YNP #002: Which Type of Dog is Right for You?
Published April 29, 2017
25 min
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    Once you have decided that you are ready for a dog (if you haven’t check out episode 1) it’s time to figure out which dog is right for you.During this episode, I talk about 10 different traits to think about to help you decide what type of dog will best fit into your life.While I use examples of different breeds, I do this just to give you a picture of what I’m talking about. Deciding which traits and qualities are best for you isn’t about picking a specific breed. My goal for you is to just be aware that all different types of dogs exist.Remember it is possible to find a dog that you will not only love and care for but that will fit into your life so you can have the best experience possible. I believe that is essential in doing what is best for both your family and the new member you are welcoming in!The specific traits I will talk about are:SizeEnergyTrainingSheddingGroomingNoiseTerritorialGenderClimateHere are additional resources that you can use to research a little further.http://dogtime.com/matchuphttp://www.petmd.com/dog/breedshttp://iheartdogs.com/the-10-best-dog-breeds-for-first-time-owners/https://www.amazon.com/Original-Dog-Bible-Definitive-Source-ebook/dp/B005PYJXDQ/ref=dp_kinw_strp_1

    Free Tool! Which Dog is Right for you Workbook!To help you out I’ve developed a tool to walk you through the different traits and qualities to figure out which ones are the most important to you. If you are interested you can request a copy below. It will be delivered directly to your inbox.

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