Prepare to be challenged!
Thoughtful civil discourse on our contemporary existence. THE “Food for Thought”, podcast.
Navel gazing par excellence
Smart guy. A provocateur. But man the narcissist vibration coming through this podcast may trip the breakers. I had to abort. Better as the interviewee than interviewer because Russel can’t get enough of himself. I can, and did after fifteen minutes of one episode. Just a bunch of mind numbing banter between over-educated, damaged “cool dudes”. Spare us the mutual blow job society and get on with it fur Christ sake. Hire an editor, calm the nerves, and commit to the mantra “ I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me”.
Stresses me out in an interesting way.
John Ziegler tells the TRUTH
Fantastic podcast and great investigative reporting by John Ziegler telling what really happened at Penn State
Great show!
Episode 85 just came out and it is a must listen. I am impressed that he was able to get these students thinking about culture so much more deeply. Check it out!
You propagate in misinformation. Im done.
New ideas
This podcast showcases a lot of alternative ideas and is a good place to hear discussions
Great listening!
Tungsten Electrode
Thaddeus thinks he’s cool because he is. He may *sound* a smidge pompous in tone at times, but if you’re really listening he’s a curious and humble interlocutor. He’s open to new ideas and approaches his guests with reverence and respect. I’ve learned a great deal listening to Unregistered and have enjoyed numerous instances of perspectival shifts, a uniquely gratifying experience rarely on offer via podcast.
Quality depends on guests
Thaddeus is pretty annoying but sometimes he has good guests. He thinks he’s cool but he is not
Thad the Post modernist dad
Thad has a smug goofy Jeremy jam from parks and rec vibe once I got over it I started to appreciate his brilliance. Diverse guests. Creative perspective. Love how much he pushes the envelope
Thad is a post-modern dimwit
E. Evan G.
Unregistered? They should call it unlistenable. Thaddeus Russell is a narcissistic moron who believes in this post-modern nonsensical logic where truth doesn't exist, yet he believes in that truth with absolute certitude. This podcast is desperate and UNLISTENABLE!
Great concept, but could be so much better
L. Blownapart
What Russel has to say is smart and interesting (usually) but guests end up taking a back seat for long stretches. Russel really wants to share his thoughts on the topics but sometimes more than he wants the guest to share his/hers. But I’ll keep listening, he has created a really unique intellectual space.
Too much Thaddeus
I loved the idea behind this podcast, but in practice I didn't think it lived up to it's potential. I tuned in to hear discussions with Andrea Nagle and Conor Friedersdorf, but most heard the views of Thaddeus. I bet that a analysis of his this podcast would reveal that Thaddeus does more than 50% of the talking and often quite a bit more. Thaddeus has some interesting takes on things and I agree with many of them, but if, like me, you wanted to hear more from the guests, you'll be dissappointed.
A first-rate second-rate podcast
Interesting topics and guests. Droning, pseudointellectual host. Guest: "I've seen fire and I've seen rain, Thad-" Host (talking over guest): "Maybe, maybe. No, I think we've witnessed conflagration; moreover, I think we've occassionally observed precipitation. Wouldn't you agree?"
Great show, get back to work
This is a fantastic show, definitely listen to his reason interview, Thaddeus definitely brings something new to the table, isn’t stuck inside an ideology but constantly asking questions and making arguments. This show needs more episodes, keep creating Thaddeus you are on to something!
Renegade Baller
Mr Russell my man you kill it, I really enjoy your interviews and outer views. You make me say “hummm” deep in thought different way if looking at things. I heard First heard you in Rogans PCast and now I enjoy yours. Thank you for all you do David Bemiller
This work is so stimulating!
UNREGISTERED with Thaddeus Russell podcast is tops on my list. I get to hear a brilliant person talk courageously with other brilliant people. It’s a transmission of one on one. In these conversations its not so much what a person thinks but how they think and how they get to a thought that turns me on. Sometimes I don’t agree with whomever is speaking, but it always cracks open a space for me to wonder, to speculate, to imagine a new or different path to an idea about identity, freedom, morality, language, and power in my own everyday world. The topics are timeless, the people are extraordinary, and the experiences shared are empowering. The conversations are providing some new ideas to my own means of liberation. This body of work is a much appreciated weapon against any force that seeks to shame me in the future. Thanks Thad. This work is so stimulating!
Shaolin Ninja
There are times when Thad and his guests have me at the brink of turning off his podcast in a cursory dismissal, but he always brings it back to something interesting. As far as postmodernists go, Thad really does bring out the best.
A great podcast for those who like to hear non-conventional points of view
Dan from Berea
Thaddeus has a hard to peg (left,right,libertarian etc) view on things and brings on interesting guests who share this same outlook. The show is always interesting and often challenging.
Thaddeus Should Talk Less
I'm torn with this podcast. Thaddeus gets some really interesting guests but ruins it by talking too much. He's a little douchey at times. I subscribe to the podcast, but it's not a must listen to for me.
Incredibly intellectually stimulating
Not David Wong I swear
This podcast is the most thought provoking and interesting I've ever heard. Thaddeus is a clear thinker and demands sound logic and rhetoric out of his guests. His understanding of postmodern and feminist philosophy creates an exception foil to his far less informed guests. It's a shame this podcast is rated this low. Check it out.
Great show!
Just found this podcast today and I'm really digging it.
Jebediah Kicker
Thad's way of speaking about subjects typically beyond the pale in public without a trace of shame is revolutionary and a great inspiration.
He is a great interviewer, he agrues constructively with his interviewee. He is consistent with his belief system and I put him on par with the likes of Dan Carlin's shows. I want to hear who he interviews next. My reading list grows with each show. Thank you for the great show and give this guy a listen!
Thought provoking and interesting
Joe Ippolito
I've listened to each at least two to three times. Great guests, Thaddeus really goes in depth with great ideas, mind expanding for a layman and still interesting. My personal favorites were Kmele Foster and Michael Malice.
The uptalk needs to stop!
Very interesting guests but he sounds like one of the girls from CLUELESS.
Great Show
I could listen to many more hours of the Gavin interview.
Again learned of this podcast from Joe Rogan. Give it a listen.
Lack of Disagreement
Zane Hellmann
Russel professes to embrace dissent and yet he only seems to interview people who he agrees with in terms of world view... He doesn't actually debate anyone who he fervently disagrees with because his world view is to flimsy and fragile to be challenged.
Excellent deep dive conversations
Great concept of seeking out politically incorrect guests. Only critique is Thad should let them talk more.
Smug pseudointellectualism
This podcast goes on at length berating anyone not perceived of as smart as host and guest. And host and guest think they're the smartest and best. Gross.
Intellectual Elitist Sniffs Own Farts for Two Hours
The positive: Thaddeus Russell DOES have good ideas from time to time. Everything else: The problem is that they are sandwiched between hours of self-flagellating pseudo-intellectual hogwash. Each episode I've listened to begins with both host and guest lauding each other's accomplishments and saying how they were smart as a child, but bored in school so they didn't get good grades. This can go on for upwards of 15 minutes. Eventually the conversation moves on. Inevitably Thaddeus will scoff at some idea, bring up postmodernism (his trump card) and say it's all contrived by humans and thus false. Some concepts are useful and thus don't fall into this trap (according to Thaddeus) but anything HE doesn't like is obviously wrong using this argument. If you like to throw out outdated philosophical concepts and apply them to the issues of today you'll enjoy this. If you like to have anything close to a solution and don't like a know-it-all you'll find it insufferable.
Mind explosions
Hue Jazz the third
Looking for a challenge? You will likely disagree with things said by Mr. Russell & his guests. But in this disagreement, you will think. You may come to completely different conclusions, or at the very least feel more confident in your ideas that survive the onslaught of well thought-out argumentation. Steel sharpens steel. If you're looking to grow - this is a fantastic resource.
Thad makes the show great
His guests have been goodish. Kmele brought out some good talk, Malice and McNeill too but Carp was not enough 'bad ideas' and too much biography. Thad is the main act and he drives my interest. He has introduced me to post-modernism in a way no one else has. He talks to libertarians, socialists, conservatives, and others like adults; not dismissively. It's so good it feels like the world needs to hear him for an hour to set priorities straight. But then again, there is no Truth.
Easily one of the most interesting men in Liberty and Education.
Thaddeus Russell's Unregistered is great. He is extremely interesting to listen to, and is a great debater. This is certainly worth your time to listen to.
Great listen that always makes me question my own assumptions and look at things from a new perspective.
Good with me
Idk anything about this dude but he had michael malice as his first guest. Good enough for me.
Worth it!
If you love free speech, taboo, and the exchange of diverse ideas, this podcast is for you. Despite being long, Thad's podcasts are intriguing and substantive. I hope his network of thought-provoking guests keeps delivering. The first 3 were solid gold!
Great concept, great show!
I have really liked every episode so far (as of now, there are 3). My favorite so far has been the second episode, I found it very interesting and entertaining. He seems like an intellectual and a layman at the same time. It's one of my new favorite episodes. My only qualm with him is his interview style, I like interviews that flow like discussions instead of just Q&A and he has that down pat, but as someone else in the ratings pointed out he can sometimes be interruptive in his interviews by ether not letting the other person talk in larger chunks than normal podcasts or interrupting right in the middle, this is why I only give it 4 stars but has he gets better and more experienced I am sure this problem will be addressed. Certainly recommend subscription.
While he occasionally has interesting points and opinions he bulldozes guests and is annoyingly smug. Very frustrating… I won’t be listening again.
Host is a pompous and annoying
Petite elite
Thaddeus seems unable to let others speak without trampling over them in an effort to convince them he's right. It's kind inherent in being an interviewer that you need to know how to listen. Thaddeus still hasn't figured that out. Race apparently doesn't exist, but he spends half of his time telling Kmele Foster about how is desire to dress nicely is related to his blackness.
Not good
Great podcast
I'm not smart enough to listen to this but I do anyways. I first hear of Thaddeus Russell on Joe Rogans podcast. I really enjoyed their talk and gave this podcast a try. Definitely worth listening to, but I can see how it might not be for everyone.
Tad shares his original thoughts, of which he has many, to his credit. Listen to him long enough, however, and he'll contradict every original thought he's presented. This occurs primarily because he chooses to comment on subjects well outside of his scope of expertise, something most academics would be embarrassed to engage in publicly, for this very reason. Of the subjects which directly address his expertise, his thoughts are surprising shallow, often drawing superficial connections one would expect from a layman. The thin veneer of originality with which this adjunct professor cultivates his burgeoning audience is shattered once you listen to him for an hour or two. There's nothing interesting about his ideas, of which he seems deeply confused, given the numerous internal contradictions he reveals with enough talking. Helps him retain his dignity by not listening to this podcast so he doesn't further embarrass himself with additional episodes.
Waste of time
Horrible he has some idiotic ideals
Great addition to my feed
I love the long form discussions. Cant wait to see what I learn from Thad.
Waste of time with flimsy concepts.
Pseudo intellectual. Watch videos of kittens--your time will be much better spent.
Great dude with great ideas
Listen to this show!
Thaddeus offers an honest and thoughtful look on taboo topics. An intellectual of the highest order who challenges traditional narratives of all sorts. In short, a fantastic show and resource for furthering ones ideas.
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