#114 - The Longevity Solution, Sparkling Water, Dealing With Fear, Food Freedom, Facial Hair, Night Sweats, Window Start Timing And More!
Published June 24, 2019
57 min
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    Visit IFpodcast.com/episode114 for full show notes, links, references, and more! SHOW NOTES LISTEN TO US ON HIMALAYA! Download the free Himalaya App (www.himalaya.fm) to FINALLY keep all your podcasts in one place, follow your favorites, make playlists, leave comments, and more! And with Himalaya, you can LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE!! Also check out our Playlist, Intermittent Fasting Podcast Stuff We Like, for all the other podcast episodes we like! 01:05 - BIOPTIMIZERS: Use The Link BiOptimizers.com/IFPODCAST With The Code IFPODCAST For 20% Off! Dry Farm Wines: Natural, Organic, Low Alcohol, Low Sugar Wines, Paleo And Keto Friendly! Go To DryFarmWines.com/IFPodcast To Get A Bottle For A Penny! 18:00 - JOOVV RED LIGHT THERAPY DEVICES: Use The Link Joovv.com/IFPodcast With The Code IFPODCAST For A Free Gift!  19:55 - BONAFIDE BONE BROTH: Go To BonafideProvisions.com And Use The Code IFBroth For 20% Off!! 22:40 - Listener Q&A: Jen - Losing The Fear And Gaining Food Freedom With IF!  29:05 - Listener Q&A: Missy - Do You Need To Start Your Window At The Same Time Each Day, Or Is It Just About Getting The 12 Hours? 37:55 - Listener Q&A: Robbie - Is Sparkling Water Detrimental? 43:05 - Listener Q&A: KC - Can IF Affect Facial Hair? 45:45 - Listener Q&A: Ronnie - IF And Night Sweats For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy
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