OB Reid
Error in his constitutional understanding. If the constitution was applied as it should be the individual states would be doing mostly their own things anyway. So the speaker doesn’t know his history or constitution. Secondly the repeated warnings of “do not interfere with us do not get in our way or YOU will be the warmonger you will have blood on your hands” are not the voice of a constitutional conservative. That’s the voice of ANTIFA and occupy and BLM. Repeated warnings of imposed guilt and warnings of blood in the street are the voice of anarchist. So I call bunk on this author, your an imposter. A Richard Spencer 2.0. Go away Edit: this podcast can do so much better than this neofascism repackaged in the enlightened indo-European aristocratic sovereign man bathed in the “light” of science. Calling for the separation of the races and openly calling for a “new” constitution in which law is science and eugenics and scientific breeding of man is so much preferred to the dark ages of the abrahamic covenant or the enslavement of the Bible”
Joan of Arc
I loved the presentation of Joan of Arc. I had never read much about her life. Thank you for such thought provoking and engaging podcasts.
Mixes Fringe and Racist Beliefs with Conservative Content
umich cheme
I was a long time subscriber, but there are more and more fringe and racist beliefs being aired on this channel. I’m a conservative and a Trump supporter, and while some of the content is good, the feed curators have a penchant for the propagating immoral and racist views (see episode 293 about interracial relationships). These views are abhorrent and lend credence to the generally unfair belief that conservatives are bigots. I’ve unsubscribed and instead subscribed the individual podcasts that I discovered through this feed.
Everyone except Mormons
So we welcome everyone’s views and opinions except the Mormons. Nice to see we have some leftists listening to this podcast
I don’t care for Prager’s interview style.
He rudely interrupts his guest, interjects his own opinions.
Always something different
This podcast has a wide range and variety of subject material which keeps it interesting and informative. Agree or disagree, you’ll definitely get a different perspective here.
Helps understand conservative movement
Racism. Bad science. Faulty economics. It’s all here.
Episode 237 “civil war 2 in America “
Great listen! I have to ask, I didn’t hear you say anything at all about China’s possible involvement in support of the left. Do you have an analysis on their possible involvement? Being that they have the worlds largest standing army and have been in a tyrannical system for many years and will probably follow any orders given.
Dead Air
...would be more informative. And considerably less irksome. Geez Louise. Welcome to Trump University 2.0.
Always informative
They pick a topic and play clips from different conservative minds discussing the topic. As a recovering liberal, I’ve learned so much.
I don’t necessarily listen to every offering from this podcast. However, they are widely varied in their topics and have a bit of something that may be interesting for everyone. Everything from audio books, documentaries and conferences to funny clips from popular thinkers. Well worth subscribing so you can peruse the daily content.
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deerheart ent
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Negative reviews are proof you’re making an impact
The left is scared, they can’t debate and their lies are being exposed so they’re going on the offensive (if three word one star reviews even count) because they are losing the public perception and their base. The left isn’t changing, they are no now just finally being honest about everything. Anyone who speaks the truth will be targeted because it’s the only way for tyrants, despots, and dictators to gain power. The far left have created thousands of 501(c)(3) “nonprofits” as tax evasion while they attack ACTUAL charitable organizations. They pay to record conservative viewpoints in news, podcasts, print media, and spoken words. This group calls themselves “Media Matters” ... Joseph Goebbels called it “Public Enlightenment” and today it’s generically referred to as the MSM. It now includes something which they never could have imagined... they could become publishers yet be protected as a “platform” to shape, shift, delete, bump & push, restrict and remove dissent, little by little, day by day, towards the end goal of radicalization and indoctrination of the masses. imagine how desperate and devoid of any morals and values a perso man or woman would have to be to brigade conservative media to leave a one star, downvote, dislike, & they target podcasts, YouTube videos, tweets, Facebook, even the local newspapers will have comments from leftist activists who don’t even live in the same state or country. The left knows that only by manipulating media and data will they ever look like they are making any progress, lying to themselves and the public while the MSM are proud to spread the lies. The only solution is less government, not more!
wonderful varied podcasts with conservative values
wonderful varied podcasts with conservative values HSachs Wash DC
Who Knew?
consistently incinsistent
Inspiring, informative, challenging, and hilarious
Allison armstrong
Not even close. Please vet speakers before you have them on
Amazing variety and great quality
I love that there isn’t one small person or team whose voice we hear on the podcast every day, but rather that whomever creates the podcast carefully chooses from a variety of sources, many or most of which were new to me. An excellent and efficient way to discover various voices and learn about various issues. Highly recommended.
Conservative University
Great varied topics covered.
Don’t panic!
If you think this is a disguise you think that the world is about to fall off a cliff when in reality the death rate for this virus is less than 1%. I normally admire Steve Bannon and his cohorts but this is just ridiculous. Stop crying wolf and that the sky is falling!
Aww Yeaaah
ACU puts out the fullest conglomeration of conservative thought anywhere in the podcast world. All of the content is rich and engaging from speeches to portions if audiobooks to radio commentary. Apart from the quality of the content I very much appreciate the diversity. This isn’t a single lane, echo chamber archive of information. You’ll here from Libertarians, Neo Cons, Nationalists, Buckley-esk conservatives, Mainstreamers and whatever other pseudonyms you can create for the various philosophies. FAVORITE PODCAST! P.S. We need an archive of the older episodes (Apparently only this years episodes are currently available)
Can you reload the back issues?
Wide diversity of programming trying to get at the truth.
Ditch the Mormonism
Get rid of the Mormonism. Christians not fond of hearing from the cult of distorted gospels.
Back Issues
The Big Jalapeño
Where did the issues go?
My title says it all.
Cannot find podcasts before 2019
Where are the podcast uploaded before the March of 2019? I do not see them.
Would be 5 stars, but..
I would give this 5 stars, but the fact they keep sticking in the Cult of Mormon apologetics and sermons is a real turn off. Joseph Smith has failed prophecy about the Temple being built in MO, that means God said in Leviticus that the Prophet isn’t from Him.
The constant beeping in the background music is maddening!
Profundity Made Funny
This series distills every misguided notion, cynical grift and and phony tenet of the Trumpists into one convenient and frequently hilarious anthology. With no seeming time constraint, the fraudsters and petroleum-hacks and gold grifters and pain relief hucksters are able to elucidate their twisted, antediluvian, anti-science claim at length. Trump the anti corruption crusader? Global warming as a hoax? The inferiority of blacks, Muslims and Hispanics? All of it and more is here, brocaded with the purple prose, self-importance and curdled sanctimony of the high priests of Trump. Truly a treat for the ears, worth many laughs and, along the way, a few insights into what makes these outsize vulgarisms and moral monsters really tick.
Truth be told!!
livin healthier
It’s amazing to me that this country has stepped over the threshold of complete stupidity and all common sense isn’t common anymore... but let’s not forget our government has used taxpayers money for generations to sway this nation toward they’re liberal agenda... it’s reassuring to listen to people who are actually speaking truths and bringing subject matter that has been tainted by the liberal media to a new conservative approach... right one!!
Great, thoughtful commentary.
I love reading the lefties one star comments... As if they could even begin to comprehend the concepts Dennis discusses. LOL. Orange man bad!
Great Information for the Curious
Their podcasts on the challenges of China, AI, EMPs, and in Space are excellent. Truly among the best podcasts available.
One of my favorites. Thanks
What you can expect when the left takes over
This riveting episode is the most beautiful one I’ve ever heard & horrific in that this country will fall under leftist California is what they want all the country to be & that’s a nightmare,we must continue to fight these rabid leftist or surly this country will burn to the ground from leftist anarchy
Brittany Hughes Awesome!
Brittany is the answer to aoc commie!
Best podcast ever!! Love it, I will listen to all of them over and over!
Watching paint dry for the ears.
groovy squirrel
Pablum and drivel.
Got to listen
Fresh air
It sure is nice to hear somebody talking about God in today’s current society
Worst show ever
Worst show ever
Enjoy Michael Dukakis. -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Info Packed
Dang jello
Great podcast, I’ve learned a lot and appreciate everyone one of these podcast.
Makes sense.
Very good.
Wow. Just wow.
This is scary propaganda, including blatant racist fear-mongering.
False dilemma
cholo biafra
#15 Logical Falices....I followed until he got to the False Dilemma, (eirther\or, fallacy). 20:00 "Jesus said 'you're either for me or you're against me' is that a fallacy?" He asks. "No," he says, " God can't commit a fallacy".... Hmmmm. I feel like there's some faulty reasoning there. FAIL. turn it off!
Love this podcast
Great variety of topics and like the variety and insight. Thanks!
A well-stocked buffet
Keeping It Real NC
This pod offers a wide sampling of conservative commentary. It's always worth checking out. Pleasant surprises often await.
They are not true conservatives
These are Trump Republicans. Their values and principles, which they barely have, are skewed towards the party and it’s fixation on winning at all cost and demonizing “the other”. Hence, they rely on simple bipolar opposition ontology. They need to do some readings of conservative theorists above the simple talking points they pick up from radio and television.
Some excellent content but
aka Zev Amerikai
Need to separate wheat from chaff on your own
July 6, 2019
Coco Chanel Coco 143
Drug addicts most have broken in that day and did the podcast. That episode goes against everything I believe in.
Fix audio
Good content but plz fix audio. You blow my eardrums out every time you come back from a break when you scream in the mic
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