YNP #009: Why Indoor Pads Should NOT be Used When House Training Your Puppy
Published July 5, 2017
12 min
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    Indoor pads (also called wee-wee pads or potty pads) have a purpose but house training should not be one of them.If you want to teach your puppy to go to the bathroom outside only, these pads can be detrimental to this training.Indoor pads are one of those products that seem like a great tool (and are even advertised to us) but are anything but.  In the long run they create more work. It's also possible your pup may never be fully house trained.In this episode, I talk about why I strongly discourage the use of indoor pads for house training.If you plan to use indoor pads regularly, I give you a few reasons why that may not be a great idea either.For some indoor pads are a great option, but for most, they are not.Potty training is a right of passage for any puppy owner.  It’s a time-consuming process that can be frustrating at times so it’s only natural for us to grab something that might make it easier.  However, I promise you if you put in the work now, it will be worth it in the end.Talk to you inside!Related Episodes:YNP #010: Complete Guide to Potty Training Your Puppy