YNP #030: The First 4 Steps to Teaching Any New Command
Published April 10, 2019
10 min
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    Dog obedience training is the first thing we think of when we say “training your dog.”  In fact, it might be the only thing we think of.Your dog’s training goes WAY beyond obedience but it is a very important part of your new puppy’s education.When starting from scratch it’s important to create a strong and reliable foundation.  We can do this in four easy steps.  * The Lure:  Encourage your dog into the position or action you are looking for, without saying a word.* Add the command:  Connect the action with a vocal command.* Hide the treat, add a hand signal:  This step prevents the dreaded bribing scenario.* Intermittent treats:  Come away from the treats and add other rewards.These are often the steps we skip or rush through. The most notable being, ​the command is not added until step 2.  Now I don’t expect you to be able to listen to this episode and teach your dog ANY command.  How these four steps look will vary slightly depending on the exact skill you are teaching. It's the foundation they create that is universal.  Always start with this foundation and you will be on your way to reliable dog obedience training in no time.
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