YNP #017: 5 Dog Food Myths and the Truth Behind Them
Published November 15, 2017
17 min
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    We know that finding the right dog food for our dog is important.  It can also be overwhelming.  Most of us want to be able to walk into a pet store, pick up a bag and make the right decision.  Unfortunately, it's not that simple.There is a lot of different information out there about which dog food.Deciphering what is true and what is based on common beliefs that may or may not be outdated is next to impossible.To help you out, this in this episode I go over 5 myths associated with commercial dog food.  Most of these myths came from a small amount of truth BUT through a game of telephone, the misconceptions grew.  The worst of it, are some of the dog food companies take advantage of these myths to continue to sell us low-quality food for our pets.The 5 Dog Food Myths (and what the truth is)#1: Find a dog food your dog likes and stick with it. (not always)#2: Dog food has a long shelf life (sorta)#3: Grain-free means low carb (nope)#4: Higher price means higher quality (not even close)#5: The first ingredient should be meat (Yes! But that’s not the whole story)

    Decoding Pet Food Labels Free 5-day course delivered to your inbox.As mentioned in this episode I have a FREE dog food label mini-course! It’s a 5-day video series that goes through all the different parts of the label, from the description on the front to the ingredient list on the back.  Ready to learn more about the food you are feeding your pet? Sign up below to receive this FREE series.  You can also learn more about what's inside the lessons here

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