A mouse you might know
Please for the love of god get rid of the choir. You’re already cheesy enough
Priceless Knowledge
This podcast, and other work Reid has produced such as his Blitzscaling class at Stanford that is on YouTube, changed my life. As a student, and aspiring founder, this really is priceless information. His point on another podcast with Will I Am about taking with other humans during the learning process being essential is so true. I retain all of the information from each podcast. So inspiring, and very actionable. To hear the humble beginnings of these founders hacking their way through the early days, and then have Reid distill in plain English the main takeaways that we can apply to own our journey, is an unparalleled wealth of knowledge. I can only hope to scale a product with a fraction of the success of Mr. Hoffman and his guests. Thank you for this!
Like taking a graduate level Stanford class on my way to work
This podcast is amazing. I listen to it during my commute everyday. It gets my mind running, pumps me up, and gives me amazing insights which I regularly use at work. Today’s wisdom, “Competition is for losers.” Classic. I felt like a stone cold Ninja walking into the office. If you’re a seasoned business leader or an aspiring startup co-founder, this podcast will provide you with incredibly valuable lessons. It will teach you how to scale your business (by building a smart business) no matter what stage you’re in. I’m starting a podcast club at work to discuss and reflect upon these insights. To the MOS team - Is there any way to shake up the commercials a little bit? I think I have several CapitalOne Spark Business commercials memorized at this point...
Highly Entertaining
Quality sound production paired with intriguing business storytelling. An intimate, interesting and highly entertaining listen.
I love the new intro
You cleaned up the intro great
Stop saying inflection point
Must have been repeated 90 times. Love the guests but take it down a notch and let your guests tell the story.
Great Podcast for those interested in High Growth Business
It's a specific niche, but great speakers, production, and insights. A bit campy, but that's the style.
Quickly jumps from one topic to the next
I prefer long form interviews and discussions - this cast is sound bites. Not conducive to flow state learning. Good guest list but bad format.
“I only started with $8M!”
eff a "Fashion Frathouse"
Reid, the Tory Burch fluff pod on “her story to start a social foundation” is trash. Completely unrelateable and 1% stuff. Who spins starting a business by asking for $2-$10k investments into “I only started with $8 Million”!!! This stinks of a brand trying to reposition and paying for play.....not how fast and slurry Tory’s self congratulatory speak is= dishonest “I really changed the trajectory by opening Direct To Conaumer with a Manhattan store” ....”I am incredibly scrappy”= Lies.....$8Million isn’t a ramen budget.
Amazing startup podcast
Awesome podcast with great interviews all focused on critical path themes. Very good audio quality with music and humor. Great job Reid! Our team at BoldBody Apparel listens to this podcast together to learn to avoid pitfalls and scale successfully.
LIVE! wow, just wow
This is the best live podcast episode I've ever heard. The quality on live podcasts are usually not great, but this one is a game changer!
Inching Forward
Too much Reid Hoffman and not enough from the guest. It’s also overproduced with goofy sounds that pull you right out of it. Fix those 2 things and it’d be great.
As an app owner I love listening to this podcast! Highly recommended
New episodes?
Lately they have just been re-posting old episodes instead of making new episodes! Keep being let down when I see that this pod was “updated”...are there any new episodes being created?
Absolutely love this podcast!
After reading through several of the other reviews, it seems that the most disappointing attribute is that it’s scripted and not “authentic”. I disagree. I listen to several podcasts that are strictly interviews and Masters of Scale is a great drift away from that style when I’m tired and driving, or just worked a long day of talking to people for hours and hours. Reid performs well and integrates comedy and fun into his podcast for a great and interesting listen!
Integrating sponsor into podcast is cheap
Jack Park 2014
Please stop doing this. It seriously questions your integrity.
Thank you for creating such high quality content and bringing some of the leading voices in technology, business and leadership. Each episode is packed with great lessons and challenging questions. Grateful for you all.
Real Brain Food
Jake Richardson
I love this podcast. Reid has a great mindset. He frames each episode as a hypothesis and tests it with his guest. I work at a large company with a start up building software who we acquired and we are trying to bring start up mindset to a large company. Someone on my team forwarded me the pirate ship to navy episode which really resonated with integration of a small company and a larger one. I get ideas that I chew on or apply to work all the time. What I love about the pod cast: 1. Reid is a great thinker and his network and his theories. 2. The length of each episode and how sponsors appear. Some podcasts I need to wait ten minutes listening to ads before getting to the podcast. 3. Great production and sound, use of music and singing. 4. His diverse guest list. Women, men, people of color. What could be a little better: Reid needs to let the guest talk a little more sometimes. Also, most of us can’t move to Silicon Valley or don’t want to. While the “other Silicon Valleys” episode gets to this, it seems like all the guests went to Stanford sometimes. The uncut interviews have been really interesting. Overall a really great show. I really like it.
Way too much ads...
5 stair contents...but are packed with heavy ads, so reduced to 3 stars. I would give a five star if there are less than 2% ads time
Love the show but.......
With such a successful start up leader as Reid, I'm disappointed by the joining up with Mastercard as lead sponsor. Have you looked at thier interest rates? I mean really LOOKED at them? Its highway robbery, its white collar crime framed by greed. Even tempting your audience for a moment to make use of this product is disingenuous to our community of start-up founders. Getting into high-interest debt shouldn't be encouraged nor even suggested. Be honest, there are better suited sponsors.
Would prefer less scripted reading more interviewing the guest.
Well done!
stacey seward vandiver
I absolutely love how Reid leads his podcast! It’s not just an interview but a story...and motivating to boot!! Well done Reid🙌🙌
Love it!!
Love this podcast! So inspirational and informative. My biggest issue is that I have listened to all gone episodes and yearning for more!! Thanks Reed! Kind regards, Michelle Brands-Giesea
Very difficult to listen to
Way too scripted and overproduced, there are much better and more authentic podcast for entrepreneurs out there
Reid please let the founders speak.
I really don’t appreciate this exercise in self promotion. There are much better podcasts out there where you can actually hear the founders’ voice. I wouldn’t waste my time on this one.
Lush Production Values- What a Treat
This production is well-thought out and wonderfully executed. Informative and well-paced, yes, but the work to create the music beds and transitions is a real pleasure to the ear. Kudos to this team
Uncut interviews are the best
Rockstar interviewees, but way overproduced. In my opinion, the uncut interviews - or lightly produced interviews like the one with Barry Diller - are much more interesting.
Excellent for Entrepreneurs!
Excellent podcast for those thinking of starting their own business, and existing business owners. So many ideas and informative to help you get in the right mindset. Get out your pen and paper and write down all the great tips and steps he shares. I really enjoyed listening to Reid and highly recommend!
Awesome speakers. Awful edit
Steve Foxxx
Speaker list is the best class in the world. However the edit and effect they add is horrible that makes it very hard to listen to the content. I’m desperately looking for a way to just listen to the raw interviews. So far NewsPick is the only way. Happy to give five stars immediately after removing the weird effects.
The best podcast for entrepreneurs
It is well produced. The story telling is amazing. My favorite thing about this podcast is that they find and interview successful under represented entrepreneurs.
A great filter of knowledge on building scalable businesses
This podcast core role is to serve as a filter of knowledge on Blitzscaling products and people and it is the best filter that is out there so far that I have came across. Thanks Reid and team, can’t wait to work with Reid one day when he becomes my investor:)
One of the best podcasts!
I love Masters of Scale podcast! Big Thanks Reid Hoffman for sharing your experiences and inspiring your listeners. This podcast is priceless. I have not come across another podcast with so much of energy, inspiration, enthusiasm and passion for helping the entrepreneurs!
Like motivational fuel!
This is a great podcast and I look forward to new episodes. I’m trying to get a product off the ground myself. Months can be dark and stormy, but one source of light for me is this podcast. Being able to hear the stories of how successful entrepreneurs have done it always gives me more hope. Everyone has a unique story, but they all go thru tough times and have to face various forms of adversity. It’s good to know that people make it to the other side. Thanks for putting this podcast together!
More like Podcast Theater
I just love how these podcasts are produced. It’s more like podcast theater. The content is so rich and full. They’re like mini business lessons told in the form of a audio movie - if there is such. I immediately put some of the ideas into practice. Somehow even the ads are entertaining. Thanks for working hard to make these a pleasurable learning experience!
One of the best business podcasts out there
Trixal B
I stumbled across this and am really impressed. The interviewer is knowledgeable and asks probing questions or offers great insight. So much better and more informative than listening to a guest just ramble on. For a free podcast this is exceptional
Listen, Take Notes and Thank Reid
Ron Gavillet
It is rather shocking the number of petty, negative comments in the reviews. Seriously? Reid doesn’t have to do this. He doesn’t need to chase down guests, do a ton of preparation and all the post production editing and sign-off. What he and his guests share is a gift. Just listen, take notes and thank Reid. Thank you Reid and your team.
Speaks too dramatically
Reid, please just speak normally. The "dramatic/storytelling" voice is hard to listen to. I have to put it on 2x speed just to be less annoyed. We listen for the content, not the dramatic effects.
Amazing, but getting too fancy
Kiko Mello
I’ve always loved Masters of Scale. Most recently, the show has become a bit confusing. For example, this last episode had Ben Chestnut, from Mailchimp, but while listening to it I got lost is so many other narratives happening at the same time. There were at least two or three other people I could barely follow telling stories. A more vanilla interview with Ben would be amazing!!
Great content but 10 mins of ads to skip
Great stuff but get on with it.
World-class business coaching
The Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman podcasts expose you to top leaders in business and culture who share their most important insights distilled from years spent building great (mostly tech) companies and charities. As the host, Reid Hoffman draws out the background and importance of the guests’ insights though thoughtful questions derived from his personal curiosity and success in business building and investing. The result is actionable knowledge that has helped me to overcome blindspots that evolved through conventional wisdom or inattention. One of my favorite insights is Mark Zuckerberg’s advice to "only hire people you would work for” (Episode 4). Another was Arianna Huffington’s realization that “the rules by which she navigated life were all wrong” (Episode 28).
Waste of time.
Don’t waste your time on this. He interviews his friends and basically gives them a pass on everything. No hard questions.
My Favorite Podcast for Entrepreneurs
I love everything about this podcast. This is the one podcast that I always check back for new episodes on, other podcasts I’ll just casually listen to if I can’t find anything else. I have gotten tremendous value from every single episode, and I love the production of this podcast. It is engaging, succinct, and very actionable.
Forgo the MBA and just listen to this podcast
J. Barshop
Plain and simple, this is the best business podcast around. The great advice they provide, combined with the relatable way in which Reid and the WaitWhat team deliver it had me hooked from the very first listen. Thank yall from the bottom of my heart for creating this master class and changing millions of lives in the process.
Mini MBA
Anees Merchant
I am thankful to my friend who introduced me to this. At my early 40s this Podcast series has become a mini-MBA for me. I am learning so much and someone who travels extensively, this Podcast series has made my plane travel productive as I can use the time to really learn, take notes and apply them for my day to day ambitious programs.
MOSCALE is awesome, Thanks David Brown
Great story telling
David Brown of Business War introduced me to Masters of Scale and the show has been a go to source of insight ever since. MOSC is incredible, well produced, and engaging on multiple levels. The shared value of continuous learning can be heard across the many episodes. Reid's personal scope and endless curiousity makes the show compelling. While the values of the voice talent and producers are evident throughout the program episodes, the two part program where Reid became the subject of the discussion was one of the espisodes of the series. Thanks for the show! I'm constantly recommending to friends.
One of 2 podcasts that I really look forward to
I really appreciate what you’ve created here - it’s entertaining, insightful and really helpful in how to think when your business is scaling. Thanks to Reid and the team!
Superb podcast
This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Reid is super thoughtful, Uber insightful, and production rocks. Highly recommend it.
Awesome But Missing Something
Jake Bazils
I love this podcast and think it’s the best business-focused podcast I’ve listened to. The combination of focus on distinct lessons and candid anecdotes makes it more interesting than most podcasts I’ve listened to, regardless of genre. I just started listening and think there’s something to be addressed with Zuckerberg’s “Move Fast and Break Things” lesson under the light of the Russian political ads issue with the 2016 campaign and recent data privacy issues. Did that mindset lead to some of the lack of oversight? Does that lesson need adjustments with the understanding that certain types of entrepreneurship can create vast, possibly negative effects in society?
Watch out for the nasty ulterior motive
Great interviews with executives who have successfully scaled their businesses. The premier episode with Chesky of Airbnb may have been the best, but I've only listened to the first few so far. Be sure to listen to the unedited Chesky interview as well! He makes a very strong case to spend as much time as possible with customers to understand how to get 12 star ratings (on a 5-star scale!) Reid Hoffman's success as an entrepreneur and investor is unarguable. Unfortunately, in "The Money Episode w/ Minted's Mariam Naficy" he exposes a nasty ulterior motive. He argues that founders should raise as much money as possible, as soon as possible, even as Naficy described Minted's near-complete failure as a venture-backed stationery reseller until it discovered success with independent artists (very unique products, check them out). If Naficy had had the benefit of Chesky's advice, which he elaborated on so convincingly in the first episode, she might not have blown $2+Million building an online stationery retailer without early customer feedback. Hoffman blames her failure on not raising ENOUGH money; in reality she describes during the episide that she did not learn what customers wanted prior to burning through all the money she did raise. Literally zero connection between what Nafici said and how Hoffman summarized it. In a sad attempt to be even handed, Hoffman did pay lip service to Chesky's advice with a brief excerpt near the end of the Minted episode, but it was half hearted at best. He clearly wants entrepreneurs to raise money early so his firm can own more for less. Again, enjoying the entrepreneur stories; and hoping that future episodes will not suffer from such a self-serving spin.
Excellent show
After being prompted by reid Hoffman to write a review several times at each beginning of the episode, I am finally writing my review here. The show is really inspiring, for someone like me who has always wanted to be an entrepreneur but never has the courage to do so, I am really learning a lot of interesting things here and prompt me to start preparing to start something of my own, I also thought the editing of the show is superb, when I compare hearing the unedited interview vs the edited one, I realize that I actually want to listen to both bc it gives you different aspects even with the same content. The one thing that I would sugggest is maybe to publish this in a book format. Some of my friends don’t listen to podcast, so I have to direct them to the website for the transcript. It would be a book that I will keep on myself. Another thing from me is that I am wondering if the show would ever have a chance to talk to Andrew Dudum, I have heard a podcast from him once, where he talked about his strategy is to try many many small things at once and see which one has gained instant traction and then focus all his energy only on that product. Wondering what’s your thought on that method ? It sounded like a really good idea to find instant success since the data would support it, but I don’t know whether Instant success can be equate to long lasting success ?
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