recommend it for people who want to laugh, and learn D&d.
Love this podcast!
I love this podcast it is fantastic! A wonderful and intriguing story of D&D. I listen while I’m at work and it has me laughing so hard my coworkers came over to see if I was okay. And I’m like “I’m totally fine just listening to this wonderful and hilarious podcast.” I love D&D so listening to this is awesome and inspiring me to want to DM which I have never done before. You all make the idea of telling a story with other people less scary. This is a wonderful, wonderful podcast!
I'm totally new to any sort of RPG but Join the Party has me hooked. Never have I listened to a podcast where the characters are lovable, relatable, strong, and funny. The voices and sound effects are engaging and add to the story. I enjoy the inclusion that this podcast provides as well as the episode lengths, which is perfect for a lengthy listen. I find myself listening constantly and even laughing out loud. The creators are so humble and sweet, I really hope that there is a live show in their future! I love this podcast for anyone looking for a great time or an easy, refreshingly comedic RPG podcast with tons of heart. Keep on doing great work guys!!!
Long time listener
I really love how imaginative and funny this podcast is! This was my second D&D podcast, but I started with Arcs and they don’t have much content yet! I’ve loved listening to every second! Thanks for making this!
Late to the party
I just started listening and it’s wonderful. My son is 2 1/2 and I can’t wait to start listening and playing with him. It’s so creative and such a good opportunity to teach lessons thru story telling. Can’t wait to keep listening.
Episode 46
Do you know the midnight man? The midnight man? The midnight man.
10000000000000000/1 HOOKED!
I loved it from day 1
all the characters are incredible and it's so immersive and fun. also, the theme is a bop and i would die for oatcake
This is perfect for a total newbie! An enthralling story, whimsical sound effects, and easy to follow breakdown of what everything D n D is about...
I never played D&D but this is such an entertaining ride. Can’t wait to grab a d20 and make friends with random, unsuspecting game store patrons...
Breakfast, dogs and camels galore
I found Join the Party because of ARCS. I am in love with both for different reasons. In this case and point, Inara’s ability to eat as many bagels as myself. Go get some bagels and listen to this endearing gem.
15/10 would listen just for Oatcake
Finally just caught up with this great podcast and figured I would probably leave a rating! If you love good good audio dramas or other bits of DnD actual play media, you will 100% love this!
Truly excellent
Love this podcast!
This podcast was my first actual DnD podcast. I'd listened to Pathfinder and Vampire podcasts before this, so it was a great way to learn the rules of dnd. The bonus was that it's an overall great podcast. Amazing stories and immersive characters. Since listening to JTP I've drowned myself in DnD podcasts, but will always cherish this one. I'll always keep coming back. Love you guys, keep up the good work.
Caught the bug
I watched another DnD show but was still kinda fuzzy was on the rules. So I was referenced to this show which explained the rules thru play in the free few episodes. I love the unique twist of this show of blending the traditional fantasy setting with modern elements.
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