Zaragoza Petty 2024
I love you guys. Run for president/ Vice President please.
Love this podcast!
Love this podcast and these two voices! They both slice through the bs with their words and so appreciate their perspectives.
As a whitest dude you know...
Man, I love this podcast. I love hearing from their perspective, because it’s completely opposite of mine. It’s helped me grow and stay WOKE about everything under the sun. Thanks prop and alma
WOKE, on all levels!
Wow, I love this podcast Prop and Alma are a power couple who you want to hear from. You can hear the love in their voice and the personality they hold through a podcast. Every segment is so good I don’t have a favorite!
This podcast ROCKS!
I thought it couldn’t get better than Prop’s music...then I discovered the Red Couch. Prop and Alma are phenomenal in this podcast! I truly love the segments like “hood politics” and their Christ-centered approach to difficult topics like race and social responsibility. The same authenticity found in Prop’s music is evident in the podcast and it’s refreshing and insightful.
It’s a blessing to hear!
I love these two, it blesses me being raised in the west and also a fan of hip hop which my brother influenced my life in the HHH community, I wouldn’t be where I am if he was not part of that if it was not for people like these two! It’s a blessing and I’m tuned in!
The Annoying Fundamentalist
This is the real deal! fluff this is the stuff that more Christians need to hear to get woke. Wish I could give more than five stars.
Real talk
Highlight of my week.
I enjoy hearing and learning from Prop and Dr. Alma. However, I think the current season has been to ambiguous. I know they prepared us for ambiguity and not having answers, which is fine with me. But, I don’t think the ambiguous topics that have been “discussed” have really been discussed. I was looking forward to more insight from these role models of mine and I feel like that hasn’t happened. It’s felt more like a space for people to talk rather than to discuss.
So glAd you are BACK!!!!! ❤️❤️🤙🏽🤙🏽 I LOVE hearing from women in ministry. WOW. I treasure this podcast, thank you so much, I know it is a lifestyle (podcasting) - real ministry.
my absolute favorite podcast
this is my FAVORITE podcast. so so so helpful to me as a white person to hear perspectives on current events from different people with different ethnicities and experiences.
Great Pod!
Love the pod, especially the Hood Politics! Very enlightening perspective on different topics. Really challenges your thinking. Love it. Keep up the great work.
Love them
So refreshing listening to Prop & Dr. Alma. They keep things real, and break down topics in a tangible easy way. I feel like I'm sitting in a living room with friends when I listen to them. They touch on many fascinating subjects. I love love their hood politics segment!
Smiling and thinking
I love the perspective of these conversations. They make me think long after they’re over. But in these times when everything in media can seem catastrophic and hopeless, listening to these two talk (and often laugh) together makes my day even when the topic is hard.
Listener for life!!
I heard you guys for the first time today and I absolutely love the take on parenting and life y’all share! It’s so true to life! In the episode I heard first, Get‘cho Kieds, what y’all said about don’t embarrass me in public rule, I grew up with that rule. We are Italian and my grandparents were seen as poor dumb dark skinned who were dirty and uneducated, nothing could be farther from the truth but still the stigma stuck. We were raised with tremendous pride in our ethnicity and our parenting was very much like you shared, communal parenting within our group. My kids are now 21 and 25 now so I am out of the kiddy pool for now, grandkids to come! Thank you so much for sharing!! You are both very well spoken and I absolutely love you and this podcast! Brilliance!!!
One of my faves!
Love these two - smart, funny and creative. I just wish the levels were set a little better - the voices are deeper and hard to hear and the music transitions are loud.
1 minor tweak
Never agree with everything they speak Into, however, can’t stop recommending this to everyone. Always has me thinking. The 1 tweak, editing: Prop, you loud and Alma’s soft spoken, mics volumes need balancing Leave out the sound effects and editing to make what you’re talking about sound more dramatic. Let what you say, speak for itself. No need for the echoing effect, it’s lame and overused in the podcasting world.
Stacey Purdy
It's hard to communicate how much I appreciate this podcast. The chemistry between Alma and Prop is undeniable. Their humor makes me laugh loudly and their intelligence challenges me to think deeply. I look forward to each release. The American church would be much better off if everyone listened to their podcast.
I love it!
So amazing! Propaganda and Dr. Alma are both so wise, knowledgable, and articulate. I learn so much from every episode. Keep it up guys!
Y’all have created one of the inputs keeping me sane these days—thanks so much for helping this white girl stay aware, awake, and some mix of angry/hopeful about the state of things. You break complicated things down so that they are very relatable to the average human, but at the same time, your analyses of things are deep and astute. I respect the way you process out loud and interact with each other. On top of all that, y’all make me laugh!
Great supplement for current events. Alma & Prop’s voices are much needed in today’s larger sphere of politics. Should you listen to this show? Yes.
I love this podcast. It’s politics, Jesus, relationships, and more. Alma and Jason are so real. I can listen to them and hear their sincerity. They believe what they speak, and they actually live it out. Love being a part of their journey by listening. I love that the episodes are an hour or more. Perfect for driving, cleaning, etc. After every episode I want to hear more. Love them and what they’re doing! Definitely recommend this podcast!
Dope show!
Happy season two is out! I love the cultural talks. My favorite part of the show is the political hoodness. Thank you for putting effort into making a good show.
Fresh Air Indeed
Azikiwe Calhoun
Hey Prop and Alma, This is first time listening to this podcast, long time fan of your music. I got into podcast two years ago, and enjoy the variety of subject matter. One of things I find frustrating is the lack of people of color creating podcasts. Or I should say podcasts from people of color worth listening to. Often when searching for new podcasts from brown folks, I get a limited selection. It should be just as easy to locate podcasts like this, instead a barrage of white faces. I wonder if this just my thinking, but I believe there is more to this. Anyway, I appreciate the balance between you two and how you dissect the subject matter. It is well thought out and purposeful in its delivery. It resonates with my soul. So excited I found “The Red Couch”. Thanks so much for this.
Thank you!
I found this podcast maybe a month ago and quickly listened to every episode. I was so happy to hear about season 2 - right on time! This podcast has honestly allowed me to engage in politics for the first time in a while. It has also done so much to expand my perspectives and touch on issues that I’ve felt a growing passion for over the years. I’ve found myself referring to this podcast in so many conversations the past few weeks and binged all of Prop’s music! I love to hear your cultures shine through and your obvious chemistry. I also am encouraged that Alma is DR. Alma, because of the strange guilt I feel being one of the only in my family to be pursuing a degree.. Just so inspiring all the way around! I’d love to hear you all talk about mental illness as relates to the church and also those who don’t have access to affordable care. This obviously also is strongly connected to addiction because so many self medicate.. Rambling now! Thank you all for doing this!
This podcast is truly just lifegiving. As a Hispanic woman married to a mixed man representation is so important and I’m so thankful to have stumbled on the red couch! These conversations are so important and I’m so glad they’re happening in spaces such as this.
Love it!!
Love the perspective. I learn new things on every single episode. (Side help: Alma is hard to hear sometimes compared to prop. The sounds levels aren’t even?)
Truth talk
Loved the discussion about how our heroes disappoint us. Humans with giftings are like the book of judges- there are ups and downs, but God is in the book of Ruth in the little daily events- like when “mom pulls up a stool and we learn by doing” Let’s hope Kanye follows u2’s path.
Love this podcast!
So glad you are back! Look forward to each new episode! Alma needs a better mic. Most recent episode sound is all off. Cheers!
This show is lit
Great Art
I listened to every episode last season. I was sitting on the edge of my seat. Waiting for them to start up!
Good Listen
Always thoughtful, fun, and informative
So good!
Love the truth, openness and vulnerability in this space! Grateful for voices of color!!
Eye Opening
Dr. Alma ("refer to her by her prefix") and Propaganda are so incredibly humble in their expression and explanation of societal issues of our time. They have five segments in their show. They have helped me understand politics, race relations, social justice, and systemic issues so much better. It's deep and thought-provoking, but they do an excellent job of making it accessible. It's eye opening and heart wrenching at times, but they take a laid back and even comical approach to it. They share how they use jokes and relying on the Lord to help them with handling the emotional turmoil of some of these issues, and they bring that kind of vibe to this podcast. I listen to alot of different podcasts, and I have to say this is one of my favorites. It humbled me, and ridded me of a lot of bad preconceived ides; I loved it so much I listened to all the episodes in like 3 days, so I can't wait for the next season. Thank you Dr. Alma and thank you Propaganda! God bless you guys
Great podcast.
Jacob Durall
Super easy to listen to, truthful content packaged in an accessible way.
I really enjoy this podcast. I caused me to think and learn and I appreciate the dynamic duo that makes it work so well. Thank you for lending your voices.
Red Couch where you at? Is there going to be a second season?
Entertaining commentary!!!!
Just started listening
Disco Don 1977
You guys are great. I respect you as an artised and activist. I can't spell but I dug what I hear. Would love to covers with you all sometime.
I'm understanding whats going on
Yo!!!1 i know whats happening in politics and yall are so funny. thanks so much for starting this.
Red couch
Prop and Alma are so insightful and funny! I binge listed to the whole season!
Woke Podcast
Caleb Mason (Ohio)
This podcast continues to expand my perspective and has fun while doing it.
I love this podcast so much - I'm so thankful for the perspective they share and their wisdom. Hoping for season 2 soon!
Keepin it Real
So thankful for a different view/understanding/explanation of so many different things. Also I LOVE props laugh. Keep on keepin it real!
Hood Perspective
NATO Poppins
Its beautiful to hear perspectives from people like me. I’m a young Latino who struggles to find podcasts that relate to me. This is one that scratches that itch, while also providing a insight from fellow people of color.
Refreshingly challenging
I love this podcast. The hosts consistently challenge my own perspective and experiences. It's hard for me to find that challenge in the real world, so I'm grateful for the opportunity they give me. Keep it up!
Two thumbs up!!
Sunny Shae
Preciate y'all!
Real Talk
Appreciate the real talk about a range of social, relational and spiritual issues
More Honesty Would Be Nice
The hosts seem well educated on topics discussed at first, but there's not much substance beyond the normal talking points I hear from other political podcasts. I would suggest that the hosts honestly state their biases before pretending not to be left-leaning. I understand that your audience is most likely right-wing christians, so you feel like you need to act unbiased to get through their wall, but I see right through it. I'll keep listening and change my review if my opinion changes. I think that's fair.
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