YNP #024: How to Raise Two Puppies at the Same Time
Published January 9, 2019
13 min
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    The thought of raising two puppies together can create a lot of warm, fuzzy, and fun images.  They will keep each other company, entertain each other, exercise each other, and create perfect Instagram moments of snuggling together in their bed.We go into it aware that it will take more work.  Of course, it makes sense, there are two puppies instead of one.  What we don’t realize until we get them home is that it doesn’t take twice the work, it takes THREE times the work as raising one puppy.When a client asks me: "How to do I train two dogs at the same time?" My answer is: "You don’t."  Not until you train each one separately so they understand what you are asking. Then you can bring them together and train them as a pack.  That is where three times the work comes in.AND it doesn’t stop at skills training.  There are many activities you will need to do with your puppies both separately and together.There are also many reasons for this which I talk about within the episode.  Litter-mate syndromeYou need to have a relationship and bond with each dog on their own and with both dogs as a pack.Prevent separation anxiety from each other by giving them time apart.Teach them to have the confidence to deal with any environment with and without their sibling there.This is A LOT of work to train and prevent behavior problems.  Enough that most dog trainers recommend that you don’t ever get two dogs from the same litter.  It can be done, if you are prepared for it. If you already have two puppies or if you are set on getting two, I give you some examples on how to tackle all of this work .  If you are still thinking about getting two puppies, I give you the advice I usually give my clients who really want two dogs.  Enjoy!
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