YNP #019: The Downside of a Fenced-in Backyard
Published December 15, 2017
13 min
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    A fenced-in backyard is considered a very valuable resource for a dog owner.  It makes owning, potty training and exercising your dog SO much easier.  Or does it?With anything that makes our lives easier there is always a downside.  I know this, because I share this struggle with you.In this episode I talk about a very recent experience I had with my own dog.  Lucy’s behavior started to worsen out of nowhere and I started to get worried and frustrated all at the same time.Until i realized what was happening.  Lucy was BORED OUT OF HER MIND.  My fenced in backyard allowed me to get lazy and now Lucy and her behavior were showing it.With an acre of room and her sister to play with she had plenty of exercise but was lacking any other stimulation.This is why, fenced in yard or not, it is still important to get into the habit of walking your dog right away.In this episode I share my own struggle and tips on how we can work on it together.Photo by Aaron Bookout on Unsplash I did take my own advice!Immediately after recording this episode I regretted it ( 😉 not really) because, I had to take my own advice, right?  So even though it looked like this outside:My actual front yard. I tapped into my inner Jersey girl, toughened up, put on my snow boots, grabbed the girls’ leashes, and went out the door.I’m SO glad I did. Once I was out there and moving, it wasn’t as cold as I thought AND apparently snow changes the smell of everything because the girls acted like they haven’t seen that tree outside a hundred times before.  Leash walking resourceshttps://positively.com/dog-behavior/basic-cues/loose-leash-walking/https://ferndogtraining.com/episode20/
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