Episode 69: Jonestown: The Life and Death of the Peoples Temple
Published January 8, 2019
66 min
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    In the summer of 1977, Jim Jones, leader of The Peoples Temple, moved nearly 1,000 of his followers to a plot of land in Guyana, South America. Less than a year later, on November 18, 1978, 908 of the followers died after drinking Kool-Aid laced with poison. Was it murder or suicide? And what had made all of these people follow Jones to their deaths? **LOOKING FOR MORE TCO?** [Binge our 40+ bonus episodes via Patreon!](https://www.patreon.com/TrueCrimeObsessed) When you join our Patreon fam, you not only support us, you also **INSTANTLY get our entire catalog of bonus episodes**, including our episode-by-episode coverage of **"SERIAL," "THE JINX,"** and **"THE STAIRCASE."** You also get our interviews with Asia McClain (Adnan Syed's alibi witness), Rabia Chaudry, "Tower" director Keith Maitland, all of our mini-episodes, extended outtakes, AND full bonus episodes covering "Madonna: Truth or Dare" and "The Queen of Versailles." AND **IT'S ALL COMMERCIAL FREE!** [Join here!](https://www.patreon.com/TrueCrimeObsessed) **Want to see us LIVE?** [Go Here for information and tickets](https://www.truecrimeobsessed.com/see-us-live) to our upcoming live events like our [February live shows](https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/997774) or our [Pride show](https://www.ticketcentral.com/online/default.asp?doWork%3A%3AWScontent%3A%3AloadArticle=Load&BOparam%3A%3AWScontent%3A%3AloadArticle%3A%3Aarticle_id=A74DEEBB-2C77-46E7-AF9E-71AAC002452B&BOparam%3A%3AWScontent%3A%3AloadArticle%3A%3Apromocode_access_code=TCOPRIDE) in June!  **Looking for our Advertisers / Promo Codes?** [Go Here!](https://www.truecrimeobsessed.com/get-our-promo-codes) We now have a whole page of our site for you to check out and [GET. THOSE. DISCOUNTS!](https://www.truecrimeobsessed.com/get-our-promo-codes)
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