18 Years Old Mark Guberti: Teenagers in the 21st Century Entrepreneurship
Published April 20, 2017
21 min
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    My name is Marc Guberti. I am an 18-year-old entrepreneur and social media expert with over 285,000 Twitter followers and over 250,000 annual blog visitors, I have created a strong presence for myself on the web. I am very happy for my own success, but I want other teens to become successful just like me.

    I put as much time as possible into growing my business. This isn’t just about being successful and having financial flexibility. This is about creating a movement. I want to prove to other teens that it is possible to become successful at a young age. In a world where teens are increasingly going to drugs and drinking as a way to make themselves feel good and student debt keeps on rising, there are resources available that can allow any person of any age to become a leader and create a tribe of people that matter.

    Getting to where I am now was not an easy journey. I am one of the lucky people who has extraordinary parents. My mom helped me get through a life-threatening sickness and my dad cheers me on at all of my track meets. I came a long way through my personal life before I was able to start my journey. Then came the journey of trying to build an audience of people who would listen and be doing great things for that audience.

    The entire process of building a powerful authority on the web had its own set of obstacles. Before I grew my audience into what it is now, I was criticized for being too young and not knowing enough about my niche. Just like anyone, I have received my fair share of critics. While I listened to some of them, I ignored most of them simply because they did not know my master plan (and listening to every single critic would have brought me down). Not only was I able to rise above the criticism, but I was also able to thrive. I have self-published several books and have no plans on stopping anytime soon (or ever).

    My journey has been a remarkable one. I have been able to touch the lives of many people at a young age. It is amazing what our technology has given anyone the ability to do. It used to be impossible to build your own audience, but now everyone has leverage and the ability to become the next sensation in their niche–even a teenager. My mission is to boost my legacy to provide a further testament to teenagers all over the world that they can be successful at a young age. Our technology has torn the age limit away. There’s no longer a reason to wait when anyone, including a teenager, can create their own thriving business.

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