Never stays on track
Literally, it’s all inside jokes and tangents
Thank you Mom and Fun Dad!
This podcast is not only smart but genuinely hysterical!! I started listening in season 2 but currently am listening to the whole series and baby it’s amazing!! Thank you Kelly and Molly!! You the real ones!
Pure delight
I started listening at season 3 and I was so entertained that I went back to listen to the show from the beginning. Their recaps are insightful and they have the jokes #chillnotshrill #getit #sardonic #shannon #carol. I’m proud to be a Red Head.
I love the podcast but !!!!
I wish they didn’t want the show to end. I love the handmaid tale more than a podcast. I wish they support the tv series more. Most of the time they criticize the main character , when in fact there is no girls guide to Gilead, June is doing what she can !!
Maybe not my cup of tea
I wish they would focus more on the show, rather than going on tangents about other shows or movies. The way that one girl seems to always have to be right is off putting. The loud screeching is obnoxious. Maybe they could add a more chill third to the equation.
Fun for a serious show
I like listening to these two. They’ve got a nice rapport and make interesting, smart points. I always hear something illuminating about the show, something I’d have missed on my own. They sometimes get a bit far off topic and silly but since the subject matter can be tough it doesn’t bother me. Thanks for adding to my enjoyment of the show!
Informed podcast but terrible fake laughter and going off track
I like this podcast because it’s so informative Molly and Kelly both know their Handmaid‘s Tale inside and out they read the books and know the shows and give really informed analysis and opinions. I’m so glad this was the finale of season three because I don’t know that I could’ve taken those two going off track again and Molly‘s forced laugh it wasn’t as bad as it’s been in previous shows. But going off track about Ferris Bueller’s Day Off film means nothing it doesn’t lend anything to the podcast. If you can get through their distractions and going off track not for a second or two but for several seconds and bursting into song especially when they duet and sometimes Molly’s forced laughter which I know she’s not intentionally doing it’s a superb podcast. I love the production I love the discussions. Also their nicknames I had no idea at first who JLaw or Joey Lawrence or that it was the same day resin. And then this podcast I was hoping they wouldn’t do it they broke out into song from the musical Annie which may be a lot of people in their age group now but I know a lot of my friends that listen to the podcast don’t know. The breaking of this song is cringe worthy. People are probably wondering why I even listen to it the way I comment on it if I complain about everything sometimes it’s worth to go through the cringe worthy moments because of their fantastic insights into the show.
Entertaining, honest and insightful
Screaming Mimes
There are a lot of Handmaids Tale podcasts out there, but Molly and Kelly are at another level. Their report, humor, diverse viewpoints and sometimes brutal criticism makes the high points of the show even richer and earned.
Don’t Stop
Kristen from IL
You both are the best of all the land of Handmaid’s Podcasts!! I love the way you turn my tears or anger from the show into laughter... I listen to 3 and you ladies slay the other two. Keep doing this podcasts and f the haters!!
If you’re looking for an in-depth, donnish analysis of this show or book that fits the whispery public-radio stereotype, this is not the podcast for you. This is more chit-chatting with your friends or coworkers about a show you’re both really into the morning after it airs. Kelly & Molly are both quite intelligent and articulate though, and I find their commentary insightful. They discuss differences between the book and the show and provide their interpretations of elements of both. I also find it interesting when they consider the story from their own frames of reference and talk about why things that take place are so deeply disturbing either inherently or as parallels to current events. As other reviewers have mentioned, there is a lot of laughing and a lot of jokes, and the overall tone is generally light-hearted which for me is helpful in discussing subject matter that is so deeply troubling. I love that they make a point to repeatedly remind listers to take care of themselves as they journey through the book. They get it! I also have to disagree with reviews that think the discussion is rooted in the counterproductive and extreme left. It seems situated instead in the middle of the comfortably-woke zone that addresses signifiant issues but is no so far left that it kills the chance for meaningful dialog.
Giving up.
I’m out. I’ve been hanging in, but this podcast is getting worse. Molly does her best to maintain focus, but Kelly needs to calm down. The Bruce Miller interview was the clincher. That should have been about questions for him to get information for listeners, not opportunities for jokes. You were borderline disrespectful, cutting him off a few times. Get rid of the fake laughing and joking.
Not good but could be great
I really tried. I mean really, really tried. I’ve started and stopped this podcast like 5x. I was looking for thoughtful commentary of this sometimes great always painful show but I can’t get past the bad podcasting. Pros: they’re women (a bonus when discussing a show on the systematic oppression and slavery of women), Molly provides good commentary, podcasts post fast Molly is definitely the stronger of the two hosts. I swear you can hear her get irritated with the other co-host’s loud laughter, weird voices, random commentary not related to the show and consistently bringing everything back to her own life experiences. The only reason a lot of people listen are bc there is no good podcast for this show really. The better podcasts get updated later in the week while these ladies have early access to the content and so this podcast is up super quick. I wish they would think about this consistent feedback they are getting about these issues and try to adjust some instead of doubling down. This has the potential to be a much better podcast.
The jokes aren’t THAT funny
I listen to this podcast because it comes out the same night the show does. And they eventually get around to recapping the show. I get annoyed frequently at how long and loudly they laugh at their own jokes. The first time, I thought maybe I was in a bad mood and other people’s laughter was getting on my nerves too easily. But no. It’s the podcasters that are annoying. I rarely can make it to the end.
Love listening to you!
I just discovered your podcast right before the third season! I’ve wanted to rewatch seasons one and two of THT but am too scared to 😉 so instead of rewatching it all, I have been listening to all of the past podcasts. I thoroughly enjoy your singing!
Love Love Love
OS&Cs Mommy
These ladies are amazing!! I feel like I’m rehashing the show with my besties every week. **Spoiler:**Do we realize June is trying to get 52 kids out and there are 52 cards in a deck? Will the house of cards fall?!? Is it a metaphor?!? Just sayin, Redheads!! Love you ladies!!🥰😗
Good but stick to recap
good podcast, but enough with the fake woke rantings, everyone who watches this show is likely already within the liberal echo chamber anyways, and it’s exhausting when you two hammer it into the ground. As a Gay person you went way too far and need to accept that not every portrayal is going to be perfectly curated for you and the complaining of “queer baiting” stuff is just way too much. Sometimes you paint with a broad brush and presume to represent the overall Gay or POC viewpoint in regards to how we should or should not be portrayed on tv. I want to keep listening to this show and i’m a “snowflake” myself but you two seem to be made of glass. Let some things roll off your back! Sometimes when you draw attention to “problematic” things you give those ideas power even where the problematic thing was arguably fine to begin with.
Completely simpatico
I love you ladies. Thank you for this podcast. I love listening to you. I have dreams about this crazy show too. Every Tuesday night, I fall asleep dream about June slaying commanders then wake up at midnight to watch the new episode. What has this show done to me? When I get up I listen to you. I’m so jealous you get the episodes early. XOXOXO Kim Ps I’ll send you $$ as soon as I can. Hard times for this econo-babe.
Very enjoyable podcast, chill out with the judgement
I actually really enjoy this podcast as a supplement to the show. As a female who is somewhat conservative I do enjoy the show. During the podcast, the hosts have made several comments that I do not necessarily agree with. I’m okay with that because I am aware that everyone’s opinions differ and I can still enjoy most of the content. What I can’t enjoy is ignorance and insult. The hosts commented that they can’t understand why conservatives would enjoy this show. You’re certainly entitled to your opinions but please don’t be ignorant and narrow-minded.
I use to LOVE this podcast
I use to really enjoy this podcast but lately the ladies have become increasingly and incredibly NEGATIVE. If you enjoy the show and are looking for a fun recap this is not for you. However, if you’re looking for a show that criticizes EVERYTHING about the characters, constantly talks about how awful the writing is and why the show should be canceled every week give it a listen.
Off Topic too much
Really wanted to like this. If you like lots of laughter and joking, this is for you. I prefer straight up recaps. The hosts go off topic a lot, and there’s a LOT of laughing. I’m ok with side jokes and banter, but it seems to go on and on before they get to the show. When the hosts get to the recap, I find it’s very good. But I don’t have the patience to wait for it. Good audio quality and voices are clear.
Love this show.
I just started watching the handmaid’s tale after reading the novel. I have to say that the show is hilarious, quirky, and extremely validating for all the times I’ve cried at the book and at the show. Some people don’t like the tangents, but I absolutely love them as a lover of literature and media in general. I also like that they have different perspectives and do their best to be critical and questioning of even their own perspectives. I’m just starting the season to recap now and look forward to what they think of the rest of this beyond season one.
Thank you!
Found your amazing podcast last week and caught up with all season 3 episodes. This was the The Handmaid’s Tale recapping gift from above I had been seeking. Today, though, you gave me the greatest gift of all, which was a 30 Rock reference (one of my favorite quotes), adeptly thrown into your commentary. I felt like I had truly come home. Thank you for your service!!! 🙏🏼 Ofbrian
Not a great source of substance.
There are way too many deviations from the topic on this show in ways that don’t relate at all. Something in the latest podcast really made me go ahead and unsubscribe even though they do get their show out quicker than others. I consider myself somewhere between conservative and liberal. The hosts made comments questioning why conservative women would like this show. Do they think because one might be conservative that they would be pro-Gilead and support the conditions under which these people (women aren’t the only ones repressed in this society, although they do have it the worst) have to live under? Quite appalling to think that just because a particular view point isn’t the same as theirs that it’s all bad. Not exactly very tolerant. One can even discuss the politics surrounding this show without being inflammatory, but not these two. Check out Eyes on Gilead instead: intelligent, thoughtful and respectful conversation around the show and politics surrounding it.
Better than Face Butter
It took me 2 years to start watching the Handmaids Tale and I only started because someone told me on Twitter that Molly & Kelly would make it bearable. “Red All Over” is the soothing antidote to the mind f**k that is The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s serious where it needs to be while delivering much desired levity. When I say you’ll laugh and you’ll cry, I mean it. Also, the pop culture references warm this older Millennial’s heart. Keep up the good work [pew pew, self-care air horn]
Vapid and low density.
Very low density. Probably 3/4 off-topic, stream-of-consciousness giggling. Some like this style of podcast. I don’t. Moreover, I didn’t find the off-topic stuff to be deep or helpful in understanding the genre, many women’s issues, literature, or TV in general.
Better than the show
Y’all have me cracking up every single episode. I wish I had discovered this podcast sooner than the third season because it’s seriously my favorite part of the week. I really love the show, but what I love even more is this podcast discussing it. You two are so hilarious, yet also truly insightful. As I do agree that the show needs to start approaching its end, I will truly miss suppressing laughter at my desk at work every Wednesday!
OBSESSED with this podcast
The 2 hosts are so hilarious & amazing, even when discussing oppression dickies. If you love handmaids tale, give this podcast a try!
Loving It
Laurie Guthrie
Just discovered your Podcast and I am absolutely loving it and both of you!!! I have a 45 minute commute to and from work each day and even in traffic in NJ you have kept me laughing!! When I started watching Handmaids Tale last year I listened to a few podcast and while they were dry and really disnt recap/discuss the whole show. You ladies were exactly what I was looking for!!
Be ready to roll your eyes
Blessed be the fruit beoutch
I like and don’t like this podcast. Obviously I love the topic and I like the way it’s discussed but these two are so hard to listen to. I appreciate the hard work they do but they really think they are much funnier then they actually are. I would like it to be more interesting facts and things they noticed and I enjoy the real world applications but I don’t like the masturbating jokes or the potty humor. Once in a while it would be ok but it’s too much. I can’t even make it through a whole episode anymore because it’s so annoying.
Loving this podcast!
I was previously listening to another Handmaids tale podcast but was disappointed and searched, and I am so glad I did. Hilarious, insightful, and they discuss everything I am thinking as I watch the episodes. Keep up the amazing work ladies! #besthandmaidtalepodcastever
Some of the Funniest Smart Feminists in podcasting
Wow. Just wow. You ladies are KILLING IT with your witty, informed, and hilarious commentary about one of the most important yet most difficult to watch shows on TV. Love you ladies. Keep up the smart feministing.
These two are annoying af
Jill and Stuff
If you like giggling millennials making bad jokes and talking about how hot the actors are, but nothing about actual serious content, this is the show for you.
A quality podcast.
I don’t typically write reviews, but this deserves a shout out. Red All Over makes watching Handmaid’s Tale so much better. These two are my surrogate friends, since none of my real friends will watch this show with me. I’m constantly laughing out loud and having a one sided conversation to myself while listening. Blessed day ❤️
These unbuttered faces
This podcast is hilarious, thoughtful, and witty. Absurd and irreverent in the best possible way.
All the stars
This is one of my favorite podcasts! These two are so hilarious and I love catching up on the recaps. Kudos to you, ladies! 😊☺️ & Nolite te bastardes carborundorum!
Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.
honeat truth
I am an avid podcast listener, especially when it pairs with a show I enjoy watching, and this is the absolute worst, no hyperbole. I was driving when I started listening and I actually considered crashing my vehicle so it would stop. The hosts, while I’m sure they are great people in real life, are the worst podcasters I’ve ever heard. Zero substance and a TON of inside jokes, personal conversations and crazy voices, etc. that make it painful to consume. That was just episode one, couldn’t make it past that. I hope their future episodes improved, although I will never ever know because I will never make the mistake of listening to this again. Avoid this like the plague.
Some I love the insides are great, and the hosts are passionate about processing both with TV show and the book. And thanks to their connections, they’re the only up to date podcast available. But the high pitch singing every three seconds, Shrill laughter, and constant tangents can be way too much. I think the only reason they do well is because they have no competition, because I had to quit this show several times. I would suggest that he show runners take a better look at their audience. Not all of the listeners are high School theater kids. The show would have such a better reach if it wasn’t so off putting.
Hilarious and Entertaining
I’ve just started listening and I’m hooked listening to these two. They somehow have me laughing out loud discussing a show that can be so brutal. They really lighten the mood and keep me so engaged while listening to them discuss. I’ve gone back to season one to listen to everything (red) all over again.!!
If you watch The Handmaid’s Tale you need this podcast in your life!! Kelly and Molly are smart, funny, and the perfect support system! This show makes my life better!! Thank you girls for the gift of you both!! :) p.s I read a couple of the negative reviews and I have to say, I could listen to these girls talk about anything! I don’t care if they sometimes go off topic, to me that’s some of the funniest parts of this podcast!! After watching the Handmaid’s Tale I need this wonderful, hilarious podcast to cheer me up from the darkness of the show! Molly and Kelly are like my long lost best friends!! If I lived near by we would be Brunching ASAP!! That’s the joy of this podcast, they are two great woman who love the book and the show!! I love their laughter and their singing!! So there 😜! You girls truly rock !! Thank you!! ❤️ Scorpios unite !!
Exactly right
elibeth s
Love love love this podcast. I really appreciate the level of seriousness and humor, and the tangents can be my favorite part. I need to interact with the show at this precise level and I laugh/cry the way I do when I’m with my closest friends when listening. I wasn’t a podcast person before but this is making me realize what I was missing. And a big shout out to the one off Legally Blonde episode!
Not a Recap Show
Carmen San Diego Zoo
Not enough insight to be a recap show and not funny enough to be entertainment. Lots of “I have in my notes...” and reading names of Patreon supporters.
Woke funny perfection
Great level of detail in recapping but what makes this a gem are the two hilarious hosts who are as woke as they are funny. It’s a great companion to the show with a comedian’s humor. If you are looking for people who genuinely react to the show with relevant topical insights and hilarious references as opposed to minute by minute retelling this is it. Their references to 90s pop culture is the icing on the cake.
I’ve been watching the show since it came out. Always alone because my friends and I have all had our share of trauma and I didn’t feel comfortable asking them to watch something that can be so triggering, no matter how well done it is. I was so glad when I found this podcast! Now it’s like I get to watch it with a friend, after each episode I’ve got Kelly & Molly to help me process and even laugh and feel ok again. Love their friendship, their commentary, their jokes, and they’ve suggested a lot of books to add to my reading list 😊
Why is this the only Handmaid’s Tale podcast that is actually being updated? 10% about the show includes thought out/researched commentary. The podcasters don’t watch the show very carefully. It is like listening to a female version of the Bald Move GoT podcast, which is the worst thing ever created.
I really wanted to love this podcast but they keep going off on tangents and not really sticking to the show. I really am not here to hear about anything else other than thoughts on the show and it just keeps going off topic. Also, I don’t like how they use the actors’ names versus the characters names. We are speaking of the characters not the person playing it. Another REALLY annoying thing is one of the girls laugh is OBNOXIOUS and really loud and she keeps laughing over the other girl and I can’t hear it. Overall terrible, could’ve been a contender.
Humor Heals All!!
I am so thankful for this podcast. I don’t have very many people who watch The Handmaids Tale as seriously as I do, and it’s the kind of TV that leaves me with a heavy heart. I discovered this podcast when I had lingering questions during season 1 and I wanted to hear another take. Kelly and Molly are so upbeat and hilarious. They pepper in jokes while still hitting these extremely depressing and difficult topics with tact and grace.
The bright spot in my week
20 free points
I love the Handmaid’s tale, but their analysis of the episode makes the show so much better. I literally LOL listening to them. Thanks for making such a quality podcast!!
I wish they would stay on topic. They talk a lot about other shows which have nothing to do with this show. The laughing is really annoying, the random singing is just plain awful. It’s like they wanted to be comedians instead of talking about or giving relevant points or commentary about the show.
Love this podcast
You had me at Hagnes.
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