Mz Tamos
I just started a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been binging!!! Already on EP. 63!!! As a single mom, working two jobs, AND going to school full time! Y’all are worth all my mfkn free time!!! You ladies have taken me thru ALL the emotions!!!! Idk if anyone has ever said this but this podcast is SO therapeutic for me and I love y’all for that (especially since I can’t afford a therapist....YET! 😂) And yes I’ve shared with everyone I know! I just want to say that I’m so appreciative for you ladies and admire your transparency and I’m definitely excited to see continued growth from you two!
Sunshine Lex
EarPods in and clients ignored! Thanks for making my workday go by so fast, I’m currently binging!
Amazing find
jay1 kae1
So I stumbled upon this podcast and the name and cover instantly intrigued me. WHOREible Decisions turned out to be an amazing find! I love these ladies.. funny, Real, raw, educating and in its own way empowering! Keep up the great jobs ladies
These girls are black and magical! Carefree, educated, fun and realistic! It’s so refreshing to listen to black girls who are professional yet down to earth! I see so many people get loss in their career they forget to let their hair down. However, these women HAD professional careers and still were human. I will be seeing them live sooner than later and dragging ALL of my friends with me. Not to mention they are FINE AS HELL! Lastly, it’s awesome seeing black girls say it’s ok to not always get along but love each other enough to start fresh and move forward. I pray they never stop making content❤️
They grew on me
I first started listenings to these hoes (in a good way) when I heard them on Brilliant Idiots. And my my my these girls are Brilliant. When I first started I wasn’t so sure Im like ehhh sounds too much for me. But I kept listening and they grew on me. I look forward to their episode every week. They have helped me be more open minded on what others like.
So Sad
You two are never going to succeed as long as you stay hating each other. I was amazed at how many other people have complained about Mandi and the yelling over each other and guests. I love your content, stay real, the imitations are great. But stop the hate, take your job more seriously, or break away and do your own things, do what makes your heart sing.
Therapy Episode
Dedicated to the Pod
As someone who recently started from the beginning, Listening to episode 77 and it is very hard to get through. The therapist is extremely rude. I feel this should’ve been a private therapy session, with a different therapist! She was very aggressive. Also for Mandi to say she was the reason for the shows success because of her social media following is trash! I’ve never heard of her before the show. Weezy is the reason I have stuck around through the episodes so long, honestly.
Love the two of you!!
I love this podcast, the two of you are great!!
Wild and Fabulous...and, Yes, Still a Wonderful Mess
Mandii and Weezy—sorry for the autocorrect debacle—give it to you with both barrels. This “No Shame Zone” explores sexual liberation and sex positivity in ways that I’ve not experienced...and I’m grateful. Come on in and sit for a spell while these two break every sexual taboo that ya parents put in your head.
All I have to say is, make sure your headphones are in and connected before you hit play. Love Mandi and Weezy, I’ve learned so much from them.
Unwelcomed Listener
I loved this podcast... when I started listening to it. I started at episode 1, and they put a lot of effort into staying inclusive to their audience. I'm at the end of their podcasts for 2017, and I honestly don't think I want to keep listening. I wanted to wait to write this until I was fully caught up, but I don’t think I’ll make it. I say this because it doesn't sound like they want someone who looks like me to be apart of their audience. I listen to 4 different podcasts, and black and brown hosts run all of them. This is the only one that made me feel unwelcomed as a brown and white listener. Weezy, talks over guests and Mandi a lot, she interrupts stories to talk about herself in a one-up way. Mandi listens, and always has something useful to add or a good question to follow up with. Sometimes they are both clearly in a mood and get sassy with each other. It gets so loud from the talking over each other that I have to skip the episode. Weezy’s impressions crack me up, but after listening to her and seeing how she is on social media... It’s pretty obvious that she’s a reactor not a responder, I wonder how she would feel if someone very publicly imitated the way she speaks for their own monetary gains. I had high hopes for sticking it out with these two. But I’m taking my ears elsewhere. 👋
Amazing ladies
My coworker put me on to this podcast because I have one of my own. At first I kinda shrugged it off but when I started listening.... biiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch. I started from episode one & have been working my way up. This definitely puts my little podcast to shame... wonderful works ladies. You have a huge supporter here -CurlyMessyBun
I love this podcast! In a very short time it’s become my favorite! I love them both and what they are about. The different topics the openmindedness everything! MandyB is one of the sexiest women on the planet!!
Shows Fire!
Awesome show! It’s refreshing to see women express themselves sexually without a care in the world. Yet I think most of your followers are Scorpios & Pisces! #Scopiohere
Weezy is hilarious....
I am a new listener starting from the beginning and Weezy is so cute and funny, mandi is very annoying with how much she interrupts people and talks about herself CONSTANTLY. I’m on episode 8 and thinking about finding something different because of her. Also, their very offensive towards Trans and nonbinary folks. For such educated women I would think they would not to say such offensive terms towards them. I do love Weezys perspective on open relationships. She needs her own show or a new cohost.
LOVE YALL!! but....
West Coast T
I’ve been listening for months now and putting my friends on! I haven’t skipped an episode until I starting coming around to the 90+ episodes.. I’ve grown to be sooo annoyed by weezy 😭 she doesn’t let anyone finish their sentence without interrupting and directing the topic and conversation about herself. I also skipped a whole episode 10 minutes in cause y’all were eating/smacking in the mic. I don’t want to stop listening, I hope it gets better 💓.
Great podcast
Great podcast and awesome content. The only thing is they talk over each other and it’s extremely annoying. And they never allow the guest to finish speaking!🥴
Love it!!!!
Dade County in the house!!!! Love you ladies . This podcast has made my work days so much more amusing. Keep up the good work.
Love’n it
I’m 56 and totally obsessed with this podcast. Intriguing to hear the openess of todays youth in sexuality. Binge listening and my favorite is the one with Wezzy,s mama. Love it!!!!
Such a fresh outlook on sex
I love how fluid the host are. I really feel like we are best friends in my head
I stopped listening before because I felt like you bulldozed over the conversation. I’m only here for Shan boody and my God it was SO hard to hear her. Let your guest speak.
Fun podcast
Please stop with the AKAs Mandy. Thank you
Just started from the first episode & im on 7 already, so far so good !!
Meet ups!
When are you guys coming to Detroit!?!??
Great show !!!
They funny 😄😃😃😃
They be speaking the truth about stuff but they always talk over each other and you be wanna listening to what they say 🤦🏾‍♀️😏😏
A lot of talking over each other
If it weren’t for so much of ppl talking over one another, then this would be 5 stars. The stories are great when I can finally get thru them
Made me give up audible
LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast!!!!!!!!! Loved it soooo much I decided to join you’re patron instead of listen to my audio books😂😂😂. You two have open my eyes up sooo much and even introduced a few new things into my life. Great Job❤️❤️
Honestly, words can’t describe how amazing this podcast is. It’s the first podcast that I’ve started seriously listening to and I’m hooked. It has really opened up my mind to a variety of topics, and I feel like a more understanding/compassionate person because of it (even though I might have completely during life experience). 5/5 stars hands down
Greatest Ladies Duo ever!!!
I’ve been listening to you guys for about a year now and you guys are the best best. You start off my week with laughs, encouragement, and knowledge. I be so eager and ready for the next convo. Keep up the good work ladies and thank you for all you ladies do!!! Okay
My quality pleasure
I love this podcast so much, literally tell all my friends about it. Very informative, I am always taking mentally notes for later.😉 Thank you WEEZY & MANDI!
Unsubscribed 1st listen
Sooooo BEYONCÈ NOT BLACK????? Uhhhhh
I like the content. But the conversations are chaotic. People are talking over each other, loudly and frequently I don’t feel apart of the conversation, I couldn’t get a word in if I tried. (Hypothetically) Sometimes I learn nothing. The hosts and topics are fun but the topic isn’t always focused enough for me.
Hit or miss
I love how Mandii and Weezy normalize and celebrate their sexual experiences, desires, and bodies. I find their stereotypes (e.g. racist accents) and willful ignorance (e.g. ongoing navel gazing, then defending their racist actions) incredibly off-putting so I finally followed the age-old wisdom and remembered I don’t have to listen or follow. It’s a shame because there are not many spaces like theirs in the podcast world. However, it’s not worth it to me to feel I’m co-signing on their offensive behavior because it’s not needed to make their podcast great. Wish them luck and compassion and maturity.
White Girl Who Loves Y’all
Title of the review says it all. Can’t stop listening!!!
key lolo 🤪
Loveee em I feel like these two are my long last besties 🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤪🤪
Some good, but a lot of bad
Entertaining when Mandii isn’t interrupting or being incredibly loud with her uninformed opinions. Honestly both women are lacking in fact-based, medically accurate information which is why they have informed guests on the show. Makes sense, if only they would let guests fully answer questions. I’m going to listen to this as an occasional guilty pleasure MAYBE, but will not subscribe. I would much rather find a sex positive, informed, medically accurate podcast that combats stigma and respects the wealth of knowledge that guests bring.
I think I’m in love
Kay bae1893
I LOVE this podcast y’all. Yall make my work days SO much better. Not only are y’all absolutely hilarious but I’ve learned multiple things.
Hoe friends
I love this podcast! I feel like I’m listening to my best friends and nothing is off limits.
Thank you
This is very educational and entertaining. Thank you for normalizing good the fact that women are sexual being as well. I love this!!
Great podcast!
Love love love you guys! So entertaining! Keep it up!
I am in love with this show just from listening to my first one. They are soo real and authentic. 😚
4 out of 5 would do
When this podcast is good, it’s amazing but when it’s not, woo chile.... The Good: Weezy’s accents The juicy and often hilarious stories they tell The Bad: When they have guests 😖. They often talk over each other and the guest and it’s rarely ever organized. Prime example is the most recent threesome ep. One of them would ask a question and instead of letting the guests answer, the other host would answer. Why are the guests even there??!! Overall: I like the podcast for the ladies’ experiences. It’s often really funny and they (esp Weezy) have a knack for telling stories. If you’re going to listen, I definitely recommend starting with one of their solo eps.
WHOREible Decisions
Love, love, love this show!!! Listened to this on a car ride from Miami to Shreveport, Louisiana!! It was that freakin amazing!! One girl played it and everyone in the car had to subscribe!! The conversation is amazing definitely binge listening to catch up!!
There’s hope for Weezy
Weezy definitely appears to be more articulate and thoughtful host. While Weezy has done some cringe worthy things, like mocking accents, she does not present as misinformed or ignorant. Mandi on the other hand is often loud, rude, and dead wrong. For example, How can one not believe in science? If I were Weezy, I would consider disassociating myself from someone that could harm my brand. And both hosts should definitely stick to lighthearted content unless there are experts to address specific issues. People with platforms without credentials should be careful of the information that the disseminate.
Love the show
Love the show and you ladies really bring sex for women of color to a whole new light!! Only con sometimes you both tend to speak over your guest especially the women’s right episodes. Loads of good information but I wish the guest had more of chance to state their complete thoughts.
Must Listen
Best show ever
You ever listen to something and you insert yourself into the conversation because you feel that comfortable like they’re your friends ? That’s how these two make you feel . Best podcast I’ve listened to hands done! Subscribe to their Patreon HOE
Best podcast ever
You will never find a better podcast about sex
I’ve been listening for a couple weeks now, and seriously YES. There is nothing more empowering than hearing 2 powerful, outspoken women talk about sex so openly. Pave the way ladies, thank you👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
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