YNP #025: Is Human Food Good for Dogs?
Published January 23, 2019
9 min
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    Very often I get asked: Is human food good for dogs?  Or "should I feed my dog people food?" Or they say with pride “I ONLY feed my dog, dog food”The first thing I want to dispel is the idea that there is a difference between "people" food and "dog" food.  Food is food.The distinction that we are actually making is the difference between fresh foods and traditional commercial dog food which is typically highly processed.  So yes, "human" food is good for dogs because just like us, our dogs benefit greatly from fresh foods.I'm not talking about feeding your dog table scraps or dinner left overs.  I'm talking about supplementing their dinner with nutritious fresh foods and snacks.There are a few pitfalls we have to be careful of:* We want to be careful of over feeding our dogs.  When we add fresh foods we are also adding calories. * We also want to make sure that we keep a balanced diet.  If they are filling up on chicken (which is good for them) they might not be eating the other nutrients they need.* There are some foods that we can eat that our dogs shouldn’t.In this episode I talk about:* The difference between people and dog food (or lack there of).* Cautions when feeding your dog human food.* Benefits of feeding your dog human food.* Some of my favorite fresh foods that I use to supplement my dog’s food.  Related Episodes:Your New Puppy Episode #017: 5 Dog Food Myths and the Truth Behind ThemPhoto by Marek Szturc on Unsplash
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