YNP #018: Ditch the Bowl and Make Mealtime an Event
Published December 1, 2017
8 min
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    So often, we get stuck in the idea that our dogs need to eat out of a bowl.  BORING!! Our dogs are programmed to work for their food so let’s use that in our favor. We already feed our dogs so let’s make it an event!  Our dogs have a blast AND it also help in our endless journey to burn off some of our dog's energy!  By having them work for their food our dog is occupied for longer than the typical 30 seconds it takes for them to eat out of a bowl.  This will relieve boredom and give them some mental exercise in the process (it’s also entertaining for us too)Now, what in the world do I mean?  In this episode I talk about three different examples of how to make meal time an event.  Use these examples to get your creative juices flowing and even a Google or Pinterest search to get more ideas on how to ditch the bowl.First example:  Use a Kong.Most of us know what a Kong is if not here is a photo.  You can find them in any pet store and they come in all different sizes and toughness.  This is one of the best ways to create a meal time event.  Instead of stuffing the Kong with peanut butter we stuff it with their meal.  One step that some of us miss is we have to teach your dog to use the Kong.  I talk about how to do this. Second example: Use a treat ball.A treat ball is one of my (and my dog's) favorite ways to eat their meal.  Despite the name it's not just for treats!  There a a bunch of different treat balls on the market.  You can also make some yourself.  Just search for DIY food puzzles or treat balls. Here are a couple of videos of Miriah and Boris enjoying their treat ball!!

    The possibilities are endless!I give a few more examples in the episode to help you start to think outside the bowl.Have your own ideas!  Share below!
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