YNP #021: Balancing Vaccines and Socialization
Published November 28, 2018
12 min
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    A question I get ALL the time is about taking your puppy outside before they are fully vaccinated.  This question usually comes up during potty training but my answer has nothing to do with potty training.In short, your puppy needs to get out and start experiencing the world BEFORE they are fully vaccinated. I know this can come into direct conflict with your veterinarian's advice.  I am not telling you to ignore your vet! As the title of this episode suggest it is all about balancing your puppy’s physical health and their behavioral development.In this episode I talk about:* What socialization is.* What science tells us about when socialization is the most important.* Why the advice of “keep your puppy inside until fully vaccinated” is still around even though it’s not what is best for your puppy.* Suggestions on how to balance the risks of keeping your puppy physically and mentally healthy.Don’t take my word for it.In the episode, I talk about the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and their statement on puppy socialization.  Their website is https://avsab.org/You can get the statement I reference right here or by going directly to their website (which I recommend, they have lots of great information on dog behavior).  ​
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