YNP#007: Why Do Dogs Dig and What You Can Do About It
Published May 24, 2017
9 min
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    Does your backyard look like someone has been digging for gold?  Having a crater filled back yard is frustrating, not pretty and can even be dangerous.  Why do dogs dig?  Digging is one of those things that dogs just love to do.  It’s right up there with barking and chewing and being with us.The most common reasons why is boredom or has too much energy and he is looking to entertain himself.  Other reasons could be to cool dog, chase an animal or even escape.Because this is such a natural behavior your best bet is to redirect or distract from the digging instead of trying to just stop it.In this episode, I talk about the reasons dogs dig and some ways to help save your yard.I talk a little about using a “sandbox” which is a designated place in the yard where your dog is allowed to dig.  This is what I do and it works well.  In fact, here is Lucy sitting in one of her holes.  It’s her favorite because it’s nice and cool and she can watch the street.
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