#94 - Joan Lasenby
Published September 17, 2018
51 min
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    Joan Lasenby is a University Reader in the Signal Processing and Communications Group of the Cambridge University Engineering Department, and is a College Lecturer and Director of Studies in Engineering at Trinity College. Here's a list of her published work.

    In this episode we talk about Joan’s research into 3D reconstruction from multiple cameras and her interest in geometric algebra.

    The YC podcast is hosted by Craig Cannon.



    00:32 - What's a tangible example of geometric algebra?

    1:52 - What is geometric algebra?

    6:47 - What resparked interest in geometric algebra?

    7:42 - Why is it important?

    11:32 - When did Joan start working on it?

    13:27 - Rotations

    17:17 - Computer vision in the early 90s

    19:32 - Joan's fellowship at the Royal Society

    23:32 - What's changed in computer vision since the 90s to allow for Joan's drone research?

    30:07 - Machine learning in computer vision

    31:52 - How Joan and her students are applying machine learning

    35:02 - Unifying qualities of geometric algebra

    41:02 - Joan's paper ending up on Hacker News

    45:32 - Where could geometric algebra take hold?

    47:32 - Running and mobility

    48:32 - Where to learn more

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