Thank You
Thank You. You are not saying anything I haven’t heard before, but the thing you say make everything click. All of a sudden my brain now understands the concept.
Love it
Great podcast; she has really helped me retrain my brain to confront unhealthy thinking. Love her style & feminist perspective- very refreshing.
Defensiveness and shame
This episode was such an eye opener for me. Everyone should listen to it. Thank you!!
Shame and Defensiveness.
This episode is excellent. I needed this today and will utilize the tools and new awareness immediately and continuously. Thank you.
Thoughtwork and Logic !
Bonnie Kool
I really love this podcast. She breaks things down so well and walks us through all the steps. Thank you for doing this!
Racism episodes
I really appreciate Kara using her platform to speak to a majority white feminist audience about racism. So much wisdom and insight ❤️
A life changer
I recommend this podcast to almost everyone I ever talk to. I am constantly thinking “Well, Kara would say...” when I am struggling to process thoughts. Kara is brilliant, and I am so thankful for her recent episodes on anti racist work. And I love that she calls us chickens. Keep being amazing, Kara, and thank you!
Great intro to CBT
I love Kara! I often ask myself “what would Kara do?” I agree with another reviewer tho that this is a flavor of CBT, and while i love Kara’s flavor of it, I think it’s important to acknowledge that it’s basis is in CBT.
Keep it to business.
Not relevant at all, more concern for political correctness than business, providing unfactual information and not actually helping people. Unsubscribing.
Disappointed in the last few episodes - not what I subscribed to this podcast for.
How did I just find her?!
Random dudette117
I’m actually I just found this podcast because I have a healthy amount of old podcasts to binge on. Kara breaks things down in a way that really hits home, wrapped in a whit that I enjoy immensely. Thank you so much for your work, Kara!
We are not chickens
linsie b
Kara offers sound advice as a coach. It’s direct, collegial, and would likely be very helpful to anyone struggling with their own thought process. Three things would be useful for her to consider: 1. While I understand the need for her to perpetuate her brand (the monetized “Clutch” ) referring time and again to her listeners as “my chickens” is too much. 2. Too many of her sentences end in “Right?” 3. Episodes are padded with repetitive info. But I want to add this podcast, especially the first months of launch, may be valuable to many.
Last two episodes
I’m so disappointed in the last two episodes regarding racism. I value this popcast for the life coaching aspect, not how to handle current events in my mind. It’s insulting and assumes what thoughts are in our minds.
You’re amazing! Thank you!
A success
A friend told me about your podcast. It’s so relatable, clear, easy to apply. I’m really enjoying it. Thank you so much for being you!❤️💥
Can’t recommend enough
Someone asked for recommendations on podcasts and this is the first one that comes to mind!! I appreciate the topics, guidance and real life examples in every episode. Thank you!
Game Changer
Kt Mcnz
I just found out about this today by searching for CBT and am already 3 episodes in! I really appreciate Kara’s fun, friendly approach and that she breaks everything down to make it easy to understand and implement into your own life. Looking forward to listening to more.💗
i love puppr!
I would probably like this more if it weren’t for the title. It just turns me off, sorry!
The best investment I’ve ever made
This work and the Clutch is the most progress I’ve made in my thinking and doing !!
Life changing
So grateful for Kara and this podcast. ❤️
Love her!
I love the straightforward no BS way of viewing our thoughts and feelings! The amount of control I now have over how I feel. I love listening to her podcasts! On nearly every single topic! Thanks so much!
New To Podcast
I’m new to this podcast (^^^), but the podcast from December 7, 2017 “how to feel great baked” really struck a cord with me. I have struggled with my body image since childhood due to trauma and general bullying from kids at school. The advice to say “everybody suffers” and “that’s a human (insert body part)” really is good advice and I intend to use those baby steps...still in the contemplation phase. Going through a divorce at the moment and it’s been challenging on my body image and general sense of self. Thank you for the “how to feel great baked” podcast episode!
Revolutionary and transformative
Kara talks about our thoughts in a funny, articulate and intelligent way. Love, love, love how she analyzes our deepest, most private ideas about ourselves and our lives.
I love sex
00000000 cool 02
When you think you don’t need thought work
When you think you don’t need thought work, you do. Every person can benefit from learning more about how they think and doing thought work! It’s 🤯🥰! Favorite podcast right now! Thank you!!
This is the exact podcast I’ve been looking for
s hood
Thank you @chattybroads for introducing this podcast to me. I am so excited to dive deeper into some of my thoughts and doubts.
Good but Grating
She has solid ideas but desperately needs editing help. Episodes could be cut in half, but she is very fond of repeating the same sentiment over and over (and over and over). The ideas are simple, based primarily in cognitive behavioral therapy (she throws in “law of attraction” fluff as well while claiming it’s not, which is actually endearing). Lots of chatter about how these simple concepts are mind blowing and difficult to absorb (they are neither). I’ve found it’s often better to read the script provided— can skim the repetitive bits and bypass the promotions. Good stuff, but can be grating to get through.
Great supplement to therapy
I use Kara’s work in conjunction with therapy to deal with issues around eating disorders, compulsive behaviors and anxiety. Her work has also brought a level of awareness to my mind and the way it works that has revolutionized the way I relate to myself and others. I am finally gaining compassion and love for myself unconditionally without guilt for not conforming to what I project others to expect of me. Highly suggest her work!!
Game changer
Love love this podcast. I started listening to the pandemic series while experiencing some severe anxiety in quarantine. Learning how my brain works, and that I can drive the ship instead of my brain patterns controlling me has been an absolute game changer. I’m so excited to put these lessons into practice into all areas of my life. Thank you Kara!
Absolutely Transformative
Kara’s podcast and lovely voice pulled me out of a really hard time when i had just broken up with someone who was not treating me well. When i am having a hard day, l listen to her podcast and it feels like she’s telling me she’s proud of me and i can do this. ❤️
Life Changing
This podcast has changed my life (for the better) perhaps more than anything else I’ve ever experienced at this point in my life. The way that Kara explains thought work and really breaks down the method in which to practice it has been the only way in which this information has been able to penetrate my brain. She’s not necessarily teaching new concepts, but the way in which she teaches it is revolutionary... and perfect for the modern woman. I have listened to every episode and I will be re-listening to them all again... and again. Every time I listen I glean new insights. And as the podcast progresses, you can tell Kara continues to go deeper in her own practice ... and therefore continues to share deeper knowledge with her chickens. This is an ever growing practice that builds over time and I am so glad I found it. Thank you Kara!!
Denver gal
Kara you rock, funny, real, with consistent examples of coaching and thinking that help. Lots of free content and more for those who want coaching with you. Thanks for being there and offering ideas and conversations during these difficult times. I work in an ER and watch a lot of suffering but not like NYC. It’s brave to put yourself out there in these times. Blessings Laura
This podcast is for rich straight white women
I don’t have enough money to join the “Clutch.” It feels like a giant commercial.
I started listening to this podcast more than a year ago and I get excited about every new episode. Kara is the person that introduced me to thought work and it has made a huge difference in my life. I feel so much more peaceful now because I can recognize that situations I encounter do not “cause” my feelings... it’s my thoughts about the situation that do! I’ve listened to several specific episodes over & over because the content is so helpful. Highly recommend.
Love the podcast
Queen Metamorphosis
I was struggling this week and weekend. Listening to her podcast armed me with a new perspective. She is realistic and I love that about her. I can’t want to listen to the rest of her podcasts!
She was so condescending to who she was speaking too and couldn’t handle her saying no that’s not what we’re talking about. First time listening to her and o my got 15 minutes in. Bummer
Always a pleasure
In these pandemic times, it jas been a pleasure to hear you. This show helps me so much, it makes my day way easier. I love your show Kara.
Helping me find peace!
I discovered your bonus episodes and I’m in love. This was the life boat I was looking for in this pandemic storm. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Brain changer
Total brain changer! Straight up, no BS, empowering advice. I love thinking about my thoughts, emotions, and actions in a different way. This is truly wonderful thought work you can do for yourself.
hit the wrong buttons
cara lynne
I don’t know if it’s me being sensitive or if I just am not cut out for therapy or what it is, but the latest episode on coronavirus put me into a severe anxiety spiral. Telling us that every one of our loved ones could die at any moment, pain is inevitable, death is waiting for us around the corner - I ended up with a panic attack later that night after slowly ratcheting up my anxiety throughout the day after listening. I’m sure it helped someone, but it made my thoughts gravely worse. Especially during this already anxious time with the world falling apart around us, when we can’t even be together, we’re all losing our jobs, and supplies are running short. Maybe an episode on ACTIONS we could take would’ve been more appropriate? :(
What I need to hear
Kara's content and style is exactly what I need to hear. I've listened to 10 bajillion of these types of podcasts but very few have the no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point style that Kara employs. Hers is ACTUAL practical advice that makes sense, without all the fluffy mumbo jumbo of other similar podcasts. I like to listen (and re-listen) to her podcasts on my commute in to work to get me pumped and inspired for the day.
This. Is. Everything.
I stumbled upon this podcast and now I’m feverishly trying to catch up to the 2020 episodes. I feel like this could have saved me thousands of dollars in therapy fees if I had found it sooner! Kara serves up the material in such a smart, loving, logical way, I want to memorize everything she says. Thank you Kara ❤️❤️❤️
Life Changing
Managing my mind has changed all aspects of my life for the better. Thank you!
Game changer
Coach Caitie
I love Kara’s style of breaking down what’s going on in our minds shaping our realities. I’ve listened to the show many times, but after just listening to the episode on uncertainty I decided I had to leave a review. Game changer for me right there! Thank you thank you thank you for putting out this incredible content into the world.
Exactly what I needed
I just found this podcast, have only listened to 2 episodes, and I’m already in love. I love her personality, and the way she explains things really dumbs it’s down so there’s no misunderstandings, it just makes sense.
Wonderful insight
I often struggle finding people who can really change my way of thinking. Kara is brilliant and constantly gives me “ah-ha” moments about my life and my way of thinking. She is so intelligent and her way of thinking is eye opening. Thank you Kara for your comfort, leadership, and intelligence. I am so grateful I found this podcast.
So helpful!
This podcast has helped me so much! My therapist suggested this and it really has changed my thoughts.
This is my FAVORITE! I am so thankful for Kara and her wisdom and the way she teaches! Life changing!
Spot on
I love listening to Kara’s lessons. She makes so much sense and simplified concepts that boggle most of society. Thank you for your teaching!
So many topics that resonate with me in this podcast. There are a few episodes that are specific to lawyers and the “lawyer Brain” but this is easily translatable to physicians and surgeons too. Many thanks!
Life Changing!!
Kara is always on point with her topics!! Love the way she teaches 🥰
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