YNP Episode: Checking In and Let’s Play!
Published March 20, 2020
9 min
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    I wanted to take a minute and check in and reach out.  How are you doing?Just about every single person out there is touched by what's happening.  I too, sat in my anxiety and stress for a little while. You know what brought me out of it?  YOU.I carved out this little corner of the internet to help dog parents and new puppy parents have an amazing life with their dog.  That's exactly what I'm going to continue to do even through this incredibly rough time.I 100% believe that stress management is just as important as washing your hands right now.  Conveniently enough, we all have little stress relievers running around our house.Over the past few days I've been posting an activity a day to do with your dog.  I encourage you to turn off your phone, turn off the news and just take an hour and play with your dog.  Keep yourself entertained, keep the kids entertained, and have a little extra playtime guilt free!!In this episode, I talk about a few of the activities that I've already posted (on Facebook and Instagram).  Below are the videos and all links to the resources I talk about.  I'll be keeping this page updated so check back!I hope this finds you safe and healthy.  Give your pups a belly rub from me as we all get through this together!Links and resources:YNP #042: 10 Ways to Play With Your DogYNP #018: Ditch the Bowl and Make Mealtime an EventYNP #004: 3 Things You Can Do Now to Teach Your Dog to Come Every Time You CallRover Round Robin step by step guide

    Activity 01: Puppy SoccerWhat you’ll need:✔1 or more humans (you'll take turns)✔Your dog✔Your dog’s dinner (or dry treats, or peas, or anything that will roll across the floor)✔A tiled or wood floor (no carpet)To Play:Step 01. Show your puppy the food or treat. Let them sniff it and get them excited about it.Step 02: Roll across the floor.Step 03: Once they catch it, call them back to you.Step 04: Repeat!Tips:✔Start with short distances while your dog is learning.✔Make sure the dog sees you roll the food.✔Great for young kids and adults!✔Feed your dog dinner and get some exercise and bonding time as well!!

    Activity 02: Scavenger HuntWhat you’ll need:✔1 or more humans✔Your dog✔Your dog’s dinner and smelly treatsTo Play:1. Keep your dog in a separate room as you hide portions of their dinner mixed with the treats.2. Put a few pieces in plain sight to get them started.3. Bring your dog in and let them sniff and hunt!Tips:✔Start with super smelly treats (liver treats work) while they are learning the game then you can switch to their food only once they get the hang of it.✔Start with super easy places (where he can see it as well as smell it) until your dog gets the hang of it then up the challenge.✔Puppies are still developing their ability to sniff out food so make it super easy for them.✔Don’t hide it where your dog has to break a house rule to find it (in the couch or on a shelf). This is great nose work, tires out their brain and fills the tummy!

    Activity 03: Rover Round RobinWhat you need:✔2 or more humans✔Your dog✔Treats, toys, and a silly attitudeTo Play:1. Stand a few feet apart.2. Take turns and call you dog to you.3. When your dog reaches you, shower him with praise, give him treats, and/or play a game of tug.Tips:✔Start close together while you and your pup are learning. Add distance once your dog learns the game.✔When it’s your turn to call your dog, throw a party! Get excited,
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