Good pod if you are considering this lifestyle change
Love the podcast
Do not subscribe.
Listening to this show is like watching HSN for advice. It’s all staged; “listener Q&A” are all written by the podcast staff in order to sell products.
Love it hate it.
not given abc
I like Melanie and her reasonable viewpoints. Jen not so much. She is annoying it’s always about Jen and then Jen and oh yes..Jen. She is very single minded and somewhat narcissistic.
It made me so happy to hear Ginny’s age and that she is a school teacher like me. Hearing about her success and being so similar to her in so many ways including my beginning weight, gave me so much confidence that the IF lifestyle would work for me. The podcast is so relatable and the hosts stories and lifestyles are also very relatable. I have been 5:2 fasting for a couple of months now and I am down 13 pounds, but more importantly inches in my abdomen. I am a believer and plan to continue this lifestyle forever! Thank you ladies for the motivation and support!
Great podcast
I love Melanie! She is very compassionate and more open minded. Gin is so close minded and annoying and pushy about what she believes. There are Drs our there that are totally ok with cream in your coffee or stevia. Dr Bert in the fast five and Dr Fung are just two of them. They are Drs and you aren’t so let Melanie have her opinion! You make me not want to listen with your close minded views.
I love this podcast. It keeps me motivated to keep fasting.
A wealth of information
It took me maybe five episodes to warm up to Gin and Melanie, but now I’m a little obsessed ! Now I know their back stories and l love the friendly back and forth - but that took me a little while Their study is a treasure trove of good information. I can truly say they have made a difference in my life and health .
Maureen OB
Gin & Melanie do such a great job at AUTHENTICALLY sharing their personal experiences and expertise on health and wellness. Not only is this podcast is a wonderful resource but Gin and Melanie often share many other resources as well. You will be inspired and entertained while educating yourself about Intermittent Fasting and learning more about healthy living in general.
One of the best
mina weiner
Love love love this podcast. It almost seems like everyone’s voice is soothing and the info is top notch. Thank you so much for all that you do.
Amazing and has changed my life!
These ladies have produced a wonderfully informative and inspiring podcast that explains Intermittent Fasting in easy ways for laypeople like me to understand. Intermittent Fasting is changing my life for the better, and this podcast is a great source of answers and support. Please read their books and subscribe to the podcast if you want to feel better in your own skin. You have nothing to lose except what’s holding your body back from realizing its full potential!
Highly informative
I love this podcast, it has been such a valuable resource during my IF journey!
Awesome podcast!!!
I have been doing IF for a month now. This podcast is super informative and inspiring. I have further changed my ways of eating for the better and am seeing and feeling success. Thank you Gin and Melanie for creating this podcast and sharing your knowledge with all of us.
Great Podcast
Very informative. Keep it up.
I love Gin
I love Gin and find her very real and helpful. However, I have to only stick to her podcast IF Stories because Melanie is overbearing. There’s times she spends 20 minutes talking about herself or new things she’s found that most can careless about. I also feel when she disagrees with Gin that she almost tries to make her feel like she’s right and Gin is wrong. Example when Gin talked about one meal a day and Melanie disagrees because she has a snack, saying technically it’s not one meal a day because she has a snack. Just found her condescending. She may mean well but I wish Gin could venture off into her own Q&A podcast.
Fasting works!!
This is definitely the most freeing type of eating and plan for weight loss. I feel so liberated and not tied to the “kitchen”. Thanks ladies!! Belinda
Life Changing!
The only complaint I have, is not finding this sooner. I just discovered this podcast, literally days ago. I’ve been experimenting with 16/8 IFing. The results just weren’t there. After an internet search, I found this podcast. Immediately, I purchased an electronic copy of “Delay, Don’t Deny”. From the moment I read Gin’s dedication to her husband, about him loving her through thick and thin, literally, I thought, “this is my life!” I often feel the same way. I feel bad for my husband, dealing with my many, many diets. Even when I listen to the podcasts, there are such similarities with Gin and I with past diets we’ve tried. I am so tired of diets and my life being totally consumed by my weight and diets! So, I’m still reading the book, and I’m enjoying every page. It has only been 2 days, but I’ve incorporated the 5 hour eating window from 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM. The first day, I was hungry and when the clock struck 5:00, I couldn’t wait to eat. I started with a light snack and I had a sensible dinner. Day 2, already I’ve noticed such mental clarity. I do start my day with bulletproof coffee because it’s something I’m used to. But I was so sharp at work today, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t eaten anything. I hadn’t realized it, but it was 5:30 pm and I wasn’t hungry! The best part is, I can delay, and not deny! I don’t have to eat diet food. I can actually enjoy real food. As a result, so far, my sugar cravings are gone, I’m losing weight and I’m able to enjoy the wonderful recipes from HelloFresh. This is living! I’m 51, but I’m looking forward to the rest of my life, believing that I will finally lose weight after decades of extreme dieting. Thank you ladies so much. I look forward to catching up on your podcasts, as it has become a new obsession of mine.
Life Changing!
Where has this lifestyle been my whole life! I never knew it was a healthy option to skip meals! So freeing! Thank you ladies for all you do!
My Life Has Been Changed
I feel younger, healthier and more vibrant than I have for the last 15 years. Thank you for bringing so much information to us without forcing anything thing. We are all unique individuals and your approach allows multiple ways of healing ourselves.
Life Changing
These ladies reveal the most current information on human nutrition and the IF lifestyle. They have changed my life immeasurably. Listen to the show with an open mind and implement their plan. I for one can tell you that your carbon footprint will shrink and your health quotient will soar. Eternally grateful to Melanie and Gin!
Good info for beginning IF BUT....
Listened to the first few episodes when I was getting intermittent fasting it was helpful to learn some of the information they had to share. That being said, host Melanie comes off as very self righteous, patronizing and self promoting. Instead of teaching she laughs obnoxiously as if she is rolling her eyes at things that don’t happen to align with her OPINION. Gin is great though. Still knowledgeable but more open minded and more balanced and realistic.
Very informative
I live for these podcasts by Melanie & Gin. So much information is shared in an easy to understand manner. I wish they could be daily but I know these women are super busy. Also, the ads are for good stuff that we can trust. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Melanie & Gin.
Too much chit chat and advertising talk
Crowed Loud
I listened to one and it took over 15 minutes to get to the content
Loving this!!
I’m so addicted to your podcast!! I’m brand new to IF and it has been so helpful. Thanks ladies!!
I love the podcast!
Sara Coenen
I learn so much from Gin and Melanie! However sometimes I get lost in all the supplement and other books/product stuff. I tune it out until I catch more of the how your body works and how things work for people and in the IF world.
promotion and unrelated talking
I listened to many of these podcasts and the reason I like Ddd so much is that there is no promoting of “stuff”. I feel like Melanie is really into promoting all her “stuff”- just not my thing,as I’ve spent many dollars buying into products that don’t work. I also love to learn about IF but sometimes There is a lot of talk about things totally unrelated to IF. Gin’s podcast is more my style.
Dragged my way through it
I listened for the first time today while on a 4-mi hike and the only reason I didn’t change it to a different one after 10-15 mins is because my phone was hard to get to. I was annoyed most of the podcast. The beginning was just small talk/chit chat that was not interesting and had nothing to do with the show. Then there were so many awkward moments between the 2 hosts throughout the podcast...I was wondering why they are co-hosting a podcast! Such bad chemistry there it seemed. Based on other reviews, I’ll have to try Gin’s podcast.
Come for the Gin, and stay...for the Gin
I love Gin, but I feel that Melanie is extremely self-promotional. I also think the “woo” that Melanie brings to the show de-legitimizes the actual science that they both talk about. That being said, I’ve learned a few interesting things from this show, but I would recommend Gin’s other show far over this one. No offense Melanie, just my taste! Thank you both for the work you do.
Needs one less host
Love Gin, but can’t stand Melanie. The way she talks and things she says gets on my nerves. Will only be listening to Gin’s other podcast!
Catch up with each other before recording please!
I used to love this podcast - I found it about 6 months ago and actually went back and started at the beginning. There were things I loved and things not so much before, but the latest episodes are driving me crazy and I am sadly about ready to unsubscribe and quit listening all together. At this point, the content doesn’t even start until 10+ minutes in. It is just random chatting and ‘catching up’ between Gin and Melanie (typically with Melanie promoting herself in some way). It could be a bit of a struggle to listen to prior episodes with Melanie’s frequent giggle, rambling on, and having something constantly wrong with her - it made me initially concerned that IF could have some negative effects with all the ailments she has until I got many episodes in and realized there’s quite a bit of hypochondria going on that Melanie really should address. With that in mind though - there was some good content and some helpful advice before that made the not so great things bearable. Now it’s changed to still have Melanie’s “issues” while adding in her promoting herself and mindlessly chatting and going on tangents. The questions are being answered by just talking and going in circles and it is really hard to follow. I love the IF lifestyle and Gin’s FB groups and would love for this podcast to return to being informational.
Love Gin, but there’s no chemistry here.
I love and blew through Gins podcast and was excited to start this one, but ughhhh. I’ve tried to listen to a lot of them, but I’m going to move on... They have zero chemistry and it’s really uninteresting.
So much goodness!
Haz Catz
Update081119: I’m a fan of the show, but want to +1 to the comments about your recent podcasts are leaning heavily into your independent works and personal tangents. I am new to IF and am learning so much! It’s great to have an informative and fun resource to use to understand the details about food mechanics and lifestyle changes.
Such a great resource!
This podcast is such a great resource! I honestly don’t know if I would have been so successful transitioning to the IF lifestyle with Melanie and Gin! They are a perfect blend of science and common sense, citing numerous research studies as well as anecdotal evidence to provide listeners with balanced insights. I love listening! Thank you both so much for all of the work you put into this podcast!
This podcast keeps me on track with IF
I am totally grateful for this podcast! Lately I’ve been listening to it everyday, working my way through all of the episodes. I love the dynamic between Melanie and Gin! Can I just say I am so thrilled Mel made another podcast of her own to go off on her tangents and research? I love how she keeps herself so up to speed and loaded with knowledge, she’s someone I admire a lot and will take advice from pretty easily!
Intermittent Fasting Podcast
Found you 1yr ago, binge listen and caught up quickly. Always found this podcast Informative. Also easy to listen to and understand. Lately I find it too chatty and rambling. Too contains too many tangents and musings. Please return to your roots!
Great podcast
Started IF 2 weeks ago and I’m so glad I did! What a better way to start something new only to really see how your body adapts so quickly! I love this podcast show. I found it awhile back but just really started going through the beginning episodes and I love it. It really motivates me to learn about IF. I’ve tried every diet out there. This gives me way easier eating habits and I’m not stressing over calories. You ladies do an amazing job and I’m learning so much. Thank you!
This podcast is a gift
Hi ladies! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with all of us. You are both incredibly wise and offer so much value to your listeners. I have been a loyal listener and have learned so much from you both. Thank you for all of the countless hours you both spend sharing your knowledge and passion for how to live a life in a state of more optimal health. I appreciate you both so much and am looking forward to learning more with every podcast. I’m sending you both so much love and light. XOXO, Deb Strauss
Decent information but one of the hosts has a nervous giggle that is really annoying.
A complete waste of time
I am a big fan of our Lady Gin but good lord, all the promotions and sponsors is but one of manu annoyances...skip the first 10 mins bc that's where they promote their spondors and then babble about nothing...and honestly, what is the point of this podcast? There is way too much trash talk and little substance. Such a waste of time! Just listen and you'll see. Advertising and then cringe worthy "talk" about essentially: nothing. Unless of course you have tons of free time and disposible income...which both of these ladies have. For shame.If you really want to learn about Intermittent Fasting, go to Jason Fung MD and of course, read Gin Stephens books. in spite of this stupid podcast, Gin reigns supreme.
So informative and enjoyable!
I can’t even tell you how much I love this podcast. I started listening from the beginning in late June 2019 and have been trying to catch up since. I’ve binged my way to episode 73 and can’t wait to be current. I started IF after one episode and immediately found that this is the lifestyle for me. I believe in the science of IF and these two awesome ladies have broken it down for me in an a way I can understand the benefits without having to read every single study that exists. They have convinced me to remain patient with the process and fast clean (a must!) and I am so grateful for what I have gleaned from their podcast this past month. Melanie and Gin join me (via my ear pods) on my walks, commute, and house cleaning routine. I feel like I know them. Enjoy!
Updated my review.
Too many ads and Melanie is so annoying. She’s got every ailment under the sun and is an expert on everything. All her random epiphanies .... urrr.... her sing song babble ... can’t listen anymore.
Bingeing Pod cast not food 👍😊
This is a great podcast and I feel like Melanie and Gin balance each other out. They both have input from two different viewpoints which may or may not be exactly a like-but that’s what makes the show so great!! Gives the show some spice and they have brought so much information to us regarding health and wellness.
Used to be full with ads, random banter and stupid arguments
What happened to this podcast? I think the people who rightfully rated it high did so after listening to the first 75-80 episodes. However, it’s gone significantly downhill since then. Not necessarily because the hosts don’t have good content overall, but the presentation of the content has gone downhill. Between all the randomly placed ads, Melanie being extra annoying, too much intro banter and silly arguments, I’m not sure what’s going on. With both Gin and Melanie having their own podcasts, I’ll be surprised if this podcast is still around by the end of the year. They have no chemistry and don’t seem to even like each other. Ugh.
The worst 7 minutes
Ray Sison
I could not even get passed the first 7 minutes of the first episode because rather talk about the topic at hand, the two spoke about turning 50 and conspiracy theories. There was no indication that the two of them would ever talk about any relevant subjects with intermittent fasting. I finally had to stop and remove it from my library. A complete waste of time.
Feedback from a registered dietitian
I am an RD, have experience with starting a medically supervised weight loss program with a physician (low calorie, low carb). I am much more open minded than much of the dietetic community, and have nothing against IF, if what you do eat during non-fasting times is healthy (lean protein, fruits/veg, whole grains). I do think there are benefits to this approach! I think Gin Stephens totally gets it and has a very real world view. Melanie Avalon has a very restrictive, unrealistic (almost too controlled, eating disorder like approach). To say that she could never in good conscience recommend anyone eat grain!?! And without a nutrition or medical degree? What! Gin, you are exactly right...gut health is key. If anyone is interested, the Gut Balance Revolution book is so informative. If Gin alone had a podcast I would listen.
Get to the point and stop arguing!
I used to love this podcast when it first started however I had to stop listening because they are just too long. The information I find useful could be stated in 30 minutes or less without the chitchat and arguing. I decided to give it another try watching episode 116. Bad idea. Sorry ladies that is it for me.
Used to like it
I actually started IF because of listening to this podcast. Thank you ladies- I love IF and omad. (I started from episode 1 and so on). I enjoyed it, found it interesting and learned so much. Sadly, there was a shift and I found myself fast forwarding. Too much chit chat and the topics are all over the place.
Smart ladies, Gin is so unlikable though
I love that Melanie put this podcast together. I am just continuously disappointed that she chose Gin to co-host. They are both smart. But one is close-minded and one is open-minded (plus friendly and warm to boot). Guess which one of the hosts I keep listening for. Episode 116 was painful listening to Gin with her rude tone, inflection, and dismissive tone. She is the worst. Yet I still keep listening to the podcast and haven't unsubscribed yet....
Motivational at times
Ok update after ep 116 for the love of all this is holy STOP with the OMAD “debate” Melanie you come off as shrill, self righteous, and like a petulant teenager in this debate. This happens whenever you “get into it” with Gin about this. This is not what people are tuning in for. Definitely happy to have found Gins book and this pod! It’s helped me with motivation from time to time! I think they try to be as informed as possible but they have talked about a few things that ARE scientifically very dubious eg fluoride in water is full stop bad for you always. They often avoid falling into bad science which is impressive given IF is surrounded by hippie pseudo science, but as the pod has continued it seems to become more and more sponsored by products and thus seams to be skewing the pod more and more towards goop style pseudo science, which is disappointing. You gotta make a living so I get that, but it’s just sad to start to feel like I’m being hawked a bunch of crap and that it appears to be skewing the information provided.
I want to like it but will stick with Gin’s IF stories
I dislike Melanie’s interviewing style. She would benefit from learning active listening and interviewing skills that are more critically reflective, empathetic, and thoughtful. She also attempts to speak about scientific matters in which she is not trained or qualified, and I find this frustrating.
Super informative and helpful
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