YNP #004: 3 Things You Can Do Now to Teach Your Dog to Come Every Time You Call.
Published May 2, 2017
15 min
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    Your recall command is any word you use to tell your dog to come to you. The most common being “come.” I’ve also heard “front” and “here” used.The recall is arguably one the most important commands for your dog to know but it’s also one that eludes most of us.I am not going to talk about how to teach the actual command, what I am going to talk about is creating a strong foundation so when it is time to train the command it will be easier.We are going to take advantage of the fact that our dogs are ALWAYS paying attention to us. .We are always training our dog whether we realize it or not.I’m going to talk about three specific things you can do (or never do) to have more confidence that your dog will come to you when you need him to.The three things are:* Never call your dog to you for punishment. Coming to you is the best thing in the world...EVERY TIME* Never chase your dog. But let your dog chase you.* Add a collar grab into his training.PLUS, check out the bonus below. It’s instructions on how to play the game, Rover Round Robin. It’s a game that I teach all my clients because it creates a foundation for recall, tires your dog out and involves the whole family.

    Free Tool: Rover Round RobinThis bonus includes step by step instructions on how to teach your dog and your family and friends to play the game. It also includes options to add challenges and new skills to the game. It’s a bonus that you can come back to again and again to continue to teach your dog and involve your family and friends...it doesn’t get better than that.

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