Sarah Jane Mc
I listen to an episode of Kara everyday. It’s a daily dose of learning about my mind. Now when I talk to friends and hear about their drama I ask “what would Kara say?” and practice thought work. It takes effort but I need this work in my life! Thank you Kara for sharing your wisdom!
Super Helpful!! Love , Love, Love💯
Kara’s coaching has changed my life.. Understanding that my thoughts cause my feelings has been a game changer in my life!!
Excellent advice and perspective.
Help to unf*ck the lawyer brain!
Loving Kara and this podcast! I help female lawyers who want to make a career change leave big law or the practice. This is INCREDIBLY helpful. I’ve gone back to listen from the very beginning. My only sadness is wishing I had been tuned in since then! Gotta go catch up!😃🙌🏽
Love, love, love this podcast! Keep it up Kara!
Life Changing
Spend 20 minutes a day listening (and re-listening) to Kara’s podcast episodes. You won’t regret it. Her messages will seep in and come through when you least expect it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had Aha! moments while listening. Take notes if you want to. She’s relatable, brilliant and so, so helpful in helping us get to the root of our blocks and mindsets. So grateful for her!
3 episodes in and I’m shocked
I knew I struggled with perfectionism & imposter syndrome, but 3 episodes in and I’m convinced I need to do much more self work than I originally thought! I love this podcast and I cant wait to listen to all the episodes!!!!!
condescending and self inflating
the narrator calls the listeners her “little chickens” but is saying she is empowering them. i cannot take anything she says with any weight because she is likening her listeners to creatures who scramble for scraps while she mentions her six figure income relentlessly in her podcasts. this podcast has great content and when i asked why she would call the people seeking her help and advice as an animal who’s name is synonymous with being a coward while she is constantly inflating herself is f*cked up. When i asked her why she does this she answered that i should “fast forward” through that portion of the podcast. glad to see you value your listeners input!!
Incredible Insightful & Helpful
Start from the beginning episodes and work your way through. I have become so much more self aware and confident from doing the actual work of looking at my thoughts and emotions. 100% recommend!!
So helpful
She’s real, and concise. I love it!
Life Changing!
the king 2123
Changing my life as we speak! Best life advice out there.
Finally Someone Understands!!
This podcast accurately manages to describe the exact thoughts and problems I and other women have in real life and how to actively work on them. No one before this podcast really ever touched from the female angle the feelings of imposter syndrome and people pleasing and “less than” that many women grow up with in American culture, and what to do to fix it.
Favorite podcast
My Go To Podcast!💕Helped me change my mind which in turn transformed my life.
Best podcast ever!
Every woman should listen to this podcast to create change in their lives. It seems like every single thought pattern and issue I face is addressed in one or more episodes. I would be lost without it.
This podcast is helping me change my life!
Life changing!
I love this podcast. Kara does an amazing job talking about real life issues and how to manage your mind and build your own future. This podcast has been so helpful and life changing.
Empowering information
Please keep it coming! My first podcast review ever. Highly empowering information that every woman needs to be armed with.
From one of the flocks Roosters - this podcast is great. Thought work is so important and puts you in the drivers seat of your own life. Thanks Kara
Harmful and Uninformed
Her views on emotional abuse and that the abused should just "choose" to not be taken advantage of anymore and "just leave" are absolutely assinine. It's like she hasn't done an ounce of research on the subject or even spoken to a single person who has ever been in an abusive situation. Abusive relationships are far more complicated than one person just "deciding" to leave, that's not how any of this works. Almost ripped my headphones out at this nonsense.
Brain changing
Life changing. Its like a really wise smart friend telling you how to actually make a change in yourself for the betterment of the world. Sound cheesy? It’s not. It’s hard. I’ve laughed I’ve cried I’ve been straight shook. Inspired. Period. Bye.
Grateful for Tools
What an amazing space I can access to dial in and literally unf*ck my brain. Kara gives specific tools and concepts to change your thoughts. This has become a positive thought space I use daily. Several “ah-ha” moments since listening! Thoughts create feelings: so simple and powerful. My next thought: need to check out the clutch. Thanks!
This podcast is filled with so much great information! If you apply Kara's wisdom and learn to manage your thoughts, your life will change in very positive ways. This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for and needed. I only regret that I didn't start listening sooner.
Managing my mind! 🧠
Torisinclair 💕
I absolutely love Kara! She is She has helped me work out the daily battles I go through mentally as a women in modern day society. I have learned a lot and can’t help but share her quality information.
Female Essentials!
K. Anelle
This podcast covers nearly every issue we encounter as women (or men) in this modern society. Kara is so smart and knows what she’s doing. Fab!
Definitely Recommend
This podcast really has the potential to change your life.
*GIF of guy blinking surprisingly like “what?”*
Ok, I feel attacked. LOL. Honestly I just started listening. I was scrolling through and saw episode #41 DRAMA & Toxic people. I thought ok maybe this will have helpful info because that’s my job life right now. The people I work with are miserable. And I absolutely have it in my thoughts that they are DRAMA. I completely avoid talking to them. But wait, this is my family’s company, you would say “oh but that’s how family is”. No. I recently rekindled my relationship with this long lost family and I’m pretty shocked at there true colors. They gossip about everyone that walks in and out of this office, they complain about every aspect of there job, and they’re the most judgmental people I have ever met. I sit at my desk and try to ignore there negativity but I can’t help but to hear every sigh and huff and puff. It gets to me. Yeah I think your absolutely right, I am in my thoughts, way to much. I have this idea of them in my head but I’m pretty sure it’s right. Hahaha of course I would! I love love love how you gave the visual on the jars. Labeling each jar as if the person was inside. That made me wonder, hey this might work. I had a little itch when you were saying “DRAMA IS IN YOUR HEAD, ITS YOU NOT YOUR CO WORKERS” i was like wow. Ok. But in reality It makes sense and i don’t think I wanted to hear truth like that. Honestly that episode helped me. I’m sitting at my desk this morning preparing my anxious thoughts to chill then I listened to this and I feel ok. Thanks.
Love this! And her!
Been listening for a few, still haven’t listened to them all but I’ve been sending links to all the women in my life. She has changed the way I think about certain things in my life.
Very excited to have found this podcast!
Kara has a wonderful straightforward way of explaining some classic barriers to confidence- with realistic actionable steps to working through those barriers.
Very helpful
I like that this podcast is directed at women. I’ve listened to about 5 episodes and each one contains gems of wisdom. The vibe is like a big sister or friend just talking to you straight, common sense, no BS. The most helpful advice for me was how to manage emotions and how to think about things so that I am not consumed by them.
Love the Podcast!
I love listening to this podcast, but I honestly don’t understand why you call your listeners chickens? That just seems odd to me. Still will listen to this podcast Though I was just curious
Listen and learn
The best podcast I’ve ever listened to regarding learning how to be more confidence in an authentic manner.
Anxiety and overwhelming
I have had anxiety all my life and it’s only worse since kids. This podcast has been amazing and is really helping me fine tune why I’m having the thoughts I do, how to manage them also. Soo many times I feel like she is talking directly to me. Also super funny that she refers to people as chickens hehe loving it soo much
Life changing
I listen to every episode multiple times -- truly mind and life changing
So thankful!
I was in the middle of a panic attack from feeling overwhelmed and called my sister who sent me the mini episode on Overcoming Overwhelm. It INSTANTLY helped me and allowed me to shift the way I was thinking about what I was feeling to make my thoughts more manageable. I am so thankful for that episode and can’t wait to listen to more!
A must
A friend recommended in the early part of the summer...and my goodness am I grateful she did! Please listen and share. Kara is a master coach and we can all benefit from her genius!
This podcast will change you
Kara does an amazing job of getting real and giving you the information and tools you need to do the work of choosing your thoughts and feelings. You can change your life.
Love this podcast!
Nikki and the Human Element
I have been binge listening to this podcast and have found it to be the fast track for me managing my mind and the thoughts that bring me to the negative place where I can’t move forward or feel discouraged. I love having this work available for me and given in such and easy and understandable way. I’m also a family doctor that takes care of homeless people and have been teaching this to my patients with good results.
The best personal challenge❣️
Thank you! I love the fluff and the “Problems” episode!! Thank you for existing and helping me unlearn negative behaviors. I am so grateful for your help! I’ve been looking for this help for so long.
This podcast changed my life!
McKella S
I used to suffer from almost constant anxiety, and I’m down to just a few anxious days per month. I haven’t had a panic attack since I started listening. Learning to manage my brain has been a total game changer!
Conservative Christian woman loving on you
mommy 4 president
A lot of people may not think of Kara and I being the same flavor of ice cream bc our language and politics are quite polar. But I love this woman with all my heart and she’s spot on with her thought work. She’s changed my life with some simple profound thoughts and concepts. Thanks Kara for putting yourself out in the world and being you ♥️
Every woman needs to listen to Kara
I’ve never heard anyone explain things like Kara does. I’ve only listened for a week but it has honestly been life-changing. I’m not exaggerating—Kara knows what she’s talking about and has logical explanations that I trust. Her strategies are practical and step-by-step. I hope she NEVER ends this podcast.
Love her advice ❤️
<3 Kara! You need this.
Listening to Kara is such an eye opening experience. What she speaks of is so simple, yet so profound. I’ve only been a listener for a few weeks but I already notice myself thinking differently and adopting her practices and the impact is rippling out.
The Truth I Needed to Hear
Kara and her advice (specifically in Ep. 90 and 36) has opened my mind to be honest with my thoughts and actions. I’m so glad that this podcast exists; she’s like the big sister I wish I could’ve had. You’re freaking amazing, Kara!
Life changing!
Applying the tools Kara teaches has literally transformed me and my life. Kara teaches how to use your rational brain to manage your irrational thoughts and reduce unnecessary anxiety, self-doubt, and stress. She's so real and an example for how this work can transform you. Don't just listen passively, practice what she teaches. Kara, thanks for sharing your wisdom, experience, and tools with us!
My favorite episode so far!!!
Like Therapy, But Better
This is like therapy, and I’m obsessed. Kara is my new best friend, she just doesn’t know it yet. I listen to her on the way to AND from work. OBSESSED.
Short and sweet
a girl in dixie
I love this podcast! She offers a unique perspective on different topics. I like that they’re shorter and to the point. The variety of topics is great too.
Great thought work podcast!
I’ve been listening for a few weeks now and have already noticed my mind catching itself when I have unhelpful thoughts.
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