YNP #028: 5 Reasons to Use the Crate When You’re Home.
Published March 20, 2019
6 min
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    When we think of crate training we usually think of potty training or where we put our puppy when we aren’t home.  Crate training goes way beyond that. In fact, we should be using it after potty training AND when we are home.I usually get some resistance to this.  Most dog owners have a sense of guilt using the crate even when they are home.  You might think “well, it’s not fair to my puppy, he shouldn’t have to be in his crate when I’m home” or “I should be able to supervise him when I’m home.”The only thing we are doing is making things harder on ourselves.  Your puppy’s crate is a multi-faceted training tool. In this episode, I’m going to convince you that not only CAN you use the crate when you are home but you SHOULD use your puppy’s crate when you are home.The five reasons for using the crate when you are home are:* It’s the best way to crate train your puppy* Your puppy will hate the crate if you only use it when you leave* Prevent separation anxiety* Your puppy’s safety* Your sanity!I mention two other episodes that are related and highly recommend if you are looking for information on crate training your puppy. YNP #005: Crate Training: How (and Why) to Make Their Crate Your Dog’s Best FriendYNP #022: How to Prevent and Treat Separation AnxietyPhoto by Alvan Nee on Unsplash
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