Sooo good
is goated
sjejsjwowjehwb they make my entire day.
Love y’all!
grannyglasses1 (Abby)
I just listened to your podcast for the first time and this is amazing! I have heard of your podcast for a while and I finally decided to re-download the podcast app. Love y’all!
so entertaining to listen to when your bored!
forgot it345
Jason and David you guys need to do the sperm test
Clearly doing the podcast for money and not to joy of it. This is a great opportunity to connect with the audience, but instead they are basically timing themselves until they reach 40 mins to end the recoding.
Jason please speak louder (or more into the mic) lol sometimes I can’t hear you when I’m listening in the car. Besides that, love it
Motivational 👀
Just wanted to say how much I appreciate this podcast! I’ve been so sick lately, but when I press play I can get the motivation to get up and take care of myself and my apartment. So thank you!!! 💗💗💗
WAYYYYYYY too many ads for how short the podcast is. It’s almost ridiculous.
Jason Nash
YoungMoney Family
The podcast is a hit because of Jason not David!!!! Keep killing it Jason your gona make it big one day!!
I love the vlogs and videos but the podcast is hard to listen to like the one where they talk about Instagram likes make me think that they are just dumb. There are also moments where Jason calls David dumb for just common sense and Vice Versa. Also I don’t like how everybody who gets on the podcast are just yes men to David.
Jason! Don’t send Wyatt to private school
Hey!! I’m obsessed with the podcast but I wanted to say that as someone who went to private school I would NOT recommend it. My mom and dad went to public school and wouldn’t have been able to afford private school if it weren’t for scholarship money but I regret going. Unless it is a school that would be a great fit for Wyatt like a performing arts school, don’t send him to a private one. It is actually harder to get into college at certain private schools than public schools. If a public school has a magnet program, dual enrollment, IB, etc program, it is much better for them to go there than a private school. Some colleges only accept a certain percentage of students from each school and the more students the more chances Wyatt has, which usually means public school is where it’s easier to get into a good college. Also if you send him to a school where people are paying 40K, then they have enough money for a lot of other things. And with wealth comes spoiled brats. It’s just inevitable. Not everyone is but it can happen. Wyatt is SUCH a good, smart, and talented kid and the last thing I’d ever want to see him as is a spoiled kid. Of course this is only based off my experience but still I think it should be considered.
this last podcast was literally made to read ads....such a shame
Alivia <3 biggest pc fan
THIS IS MY FAVORITE PODCAST AND I LISTEN TO IT TO SLEEP EVERY NIGHT! Please start uploading on time! I love you guys!
kinda bummed
the podcast keeps getting posted later and later than they’re supposed to. No biggie, but wish you guys would keep us updated.
Jason gives me life
Love y’all!
I love this podcast! When I’m sitting at my desk at work bored af, I turn on the views podcast and y’all make me lol . I’m such a fan of all of the Vlog Squad videos! And David I also want you to know , Your laugh is like Natalie said... Contagious!!! 😂 I love you guys ❤️
More views
I love you guys so much and I really really wish you guys could do more than one podcast a week. I listen to them at work on Thursday. Sometimes Friday if I don’t get time but they relax me so much and take away stress. Please give us more! 😊 also when will we get another video of the podcast
Love every episode!
Can't stop listening!
I have been following the podcast ever since it was announced and I love every single episode. I listen to new episodes when I walk to class and then listen to older episodes when I go to bed to help me fall asleep. I always am always so excited when it shows up in my podcast subscription box! Love you guys so much!
I love you guys so much
Chloe Clover 33
I love you guys so much I’m so excited to go on this journey with you guys on views ❤️ and honestly there can never be enough of y’all lol
David and Natalie discuss their live life was awful
Loveee this podcast and all of y’all but the David and Natalie discuss their love life” was the worst podcast on Views. David u definitely need Jason besides u at all times! He rlly does need to be on this podcast and it honestly is nothing without Jason. Thankfully u say u see the importance of Jason but Natalie better not ever take his podcast spot because podcasting is notttt for her!! Still love y’all and this podcast tho but not this episode.
This is the podcast I listen to inorder to go to bed, but not because its boring but because I like sleeping to David’s voice. It's soooo smooth. Jason’s is… well its , yah I love the podcast!!!
Views - a life saver
Lately I have been going through some really intense health issues. Sometimes life seems not worth it and I can’t get out of my head and that’s when I turn to views. Sometimes it’s the only genuine laugh I’ll have that week. Listening to Jason and David (plus whoever else is around) just gets me out of my world for a little bit. It’s interesting to see this side of them bevause it’s not just a 30 second clip. I love views. Please don’t ever stop David. Also give jason at least 40% 😂
Erin on pornhub
Just wanted to say Erin was also on por hub legit naked and said the n word
Love it!!
Bring Jason back! More JTWD!
Interesting but it’s not the same without Jason!
I am soooo Glad that you brought Natile on the podcast
Malley R
I love you Jason but since we never hear about Natile I love to hear from her.
The reason
Reason why it isn’t cool to portray something that isn’t real is because if it is true and y’all aren’t dating then don’t be fake. Unless that’s who you are on social media then oh well. But if y’all dating just make it less complicated. But of course I wouldn’t get it, for you everyone’s watching your every move. Just don’t be fake is my point.
I absolutely loved this podcast episode, I loved hearing more about natalie. And taylor is so precious, I love that she’s with you guys. You should honestly bring them back atleast once a month for a full episode like this again. Love you guys!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Love it
Love the podcast! Love Natalie as a guest but would love her to be a permanent part of the podcast!
Fun Chatter
Jamie lizards
Something to listen to while you work. Very unique / adventure filled lives! I hope David considers other charity avenues outside of buying fast food to spite someone.
Love Jason and David. I live in the Bay Area and it’s traffic ALL THE TIME.. Makes my drive entertaining. Thanks guys!
Trio 👍🏼
Duchess of Greenpointe
Loving the more frequent addition of Natalie to the podcast. She adds a different view that has such a different perspective than David and Jason.
Very entertaining and chill!
Natalie David and Jason
Natalie, David, and Jason need a talk show or some sort of netflix show. It would be great😂
More Joe’s teenie weenie
Kevin from Maryland
Love the podcast and it’s always fun to listen to!! Please bring back the joe’s teenie weenie podcast!! It’s fun listening to him mess with you guys and he’s really funny
loved the podcast with natalie and taylor
it was so much more positive and refreshing than usual, it would be so cool if they’d get on the podcast sometimes in the future too
Howdy Y’all!
JellyMan ♦️
My boyfriend would have never known who the vlog squad is if it wasn’t for me and know I feel like he’s more of a super fan than me. Lol debating to even tell him about the podcast 😂 Listening to Views really does help make my shift go by fast! I’m constantly laughing while my coworkers look at me with disgust & I could seriously care less because I’m having the time of my life! Thanks David, Jason, Natalie and evening Joe! He need more time
kait schoen
Forreal some of the things david has said has truly made me think about my life and the things i want.
Teenie weenie
Joe needs his own pod cast
I’m 28... and yes I listen
Idk if I’m the only 28 year old who listens to this Podcast, but I do enjoy it. I listen to a lot of other podcast ; some on the political side. Don’t get me wrong, I love to listen to David and Jason’s opinions on a wider variety of topics, but VIEWS is a breath of fresh air. It’s fun, light and a much needed break.
Love it
I have listened to every episode at least three or four times! The way they joke with each other but you can see that they both care a lot for one another Jason has had so many experiences in life which adds such a good dynamic to conversation between the two. Favorite lines from the podcast Jason: the episode where he talks about the fans eating snowballs lol and then David saying oh I’m a ***** because I’m emotional lol so great
Podcast Review
This has to be the funniest podcast ever. It’s like Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen are the directors and producers of this podcast. This is also the best beginner podcast for anyone to listen to. It isn’t intellectual or giving people advice, its just pure comedy... I love it! -David Solano
The best podcast
My favorite podcast out there!! I could listen for hours!
Read this
Can’t stop listening! Started a week ago, I’m up to date!! Best podcast in my opinion for a newcomer. Thx for the Podcasts David and Jason. Joe too!!🤟🤟😀😍🤣🤣🤣💖💖💖
Love this duo and so much better than Skotcast and Unfiltered 😉. But seriously, this is my favorite podcast!
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