One Of My Favorites!!
I love all of the science based research that he and his guests bring to the table! Ari is a wonderful host. I am an athlete, and love that this podcast offers information about energy. Being a Dancer/Choreographer, I need to use all of the “Superpowers” that I can to keep my body and mind creative, energized, & strong. Thanks, Ari, for the great work!!
The absolute BEST podcast on health and wellness!
It is with great appreciation and admiration that I urge everyone to listen to this podcast. You will not find a more well researched host or a better presenter than Ari Whitten. Listen once and you will be hooked! You will not find anyone hosting a podcast that is this “user friendly” - he is constantly thinking of the listener. My unending gratitude for your passion and the gift that you are, Ari!
Important topic needs transcript
Podista Faith
This is such an important topic. So vital. Yet I am going to have to read the transcript to get the full import. She speaks fast. She eats certain keywords including the ends of sentences, so some of your audience has to fill in. I consume a lot of podcasts episodes but this one ...Such a pity. Your interviews deliver very exciting news. Would you consider doing more audio on what she talked about? Thanks for all you do.
Awesome Podcast!!
Clarisse Gomez
Ari, host of The Energy Blueprint Podcast, highlight all aspects of alernative health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
I love his neutral approach!
Julie with a K
Very informative podcast. I love the variety of guest speakers and I also love his neutral approach to controversial topics!
The Real Deal
Ari is one of those rare people that isn’t stuck in a rut trying to defend a pet hypothesis, but is always looking at the current research and changing where he’s wrong. Keep up the awesome work Ari!
Solid information
I listen to a lot of health-related podcasts, but can say that there are only a couple whose recommendations I trust wholeheartedly to be consistently reliable and science-based. This podcast (and Dr. Ruscio’s) are my most-trusted resources.
My Go-To Podcast
Whenever I have time where I’ll be driving, chore-ing, etc, and need something to listen to, Ari is my go-to guy. I can’t do basic health podcasts. Boring. I need something with a little more depth and substance. Love The Energy Blueprint.
I second the sentiments of another review from the episode with Sarah Myhill crossing the line of respectful debate into badgering. I felt embarrassed just as a listener. The host is lucky to have had her as a guest and owes her an apology. A dose of humility would do some good. You’re inviting experts in their respective fields, querying them and then disrespecting them to reinforce your own position. I’ve noticed a theme here on the Podcast but this episode was the most egregious.
No more
The episode with Myhill was the last straw for me. Myhill is the expert yet the host crossed the line between respectful debate into badgering on multiple occasions. His refusal to understand the difference and use the names ME and CFS properly, despite being asked to do so by the patient population, because it is too much trouble for him is similarly appalling. Giving vegan propagandists like Greger a platform to spout their cherry picked nonsense is the last straw.
Empowering, insightful and actionable! 🙌
Whether you’re already deep into your journey of authentic health and wellness, or just getting started organizing your life in a way that stokes your natural energy system - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Ari does an incredible job leading conversations that cover the entire range of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical challenges we all face learning to reconnect with an authentic style of living that’s fueled by natural energy. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
Consistently excellent podcasts
I love Ari Whitten’s podcasts - the depth of knowledge that is shared, the evidence based focus, the probing questions, the friendly tone. Tremendously helpful in trouble-shooting health issues that eluded conventional medicine and building strategies to increase energy, age gracefully, and live abundantly. Thank you, Ari. I bought your book on red light therapy and really appreciate your exhaustive research. Highly recommend this podcast!
Energy blueprint
I trust this podcast, I am wary of others as I always feel like they are trying to get me to buy their products or they are otherwise financially motivated by endorsing their sponsors. I recommend Ari to all my health and wellness seeking friends, and I incorporate the lessons into my daily personal and professional life, as an ER nurse. Keep up the great work!
Really enjoy Ari’s thoughtful questions. He always gets the most information from extremely well informed guests!
Tried to order energenesis today but get sold out in May response.
Well done
Just listened to my first episode. Well done! Will listen more
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Ari, host of The Energy Blueprint Podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Engaging and well balanced
I appreciate that Ari doesn’t merely appease his guests or mindlessly agree with everyone. He meets the experts head on and questions them in a journalistic style based on science. He’s very intelligent without ego. Provocative and engaging!
Really bad audio. I just can’t listen anymore.
Life changing podcast
Ari’s podcasts are full of life changing, science based information. He always backs up his claims with case studies and calls out guests when they claim something that hasn’t been verified by science. I trust Ari more than any other health expert because he knows his stuff and doesn’t waste time with myths or fads. By far my favorite health podcast!
A Podcast with Integrity and Scientific Rigor
Ari brings an integrity to the health and wellness space that is unparalleled. Grounded in a science-based approach but also open to ideas on the edges, this podcast features consistently great guests and content covering a wide range of topics.
Photographer and friend
Ok, the podcast on fixing your thyroid was amazing. It came at just the right time as my doctor had just suggested I be tested for Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism. Izabella was inspiring and educated and gave me a little hope. I thought I'd be on thyroid meds for the rest of my life before hearing her talk. Thanks Ari and The Energy Blueprint for shining some light on this subject.
So much great information!
I always enjoy learning from Ari and his guests. Keep up the great work!
Awesome show, highly recommend!
J. Barshop
Ari and his guests provide some incredibly compelling content that’s geared to help you take actionable steps to live a healthier, more well-rounded life. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Energy Blueprint Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to improve your overall well-being (and experience life with a new emotional resilience as a result)!
Great information!
Love the interview with Dr. Ted Achacoso ❤️❤️❤️
spraking too fast
almost unintelligible the speech was so fast Why?
How to Fix Your Thyroid With Dr. Izabella Went
This was my first podcast with Ari and Dr. Izabella. I was very impressed with the proven strategies for overcoming many symptoms of thyroid issues. It was also helpful to have a starting place to begin to feel better and to continue feeling better. I believe there are a lot of people struggling with fatigue and other isues and trying to get help but not really getting to the root causes. I would also like to read the book about "getting to the root cause" that she talks about. Thank you again!
Potential is there!
Miss Joey
Dear Ari - please please PLEASE put more work into improving sound quality. You have great podcasts featuring amazing people but the sound quality is SO challenging... quite the dealbreaker. It is very hard to hear much of what you’re saying. I often have to turn the volume to the max and then when the guest responds, it is TOO loud. Then I turn it down, but then I cannot hear your question/comment. The audio sounds like bad cell phone reception. I would listen to all of your podcasts but after 2, I cannot go on. Jason Prall and Emily Fletcher were amazing but the experience required more work to actually listen and appreciate/learn when the listener should be able to sit back and just absorb. Thank you.
I want off the roller coaster
I have too long of a story to even start, but after finally going back to a doctor one last time, before I allowed myself to agree I was just crazy, I ended up doing yet another blood test and my TSH was (as the dr described) “off the charts” at 97.13 and my TPO AB antibodies were 565 H. Since finally getting a diagnosis of extreme hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease I have been in an up and down roller coaster of a journey. Over weight, then fit, tired, then full of energy, then tired, overweight again, hair falling out, hair not growing, eye sight getting worse, major muscles spasms in my calves, my forearms, in my face, headaches etc..the list of symptoms is RIDICULOUS!! Here I am 6 years later gluten free, alcohol free and I am back to feeling like YUCK again and symptoms persist. I found Ari Whitten through a friend Erin and have fallen in love with his way of thinking!! I also follow Dr Isabella Wentz and thank God that she actually has the same condition, therefore knows first hand what this [feels] like! These podcast from Ari are mind blowing! From his interview with Dr Wentz to his interviews with Dr Alan Christianson. I look forward to learning and implementing all of these amazing ideas that are backed by science, thanks to his extensive research, and I am hopeful and praying that I am able to see results (and soon dear God). Thank you for your work Ari
Evidence-Based Alternative Health
Emily Reitnauer
I am so thankful to have found Ari Whitten and his podcast. While allopathic (mainstream) medicine is typically myopic and dogmatic, the alternative medicine world can be a labyrinth of half-truths, outright errors, and also the occasional beautiful and REAL solution to poor health. Amid this confusion, Ari shines the light of meticulous, open-minded commitment to evidence. He has pointed the way for me after I've felt hopelessly lost in the tangle of conflicting ideas and supposed evidence. He has restored my confidence in science as a vehicle of epistemology. If you're confused by all the contradicting health information from regular doctors, alternative practitioners, and the news media, listen to this podcast.
Do Carbs Make You Fat
Enjoyed the podcasts until this one. Felt it was unprofessional and definitely biased toward opposing views. I especially thought the laughing about other views disturbing and unprofessional.
The Best New Podcast this year!
This is the Best New Podcast this year! Thank you Ari, for your cutting edge work & passion!
Fabulous & Useful Health Info!
I absolutely love this podcast! Ari is so skilled at taking complex health info and breaking it down so it not only makes sense, but it's easier to take action and do something about it. I've shared the episode about coffee and how it can wreck your energy with many people~I appreciate that the information he provides really makes an impact on people's lives. Definitely check this podcast out!
Trusted, well-researched information
Beth Barbaglia
I've studied Ari's work for several years now and I know for a fact that he makes sure the information he delivers is SCIENCE-based and backed by studies. Not only is he brilliant, he works incredibly hard to bring us the latest, cutting edge information as it pertains to energy systems in the body. And the guests that he interviews - wow! I thought I knew a thing or 2 about energy after going through several of Ari's programs, but these people he works with, interviews and is continually learning with are mind-bendingly smart. I 100% recommend this podcast, and I've never said that about a single health-related podcast. Most "experts" may do their research in books and on the internet and interview people, but I don't trust that they're not sharing all of the same skewed data or false theories. With Ari and his guests, I absolutely trust that they've combed through the studies and are independently forming conclusions to bring us the best information; if Ari trusts them, I trust them. They've worked with thousands and thousands of patients and they truly understand the body and its inner workings to an astonishing degree. Amazing work, Ari!
Great information!
I learn so much from this podcast! Little by little, making the connections to the sources of fatigue is just so insightful. Higly recommended. Keep up the good work Ari!
So pleased to have discovered this informative new podcast; Ari Whitten has his finger on the pulse of the latest cutting edge research from top-tier experts. His interviewing skills ask the right questions to make it easy to understand. From a recent episode,for example, I now understand why taking a "thyroid support" supplement with iodine, (which I was considering) can be dangerously toxic...very glad I didn't! I first encountered Ari's expertise through his work on weight management. He explains breakthrough scientific discoveries that most of us wouldn't know about otherwise...(check out his books, fascinating and eye-opening)
interesting variety of guests so far. Keep it up! I am learning so much and understanding much more about my health. I appreciate the caliber of professionals being interviewed. Experience and science driven information and not just repeating the latest health trends. This is becoming one of my fave podcasts! Here's to your Health, listen and learn!
Solving the Energy Riddle
I've been a fan of Ari's work over the years and am excited to explore The Energy Blueprint with him and his guests. If the first episode is any indication of whats to come we're all in for a treat.
If you want to get straight scientific facts on fixing fatigue and other health issues, Ari is the one to listen to. His podcast is beyond amazing and so is his Energy Blueprint online course. I'm learning so much from it! Can't wait for more of his podcasts and classes...I'm hooked! :)
The Energy Blueprint Pocast is Invaluable.
I have read and researched many nutrition and energy improvement systems. The Energy Blueprint is BY FAR, the best. This program could be a semester class in energy physiology. The advice works. He is the most dedicated researcher, choosing only top quality research to include in his program. As a bonus, he is an attractive, charismatic speaker.
Ari has the talent to teach you "how to get touch" in a world one can easily get weak. He wants you to get resilient w a lot of unknown things what could be easily applied and integrated into your daily life. Hormesis and autophagy is his favorite application and he speaks to all walks of life. Everyone can do this and improve his health from any level. He focuses on the whole body and not just the surface. He wants you to succeed and he is there for you, all the way. I am currently a student in his Energy Blueprint and I have mastered a few of his strategies w amazing success. So Ari, keep on doing what you are doing. You are a talent what needs recognition..... All the best to you and may everyone will hear about your amazing, lifechanging strategies and learn how to implement them into their own lifes. Thank you for creating this Podcast, so nice to see you connecting with so many other Health oriented talents and bring it in such an easy way to so many people..... Very well done!!!!
Where Energy is King, Ari is synonymous!
It can be a heartbreaking, life-stealing experience to suffer with seemingly decreasing energy stores. Finding Ari & The Energy Blueprint is a much needed partnership, abounding with a wealth of all the latest & best researched information in restoring one's health & vitality. I'm so grateful to have found Ari & begun the journey in revitalizing my energy & zest for living. Deepest gratitude.
Bird W
Thanks for your detailed info!
How To info for our bodies
I have read Ari's book, Forever Fat Loss, and I am working my way through his Energy Blueprint program. The podcast content is excellent and will help me stay up to date on on track with Ari's latest info. It is worth your time to listen and act on some of the tips for better energy/less fatigue.
Very insightful
This is one of the best resources for improving your health and energy levels! I've dealt with thyroid disease and adrenal issues for years and the energy blueprint had made such a difference in improving my energy and my health. I love that this podcast can help me build on the knowledge I've already learned. I especially enjoyed listening to Isabella Wentz and Bryan Walsh. Very insightful!
In Ari We Trust
I can't believe how much incredible information and hard work this man gives away for free. With so much conflicting health information swirling the interwebs, it's such a gift to find someone who does his research and shares the cutting edge of wellness without dipping too far into woo. I've done Ari's Energy Blueprint program—by far the most valuable ecourse on health I've ever experienced—and credit his curation of top-shelf content with my ongoing recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. With this new podcast, he and his guests are taking it to the next level! Thank you, Ari!
The Energy Blueprint Podcasts
rare one
If some advocacy is promoted by Ari you can be sure its been well researched and the most up to date science. How great it is to know you can rely on a souce for your health and energy information.
The Energy Blueprint Podcast
Cathy Pomeroy
I so appreciate that this podcast has transcripts! I have a hearing problem, and I comprehended the info so much better by reading it. I listend to the first three podcasts. I learned so much! I've struggled with adrenal issues and thyroid issues. I learned many of the root causes and excellent options of what to do about these issues. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these podcasts. Thank you, Ari Whitten, for putting together such an informative and helpful podcast!
A blueprint and more...
Ari always provides very valuable information that is articulated well and presented in great detail and depth. If you actually take action on the ideas and concepts he presents to you on a daily basis they truly will help you to reclaim all that lost energy you let get depleted from poor lifestyle choices and habits. The guests on his podcasts are top shelf and cutting edge in functional health care.
Helpful information well worth your time
Casey Harpe
Ari Whitten has spent a lot of time and effort to understand the many issues involved in health and nutrition, and it shows. The interviews with his guests are full of great information and are worth listening to. I'm thankful he has taken the time to make his knowledge available to everyone who will listen.
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