YNP #010: Complete Guide to Potty Training Your Puppy
Published July 20, 2017
25 min
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    Potty training is a rite of passage for all puppy owners.  It’s not the pretty part of owning a new puppy but it’s the one training none of us can ignore.Sometimes we forget that our dogs don’t come pre-programmed to go to the bathroom outside. This is a habit we have to teach them.The concept of potty training and what you need to do isn't hard.  The time, the effort, and the emotional roller coaster, that’s what’s hard. And even if you do EVERYTHING right there's still going to be accidents and speed bumps along the way.  There are going to be times where you are going to wonder if you're ever going to get your life back.  When are you going to be able to sit on your couch and snuggle with your puppy without constantly worrying if he has to go outside?I promise you, that time will come. First, we have to get through the potty training process. There's no skipping it.  Yeah just have to do it.Though we can’t avoid it there are some ways to make it quicker and easier.  Here I have broken down my Complete Process to Potty Training Your Puppy.  By the end you will know exactly what to do when. You can read on or...

    You can press play below to listen to Episode 10 of Your New Puppy's Podcast here:(A podcast is a radio show or an audio blog where you can listen to me talk instead of reading about it) 

    I’ve also put together a 2 page cheat sheet for you with all the information and tips summarized. You can print it out and have it handy throughout the process.  It also includes a potty training schedule to help you keep track of everything.  The Potty Training Cheat Sheet and Schedule is free and yours to download and keep.

    Potty Training Cheat Sheet and ScheduleI’ve created a cheat sheet for you that summarize the steps and tips I talk about in the episode. I’ve also created a one-page Puppy Potty Schedule for you to use to keep track of your dog’s schedule, any accidents that happen and your successes.Keeping track of these things will be extremely helpful if coordinating with multiple people in the household. It is also a great way to find patterns if things aren’t going smoothly.

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    In the simplest terms, we are teaching our dog, the proper place to go to the bathroom is outside.  Potty training is such a common thing for us; we forget that it's not natural for our dogs.What IS natural for our dogs is to not go in their sleeping area. That's why using a crate during potty training makes the whole process faster and more efficient. When used correctly, the crate will give him a safe and secure place when we can’t supervise which will greatly reduce accidents.I talk more about crate training in Your New Puppy’s Podcast Episode 05.I also do NOT use indoor potty pads at all.  You don’t want your puppy to have any idea that he might be allowed to go to the bathroom inside.I talk about why I don’t use potty pads in Your New Puppy’s Podcast Episode 09.How long it takes will depend on your dog, on you, and your family. Some dogs just pick it up right away, some struggle.  It will depend on how closely you will be able to stick to the process.  It takes time and energy and sometimes we are going to drop the ball.  What I can promise, is if you stick to this process you will see progress within a week.  Let’s go over exactly what to do, when.When should you take your dog out?
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