Favorite Podcast I found this year!
2014 changed my life as I watched my son go through mental health issues, addiction issues, become a missing person and eventually end his life. I have always loved true crime stories but I have so many triggers now that I find it hard to listen to a lot of podcasts. I have found True Crime Obsessed and I find myself laughing so hard at Patrick laughing and loving my girl Gillian as she describes what they watched. They are both hilarious. If you want a podcast where you laugh, learn about true crime stories and literally feel like you are with your best friends, this is the podcast for you! #truecrimeobsessed #bestpodcast #patrickandgillianobsessed
Favorite thing Ever
Finding the light and humor in the dark of the world, fav podcast ever!!!
Def not my favorite crime podcast. The banter is good but sometimes it can be too much and I find myself having to turn down the volume bc of the shrieking in my ear. I know you guys gotta have sponsorships to make money but there’s literally like 5, 2-3 minute ads in a 40 minute episode and it just seems excessive
A show with the two queens, yes girl
partyin partyin yeah
Gillian and Patrick are HILARIOUS and post intriguing content. Literally laugh so hard every single episode. So relatable and fun.
Waaaay too much advertising at the start and the unintelligent affect of both hosts is the worst. The laughing is just way too over the top. You don’t have to be all serious but the annoying giggling just makes them both sound like idiots.
Sound issue
Totally love it and laugh a lot...but sometimes there are a couple minutes of just dead silence. Esp during Maura Murray ep part 2. Not going to fault them for it bc they’re both fabulous, just wanted to point it out. Patrick’s laugh still gives me life. ❤️😂
Almost the best
Princess Kae
My love for true crime podcasts started with MFM and my friend recommended this podcast... I LOVE the hosts and the fact that they place actual clips LOVEEEEEEE that they do that. The only thing I wish so badly they can change is volume control... you’ll be listening and so in tune with what’s going on then suddenly your ear drums get blown out because they both YELL / SCREAM. I wouldn’t mind they’re constant yelling and screaming if it was kept at the same volume as the rest of the podcast but it’s almost enough to get me to not listen at all and it’s a constant battle if I want to go deaf or not and if the story line is worth it :(
Horrible podcast! Can’t listen to them! Makes my ears bleed!
Amazing then and now
A friend recommended the Fyre Fest episode and I wasn’t too sure what to think of them at first. I didn’t know either of them and there were a few jokes a I didn’t get, but I thought they were interesting and funny. So I listened to a few more and became really interested so I subscribed and listened to them from the beginning. Three months and a Patreon subscription later, I am still chomping at the bit for the next episode! I cannot get enough of them!!! I really wish I could see them live, and I live in NY so I could, but unfortunately my schedule just doesn’t seem to sync up. One day!!! I adore Patrick’s squeal and contagious laugh, Gillian’s ragey rampages and on-point impressions, and the all around feel of the podcast as a whole. Most of the docs they cover I would love to watch but either don’t have access to them, or would not have the stomach/ability to watch it, but love that I can still get the information from these two. They give all the respect due and I love them for that. You guys are the best and I really hope that I get to see you guys live one day. All the best to you, Daisy, Super Hot Husbands Mike and Steve, and Doggos Pete and Alfie!! GILLIAN, TELL YOUR DOGS I SAID HI!!!
These two go together like peanut butter & jelly. They are hilariously hilarious!
I literally feel like I’m hanging out with my best friends and talking about true crime with every single episode. Even if I’m not crazy about the topic of the episode, I ALWAYS listen because I know I’m going to crack up the entire time and they always keep it interesting. I love these two so much.🖤
Hate it
I hate this podcast. I don’t find it funny at all. The hosts are so annoying. I prefer a more serious take on these cases personally.
I just can’t....
I’m sorry, but all the obnoxious laughing is too annoying for me.
The funniest
My fave pod. I actually go back and RE-listen when I’m bored (I’m also on the Pats and LOVE those episodes. I want an entire podcast on Patty - iykyk). I love both of them, their accents, and their personalities! I’m bummed by the Noom ads and talk of losing weight/thin obsession. But I still find this to be one of the funniest and most consistent pods. As for the complaints about volume...lower it. 😚
My favorite
emily treb
Loveeee these two. I listen to too many true crime podcasts and this is by far my favorite. They offer a lighter version of some pretty heavy stories while keeping it classy and sassy. They have a great sense of humor and are also great story tellers. Also their fan club is awesome, it’s filled with So much content! Subscribe now and you’ll start saying “that’s my drag name” and “garage bell” to everything.
Love it
This podcast is amazing!! I love how you take even the darkest stories and find a moment to giggle! You both have extremely contagious laughs!! You seem like the kind of people I’d have a beer with! Also I’d love to hear y’all do Bridegroom or anything Tina Brandon :)
Laugh out loud funny!
I love these 2! Awesome story tellers and their commentary is hilarious!
Just ok
I came to this podcast because I was all caught up on Crime Junkie and was in desperate need of a crime fix. The first problem I have is the EXTREMELY long intro. I just wanted to say shut up and get to the point. It has potential to be a great podcast but I think for now I’ll just wait it out until Crime Junkie uploads theirs.
Love love love
Just started listening and Im hooked just like I was with Crime Junckie. Love the banter between the two they are so funny!!!! I could listen all day!!
My most favorite podcast
God bless this mess!! Patrick makes my day! Such a fun twist on true crime ❤️❤️
Show tunes plus true crime =😍
Hamilton and true crime are my favorites! I love that it’s not always about murder, and I can laugh regardless of the subject matter. The flat-earth doc coverage was just hilarious!
Kind of annoying, CRIME JUNKY is 100% better.
I listen to Patrick and Gillian all day at work, if I don’t have time to watch a documentary or just want more info or insight on one, they do a perfect recap with humor and respect the victims all at the same time. Our world is full of garbage (🛎) people and they call them out, with hilarity. You won’t regret jumping on the TCO bandwagon. 💕
The BEST!!!
You know it’s a good one when you and a friend share funny quotes back and forth from Gillian and Patrick!! Thank you for the laughs!!
Better Mornings
I Love listening to you two on my drive to and from work. I look forward to it. I love you guys.
TCO obsessed!
This is my favorite podcast. Period. Their Patreon episodes are their best work, I think, but it’s all great! Love, love, love their brutal honesty, hilarious impressions, and perfect chemistry. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Long Island Lolita
PLEASE!!!!! It’s. A. Must! With accents and immediately. You girls are amazing.
Patrick & Gillian are my best friends!
I love Patrick’s laugh and love how I can feel Gillian’s eye roll via podcast! They are so funny! The podcast is awesome. I was part of the Facebook group for a while then left because some peeps where garbage. I love Gillian’s reactions to everything and also glad that Patrick is over thinking that all the bad guys are hot! I also can’t wait till Daisy is old enough to listen to the podcast and have the ‘I used to play board games with my dads’ reaction. Also a shout out to Steve who makes all of this happen! & super hot husband Mike, because he can’t just be Mike, he has to be super hot husband Mike forever!
My faves!!
I am obsessed with these two and this podcast! Patrick and Gillian are hilarious together and couldn’t be more of a better match to host this! They say exactly what all of us are thinking and want to say out loud too! I just started listening and I’m hooked! Thank god for a ton of episodes! Love you guys !
My Favorite Podcast!!!
I actually wasn’t into podcasts until I came across TCO. Patrick’s squeal and the way he cracks up at Gillian’s super sass is so great. I want them to be my besties for life. This show has helped me get through some really difficult times. The unique way these events are presented and the humor/banter between the hosts relaxes me and makes me smile on days when it feels like absolutely everything is terrible and I don’t even want to crawl out of bed. Seriously, Gillian and Patrick, so much love for you both!!! I can’t recommend this podcast enough!! Hero bells everywhere!! 💜🌺
The best!
I love listening to Patrick and Gillian. I listen while I’m at work and I feel like I’m listening to my besties having fun and talking crap. There is definitely a comedy element but they are also very empathetic about sad situations. Love it!!!!
Changing my review after a year
When I first started listening to this show (a few episodes after they started) I was totally obsessed. In the past maybe nine months though I feel like the quality has dwindled. Every episode now spends the first or last ten minutes talking about seeing them living and playing on inside jokes from earlier. The show used to be SO GOOD and FUNNY but now I feel like they’re trying to overplay the stuff that made them popular in the first place (Patrick's shrieking happening WAY more often (please listen to both of your volumes in the episodes now versus a year and a half ago!), and them making jokes and laughing for minutes at a time about them now). I miss the old TCO before everything was about seeing their live shows and them focusing on shows theyre getting paid to do (ie the oxygen shows!)
Love you guys and love your podcast! Please do an episode on The Long Island Lolita.
Loooooove true crime obsessed!
I just finished my binge of TCO, and i need to tell you that i looooooved it!!!! i feel like Gillian and me would be best friends and Patrick is amazing! Now i have to wait weekly for new episodes, bummer! Love TCO <3
Love to listen
They always make me laugh! Brings joy to my day.
I love!!
You girls are the BEST!! Thank you for bringing a little sunshine and so much laughter to my days. Xo
V. Specific
This is a very specific podcast. Gillian and Patrick aren’t here for crazy, serious coverage. They are here to be your friends who are analyzing cases that you care about. Yet, at the same time, they are highly critical of investigators. They’re not willing to give anyone slack. Imagine your favorite morning shock radio coupled with dedicated, in-depth reporting. They are brevity + wit. For what they are creating, they have mastered it. So good.
These two will become the friends you didn’t know you were missing! They are hilarious! Look forward each week to a new episode. My new favorite word is garbage! It can explain a myriad of things. I don’t think the show could get any better, unless they do a spin off show reading and discussing tinder nightmares on insta. (Please do that!) lol love you guys!
a roon
Just the best.
These two are EVERYTHING!
I usually lean towards true crime podcasts that are serious but I can’t get enough of these two! They pull off the mix between humor and dark content. I don’t know if they will read my review but I have one request: could you please add where to find the documentaries in the episode description???
Teary-Eyed, and Not Always from Laughter
Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle are a perfect comedy duo. If whipped cream could talk it would sound like Patrick, and Gillian has a sense of humor that makes me think of a unicorn that just got out of rehab. That said, I just finished listening to the “Matthew Shepard Was a Friend of Mine” episode, and their commentary made me smile while my heart broke into a thousand pieces, as theirs clearly have, too. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the wonderful silliness of two people using humor to make sense of the profoundly senseless.
Best friends?
Every time I listen to an episode (let’s be real, every day, multiple times a day) I feel like I’m just hanging out with two of my best friends. You guys, I think if we met in real life we’d be friends til the end. Y’all are funny as hell and always say the things I’m thinking! I. Am. Obsessed. 👏🏼
Give it a chance
Lilia F
Ok so at first, maybe five minutes in, I decided I couldn’t stand these two because they talk so fast. However, I decided to keep listening and ended up falling in love with these two. They’re hyper but they have huge hearts and Gillian is so funny. Patrick’s laugh is my favorite.
A Favorite Podcast, Adjust your mics PLEASE
I absolutely love this podcast! However, I’m surprised more people haven’t suggested the hosts adjust their mic settings. The audio comes in way too loud and makes my ears hurt almost every episode.
New favorite!!!
To the haters: you just don’t get it. And that’s fine. We’re good here. Bye. Love these two. Love their voices AND their cackles. They sing their names to each other in the beginning and I have that stuck in my head. It’s a weird thing to be singing in your head randomly, but whatevs! Keep doing your thang, y’all!!!
These seem like nice people but the hosts are sooo high energy / hyper, almost yelling and nonstop laughing, that I think it’s hard to listen to and I had to turn it off. Sorry to be a hater!
Too forced and annoying!
I really enjoyed your Amanda Knox episode but the more episodes and I found out you guys like iTunes reviews... so I was really hoping to give a good review when it came to it. But the more I listen the more it seems like the laughs are too forced. There’s so much laughing and high pitched screaming even when there’s really nothing that laughable or shocking going on. It truly hurts the ears and distracts from the subject.
These two are hysterical! Gillian is so funny and when Patrick laughs it’s so contagious. After binge listening, I went to Patreon to listen to more!
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