YNP #032: My Favorite Dog Supplies
Published June 26, 2019
10 min
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    There are so many dog supplies out there it can be overwhelming.  Over the years I have developed a list of my go-to supplies that I use and recommend to my clients.In this episode, I talk about what my favorite dog supply is in each of these 8 categories and why they have become my go-to. All supplies can be found on Chewy.com or BarkBox.com. 1. Training treat: Freeze dried liverI never met a dog that could resist these liver treats.  You can break them down into small training pieces or even sprinkle some on top of a picky eaters food.  There is only one ingredient and they are made in the USA.2. Leash pulling tool: Front clip harnessI prefer using harnesses for leash walking in general.  Especially if you have a heavy puller.  The traditional collar can put a lot of pressure on the neck.  With the leash clipped in the front (you don't need a double leash like the picture below) when they start to pull they get turned around so it's hard for them to get the leverage they need to pull hard.  3. Food bowl: Treat ballI may be cheating a little bit with this one.  It's not actually a food bowl, but it is my favorite way to feed your dog.  Instead of inhaling their dinner from a bowl, they knock around a ball and their food comes out.  You have to feed your dog anyway, let them occupy themselves for 20 minutes instead of 20 seconds.4. Chew toy: KongSimilar to the treat ball above you can stuff the Kong with your dog's dinner or some homemade healthy wholefoods (skip the store bought stuffing).  Now your puppy is occupied, chewing, and eating something healthy or their own food!5. Teething chew: Ice cubeSimple, free and can entertain your dog for hours (weather permitting).  Best part is, they are already in your freezer. 6. Bone: Deer antlerAntlers can be a little pricey but they last a loooong time.  I like to use these as the special bone they only get in their crate during crate and potty training. 7. Crate: Life stages crateA crate is an essential tool for any new puppy owner. There are lots of types out there. The life stages crate comes with a divider so it can grow with your puppy.  You can also buy an oversize crate and remove the divider once your puppy is potty trained.  8. Dog supply company: BarkBox*There aren't many companies I get excited about but this one is an exception.  BarkBox is a monthly subscription box full of treats and toys.  The toys are high quality, the treats are healthy and they take great care in making the details fun!  They are a fun, cheeky company that also does lots of work with rescue and shelter pets. *This link uses a referral code that any current BarkBox customer can give you.  If you have a friend that already uses BarkBox, use their code and they will get a free box.  I have my free box going to a shelter pet. I am not affiliated in any way. Listen to the full episode below and enjoy!
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