Authentic and relatable
Olivia is an excellent interviewer and asks the questions we all wanna know!
Love Olivia so much
Olivia is an amazing interviewer and seems like an even better friend!
A true reporter with a fantastic podcast
You can tell Olivia comes from a reporting background. Her interviews involve intriguing questions and she isn’t afraid to ask her guests what her audience wants to know. The best part about this podcast is that SHE ACTUALLY LETS HER GUESTS TALK. She never interrupts or interjects about herself and you can tell she is genuinely interested in what her guests have to say. I look forward to listening to her podcast every single week! Keep up the good work, Olivia!
Don’t advertise skinny tea... Great podcast
I like this podcast but the episode with Kaitlin i wouldn’t talk about using skinny tea.. The ads could have a better Segway
Cc in Tennessee
Olivia is very relatable. A lot of podcasters come across as some type of elite, social media star and they are tone death to what the rest of the country experiences. I’m actually a college educated, upper middle class 28 year old. Olivia seems like someone I would actually be friends with in real life. I also love that she has a real full time job while also hustling this career path. She is obviously trained to be a podcast host. She brings in a wide range of guests. I’ve listened to every survivor guest; and I would enjoy listening to guests from the challenge.
Meant to be
Olivia is meant to do this! She is a natural interviewer, being real, honest, and professional. She is thoughtful and knows her stuff. Adore her & this podcast!
All around great
amy d nh
Overall great podcast and love Olivia. Great example of quality over quantity with her content! She was made for podcasting, great at interviewing and love her travel stories and how down to earth she is!
Olivia has really upped her game
Other BN podcast hosts (cough: Kaitlyn) could really learn from Olivia in how to conduct interviews and actually improve over time. In the beginning Olivia always brought any interview back to herself and her edit while simultaneously pretending to be so over the Bachelor franchise (while having Bachelor guests on every week). But she’s toned that down and actually makes the episode about the guest. She prepares ahead of time, is knowledgeable about the guest, has questions ready, and is engaged in the conversation. This seems like a low bar for a job performance but here we are. Good job Olivia
Great interviewer
housework and podcasts
I have been listening to Olivia’s podcast for a long time now. I enjoy her guests and her well thought out and researched questions. She is not afraid to push back but always does so respectfully. I appreciate how she allows her guests to let their guards down and also gives them time to speak without talking over them.
Nice podcasts
This podcasts is good she better then some people does podcasts she very calm in her interview.
Love this podcast!
Olivia is a great interviewer. You can tell she does her research about her guests and is genuinely interested to talk with them. I listen to a few podcasts with reality TV hosts and this podcast is by far the best one!
Love how Olivia does her research!
living her best life.
great podcast... keep going!
LOVE Olivia!
Kaitlin R.S
Pretty upset I just learned about this podcast. I binged almost all episodes in an embarrassing amount of time. Highly recommend!
Professional AF
Olivia is sooooo good at podcasts. Literally asks everything I want to know and isn’t concerned about trying to be besties with her guests. It’s great content. She does her research, definitely a professional.
Yeah I want the hints
I really didn’t want to like this podcast but dammit I do. Great conversations with all the guests.
5 Stars!
Olivia...You are such an AMAZING interviewer!!! I believe your Communications/News broadcasting experience AND your kind heart put you Leaps & Bounds AHEAD many other podcasts...and I listen to A LOT! In are Honest, Open, an amazing Listener and PREPARED!! LOVE this pod! ❤️❤️
Love you Olivia!
You did great on the Luke interview! Glad someone gave him a chance to speak after how he was treated on Men tell all. Also wanted to say Olivia, you are great and no one even cares anymore about what happened on Ben’s season. You have grown so much! Keep shining.
Love Olivia!!!
Olivia!!! You are the best!!! Your interviews are amazing! You poor thing! Just listened to your episode with Amanda. Hated her on bens season, hated her after, and still hate her. She is the worst and still CLEARLY attempting to hang onto her 5 minutes of bachelor fame trying to stay relevant and “write a book”. Yeah I’m are NOT an author and clearly didn’t write any part of that book (ghost writer). “I don’t want to bring this stuff back up again..” this clearly means you have absolutely nothing else to write about or bring to the table and you clearly don’t care who you hurt in the process-since she clearly hurt Olivia and never told her she was in her book. Ugh! Amanda is so rude and self absorbed! We love you Olivia!!! You are so sweet, genuine, and amazing!! ❤️❤️❤️
Love you Olivia!
She actually puts a lot of effort into her podcast, as opposed to a lot of other bachelor nation podcast hosts. I look forward to this one every week!
Olivia, you are so professional yet let us in... rare gem in journalism & podcasting
Olivia, I love your interviews. You can tell you are a natural at reporting yet you allow us listeners in so we truly get to know you and your guests. Always asking the questions we want to hear yet no one but you and KB ask, you’re a rare gem, full of grace, perfectly imperfect. These are the podcasts, people I’m invested in. I know your latest interview with Amanda opened some old wounds, but you handled it so well and I hope it allowed you closure and rekindling of your friendship with Amanda. Love your podcast. Love following you on your adventures and ‘live’ reporting and love how SO MANY interesting people are bffs with you. Keep being you, girlie! -Brynne
Great interview Olivia
Luke P is absolutely nothing different than portrayed on the show, but nice interview Olivia. Yay for Hannah for dodging that narcissistic bullet.
The Best!!
Love this podcast
E Hanley
Olivia is a professional journalist and it shows! She’s a great interviewer and is always prepared. Much different from many of her “competitors”.
So good
By far the best interviewer to come out of Bachelor Nation. Olivia is the best
Love this podcast!
Olivia’s podcast is constantly great! She has interesting guests, asks the questions everyone wants to know and knows how to keep the conversation flowing!
So good
I love this podcast! Olivia is an excellent interviewer and always come prepared. Love listening to her. Highly recommend.
Best Ex Batchelor contestant podcast!!
Love this podcast!
Olivia is such a great journalist and uses that background to make her guests feel comfortable and have a natural but revealing conversation. She always had great guests and it’s always entertaining!
Best podcast
Olivia’s podcast is seriously one of my favorites to listen to. Not only is Olivia an AMAZING interviewer - she also makes sure she is prepared for every guest by researching them and having thoughtful questions. You can tell how much time she puts into her work, and I really appreciate how well done this podcast. Thanks Olivia!!
Great interviews!
I love that Olivia gives a platform to those that have experienced a bad edit and time to own their mistakes and explain their mental states and thought processes. It’s not always what the producers on these shows are making us believe. Thank Olivia for your superb interview skills!
Best Bachelor-related Podcast by Far
I love this podcast!! I tune in every week. In my opinion, it’s the best Bachelor-related podcast by far. Olivia is so genuine and actually lets the guests speak. Unlike some other Bachelor podcasts, it doesn’t seem like Olivia is doing this to boost her fame or ego after the show — instead she genuinely enjoys the journalistic aspect of it and asks very thoughtful questions. Great work with this, Olivia! Big fan.
No frills podcast
Olivia gets straight to the point. By far hands down my favorite bachelor related podcast. She gets into the knitty gritty and since she has a background in news anchoring, her experience shows!!!
Absolute must if you love reality TV (especially the Bachelor)
Celine Bean
Olivia is the best interviewer and my fav podcast to listen to when I’m thinking “I wonder what (insert contestant) is really like” She does a great job of allowing us to see who the whole person is and makes me a much more aware and appreciative viewer!
I look forward to Olivia‘s podcast every week! She’s a phenomenal interviewer I enjoy the guests she has on each week. She brightens my day! Definitely worth a listen!
Great listen!!
Olivia is a great interviewer — equal parts kind, empathic, tough, and curious. Great listen!
Very professional interviews!
Love listening to Olivia’s interviews. She is so respectful of all of her guests and allows them to tell their story while she merely interjects to keep the narrative moving and make sure listeners get the answers they want. Her interview style is intelligent, gracious, and professional. Never miss an episode!
Olivia does such an amazing job of balancing different reality television stars, travel and personal podcasts! No two shows are the same and I love her professionalism and grace with EVERYONE. She’s so honest and truly great at what she does!!!
Thank you!!
Ashley Whitcomb
Love this podcast! Olivia is so raw and real with topics that effect so many. I listen to a ton of podcasts and I absolutely love how Olivia conducts interviews. She’s not just asking a question and thinking of her next but engaged in the conversation. Love mouthing off!
Olivia is amazing!
I love her podcast so much!
High quality
Olivia has a great way of connecting with every guest she has! She’s a natural!
So Great!!
Olivia is such a wonderful host! She always asks the interesting questions no one else does! Love this podcast so much!!
One of my favorite Bachelor related podcasts. Olivia is a great host and is great at interviewing!!SO MUCH TEA lol
Great Podcast!
Olivia does such a great job interviewing her guests! She has had some amazing guests, she is kind, beautiful inside and out and this comes though on her podcast. I am 65 years young. Olivia’s Podcasting style appeals to all ages .
One of my fav podcasts!
Olivia is the best interviewer out of the many podcasts I’m a regular listener to. She has a gift of getting guests to really open up and share all of the juicy deets! She’s also one who isn’t constantly interrupting guests like many other hosts tend to do, which I really appreciate. Love her, love this podcast!
Best Podcast!
mo waf
This is one of the only podcasts I listen to religiously!! Even when I don’t know the guestsI love listening. Olivia truly has a talent for interviewing and her guests feel that and open up.
The best Bachelorette/Bachelor Podcast
I listen to multiple podcasts pertaining to the bachelorette and bachelor and Olivia is BY FAR my favorite. Even my husband who can’t stand anything related to the show says she is great at interviewing and speaks well. I can’t pin point my favorite episodes because I love so many but I love when she has her Paris and Nicole segments 😂😂. Seriously listen, you won’t regret it.
Truly one of my favorite podcasts out there!! Olivia is compassionate and caring and actually listens to what all of her guests have to say - even if she disagrees. She doesn't interrupt, she lets her guest speak their peace. I also love that it's not just Bach Nation people.
Megan Herz
Absolutely love listening to Olivia. I mainly listen for the Bachelor World interviews, but find myself listening to interviewees that I’ve never heard of because of how interesting Olivia makes the podcast. Thanks for always entertaining me during my commute!
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