YNP #008: When your Dog Jumps: How to Prevent and Correct Jumping up on People
Published June 15, 2017
12 min
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    When your dog jumps on you, your family and your friends it can quickly turn into an annoying habit.Luckily there are a few things we can do to prevent or correct this behavior.Most of the time our dog jumps on us it is to get our attention. And if we are honest most of the time, that is exactly what we give them. Remember attention is attention, good or bad. So even if you are telling your dog no and pushing him off you, to your dog, that’s attention.Why does your dog jump?It usually starts when they are puppies because they are so darn cute and it seems harmless. Who can resist those big eyes, right?? Only, when our dogs grow up it may not be as cute and they don’t know the difference. If our pup has always jumped up on us for attention and if it works for them that is what they will always do, muddy paws or not.In this episode, I talk about preventing, ignoring and redirecting your dog’s jumping. I use coming home as the main example but these tips can be used in whichever scenario your dog is jumping on you.Links in this episode:Episode 4: How to Get a Strong Recall: Three Things You Can Do Now to Teach Your Dog to Come Every Time You Call.(I also want to mention I am very surprised I have gotten to episode 8 without my back up singers making an appearance.)
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