YNP #022: How to Prevent and Treat Separation Anxiety
Published December 12, 2018
13 min
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    Separation anxiety is when your dog is stressed out because they are separated from you.  Every single dog has the potential to develop some form of separation anxiety because dogs don’t know how to be alone naturally.  This is one of the many things we need to teach them to live in our world. Separation anxiety was also one of the many issues I had to deal with when I brought home my two girls all those years ago.  I know how heartbreaking and stressful it can be to deal with severe cases. My goal for you is to prevent it or nip it in the bud. In this episode I talk about:* What separation anxiety is.* What it looks like.* How to prevent it.* How to treat your dog if they are already showing minor signs.  If your dog is showing major signs of separation anxiety (destructive behavior, excessive barking, even hurting themselves) please call a certified trainer in your area.Press play to listen below or go to where ever you get your podcasts. Photo by Patrick Carr on Unsplash
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