YNP #006: My Dog Steals my Stuff!! How to Protect your Dog and Your Things.
Published May 17, 2017
19 min
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    What do we do when our dog steals our stuff?We all know the scene: it’s gotten a little too quiet so you go searching for the little fuzzball that was just at your feet. You turn the corner and there he is, chomping happily away on the book you were reading earlier, or maybe it’s something that clearly came out of the garbage.First, you panic because don’t know how much he actually ate. Once you know he’s ok, it’s time to clean up the mess or mourn the possession you are now tossing in the trash.Dogs love to chew. It’s just a fact. It's one of the basic things that all dogs do. But when our dog steals our things to chew on it can be dangerous and at the very least, frustrating.What do we do to protect our dog and our stuff?In this episode, I talk about a few things that you can start doing to stop your dog from stealing your stuff. I also go over how to teach him what he is allowed to chew on.To give you an example I have a case study for you to give you an idea of how I handled this in a real world situation.Links and Info in this episode:Episode 5 (Crate Training)
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