Practical and Compassionate
Dr Robyn Silverman interviews her guests to give her listeners such practical advice. As a mother- I love to hear how- how do I do this. And she is also at the same time compassionate. You really feel that Dr Robyn is with us and understands the real issues parents face today. This is the parenting podcast you need!
She gives me the answers I need
I so enjoyed my interview with Dr. Robyn Silverman and I'm hooked! I have listened to other episodes and the guests she has deliver clear learning outcomes because she directs the conversation in that regard. No tangents!
I love this podcast!
I really can’t say enough wonderful things about this podcast. Dr. Robyn Silverman is quite inspiring and always hosts such interesting speakers. There’s always some gem to take away from each episode. As a counselor it has helped me improve in my work with kids and I recommend it to families as well.
She’s amazing!
She’s an absolute rockstar in her field and has blessed so many lives with her knowledge. Thank you!
Great info!
I loved today’s podcast about Popularity. I have been needing some guidance for one of my children and this was perfect. Thank you!
Awesome podcast!
Great parenting podcast! Informative and up to date topics. Thank you, Dr. Robin!
just what parents need!
Dr. Lisa Damour
Thanks to Dr. Robyn Silverman for this terrific podcast that provides sane and informed guidance on the topics that parents really care about! Well worth your time.
Always reliable info
M. Icard
Dr. Robyn books top notch professionals in the field so you know you’ll learn something important with each episode. Always insightful!
Great advice for parents of kids with "big feelings"
I was lucky enough to get one of my biggest questions answered in the 8/20 episode and we're implementing some of it now as the school year starts. Dr. Silverman alwys has the best guests and I can't say enough about how much I appreciate her humor and insight on some of these subjects that can be so stressful.
Excellent resource for parents
M. Schorr
So glad I found out about this new podcast. Great conversations and lots of excellent material for parents to mull over.
Pragmatic Advice for Raising Kids in the Digital Age
Alan Katzman
A colleague recently referred me to Dr. Robyn's podcasts. After listening to her most recent podcast with Sue Scheff, I found the conversations to be refreshingly real and the advice to be relevant and timely. I look forward to listening her entire podcast portfolio. Kudos Dr. Robyn!
sex talks review
What great podcasts! I ecpecially loved the podcast about how to talk to your children about sex. Such a hard topic. As a young mom I am just starting to have my son ask questions. As I listened the importance of answering those questions and being the one he comes to really hit me! I can't wait to listen to more of Robyn's podcasts.
Fun to listen to! Great info!
I. M. Everywoman
Dr. Robyn brings on amazing guests and asks vital questions to give us truly useful information for parents, teachers or anyone who cares about kids. The experts she assembles are engaging and great to listen to!
Author Parenting Apart: how separated and divorced parents can raise happy and secure kids
Christina McGhee
What parent hasn’t had that deer in the headlights moment when they need to talk to their kids about something important but don’t know what to say or how to say it? Dr. Robyn comes to the rescue with this fabulous podcast! If you’re looking for relevant, relatable and practical tips from parenting pros that keep it real, then look no further. Dr. Robyn gets to the heart of everyday issues parents face and dishes up strategies and scripts to help you, help your kids. Honored to be a part of this podcast series! Thanks Dr. Robyn for creating such an awesome resource.
Worth your time!
Margie MacairDec15
Robyn knows her stuff and has great guests. Loved her recent interview with Margie Warrell on easing brave kids. Really practical and inspiring.
Michele Borba,Author UNSELFIE
Dr Robyn has created an extremely valauble series for parents and educators. Her topics are timely, guests are top notch but most important - the ideas presented are practicl and doable. These sessions should be required -- and they're FREE! Raising strong, caring children is the most important role of our lives. There's no "second chances." But this audio series provides hands on ideas based on proven and research-based parenting. Thank you, Dr. Robyn!
How to Talk to Kids about Anything
Great set of podcasts...Love the guests and the topics, tips and scripts...Thank you for your contribution to parents and kids alike!
Dr. Sue Cornbluth
Dr. Sue
Such an amazing podcast series for parents! So proud to be a part of it. Thank you Dr. Robyn for empowering our parents and children! Every parent needs real-life TOOLS to be successful!
Real, honest, and USEFUL
This podcast is so spot-on with practical and honest guidance about the challenges of raising kids! Real life scenarios, applicable tools, and open conversation that is easy to listen to, yet packed with wisdom.
GREAT Resource
Debbie Reber
So excited to have this fantastic resource from the tabu Dr. Robyn! Tricky conversations won't be so tricky anymore :)
Gym Owner
Tammy Bisson
I absolutely loved this podcast! So many take aways, but the biggest thing that hit me, and I wish I could get cheer parents to understand is the importance of when your kid fails, it doesn't make you a bad parent. I was that parent that dropped everything and ran homework to school, and felt horrible guilt when I couldn't save them from something. I appreciate this podcast on so many levels!
A Must-Have Resource
The amount of hands-on, applicable information packed into these discussions is incredible - a true must-have for anyone who has children in their lives! Dr. Robyn has a way of presenting, conversing and summarizing the discussions with such learned and wise professionals (including herself) into nibbles that are so user friendly that I can start applying what I learned immediately. I thoroughly look forward to and enjoy my time listening to the discussions within this podcast and would highly recommend them to anyone!
Incredible Resource for Parents!
I'd heard great advice from Dr. Robyn in other venues about tackling hard subjects with your kids, but this podcast really takes it to the next level. It gives practical, real advice to parents who want to make sure that their kids are getting the very best parenting they can provide. I love the way each podcast picks a specific trouble spot and gives parents real plans and strategies on how to handle them. If you've been stressed about talking to your kids about something big, this is a fantastic place to start.
Excited Parent!
HotCheer Kelly
Dr. Robyn does it again. So glad to have found her podcasts. I've been following Robyn for years and she is always on point with her messages to parents.
She is the Expert for sure!
Once again Dr Robyn has proven she knows her stuff. Love her wisdom, and it's evident she has done the research to back it up!!
Navigation tools for parents
Stephen Kris
Let's face it, parenting is not always a walk in the park especially in a world that is constantly becoming more complex. Dr. Robyn and her guests provide insightful tools that help parents assist their children to navigate the hurdles and pitfalls together in a positive, supportive, and loving manner. Two thumbs up!
Excellent Resource For Parents!
I love listening to Dr. Robyn's practical advice. If you are a parent or a professional that works with children, then you MUST subscribe and listen to what her and her guests are teaching!
Awesome Find. My New Favorite!
Incredibly useful information on communicating with your child, the teachers, coaches, and even other parents, with easy to understand and implement strategies. The guests are amazing experts and thought leaders in the industry and the discussions feel like I'm sitting having coffee with some level headed friends. If you have children, work with children, or are planning to make children a part of your life, I can't recommend Dr. Robyn and her new podcast strongly enough.
Outstanding information
Real, easy to apply information for parents of children of any age!
Great podcast for parents!
This is a wonderful resource for parents - amazing guests and practical tips.
How to talk to Kids
Such an interesting discussion! Wish I had some of this knowledge when I was coping with a certain little girl some years ago. Looking forward to the next podcast. Keep up the good work!
What a great podcast. Honest, practical and great real-life stuff! Great tools straight-away to put to use. Don't miss these
Truly helpful
A podcast that gets to the point! I love how this podcast gets to the "real" issues and actually suggests helpful and "practical" tips for parents. Very easy to listen to, easy to understand, and absolutely easy to apply!
More than just advice - these are TOOLS
Pam Giron
I listen to this podcast with my sister who is a single parent and we found it incredibly helpful. Dr.Robyn addresses issues that come up everyday in our household and truly helps us understand what is happening, why and provides the tools and scripts to approcah them appropriatley --- This podcast isn't just for parents but for who is involved in a child's life!!
Great resource!
El Robbo
A great parenting resources to keep in your tool bag! This is quality stuff and you just cannot keep learning enough about the ever-evolving art of parenting!
So happy I found Dr. Robyn's help! Her lineup of experts gave practical tips I could use immediately with my kids-- saved me time!! Fabulous topics any parent can use and EVERY parent should hear. THANK YOU!!
The podcast parents have been waiting for
If you’re a parent like me, I think you’ll agree that this is beyond the best podcast on iTunes. I wish I could have had this when my daughter was born. I always wished kids came with an instruction manual. Now it does thanks to Dr. Robyn! She gives great advice in a compassionate and fun way. Her guests are amazing. I just cannot say enough how great this podcast is. Cannot wait for more!!!
A must-read for parents!
Thank you, Dr. Robyn, for making such great advice so accessible and practical. I have a stack of unopened parenting books by my bedside table, and I've barely cracked them open. These brilliant podcasts make me feel like you're in the living room with me, talking me off the ledge while my kids are screaming at each other (and me). I love the concept that parenting is the ULTIMATE do-over - tomorrow is always another day. Thank you, and can't wait for the next listen!
So happy to listen to a parenting podcast with practical advice and spot-on real life scenarios. I love that the podcast doesn't simply discuss parenting issues but gives you real-life TOOLS to put to immediate use. Thank you Dr Robyn!!!
Member Engagement Expert
Cat Zohar
Some really powerful messages coming from Dr. Robyn + her guests on these podcasts, love the topics and simple break downs! Much of the content can also apply to adults, too... just saying! ;) :D Thanks for doing these!
Such an Amazing Resource!
Powerful Words
All I can say is, WOW! Each episode is jam packed with valuable information in an easy to understand and embrace delivery. Dr. Robyn has a great way about her that makes both her guests and her listeners feel at ease. If you're a parent, or somebody who works with kids or even if you simply have a special child in your life and want the experts edge, subscribe and listen to Dr. Roybn's How to Talk to Kids About Anything!
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