Watching paint dry for the ears.
groovy squirrel
Pablum and drivel.
Got to listen
Fresh air
It sure is nice to hear somebody talking about God in today’s current society
Negative reviews are proof you’re making an impact
The left is scared, they can’t debate and their lies are being exposed so they’re going on the offensive (if three word one star reviews even count) because they are losing the public perception and their base. The left isn’t changing, they are just being honest about everything they have ever stood for and trying to destroy those providing the truth is the only way for them to gain power. They pay activist to listen and take podcasts out of context, they pay activist to brigade social media and pay them to one star, downvote, dislike, etc podcasts, YouTube videos, tweets, etc. The left knows that only by manipulating data will they ever look like they are making any progress, lying to themselves and the public is exploiting and disgusting. The only solution is less government, not more!
Worst show ever
Worst show ever
Enjoy Michael Dukakis. -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Info Packed
Dang jello
Great podcast, I’ve learned a lot and appreciate everyone one of these podcast.
Makes sense.
Very good.
Wow. Just wow.
This is scary propaganda, including blatant racist fear-mongering.
False dilemma
cholo biafra
#15 Logical Falices....I followed until he got to the False Dilemma, (eirther\or, fallacy). 20:00 "Jesus said 'you're either for me or you're against me' is that a fallacy?" He asks. "No," he says, " God can't commit a fallacy".... Hmmmm. I feel like there's some faulty reasoning there. FAIL. turn it off!
Love this podcast
Great variety of topics and like the variety and insight. Thanks!
A well-stocked buffet
Keeping It Real NC
This pod offers a wide sampling of conservative commentary. It's always worth checking out. Pleasant surprises often await.
They are not true conservatives
These are Trump Republicans. Their values and principles, which they barely have, are skewed towards the party and it’s fixation on winning at all cost and demonizing “the other”. Hence, they rely on simple bipolar opposition ontology. They need to do some readings of conservative theorists above the simple talking points they pick up from radio and television.
Some excellent content but
aka Zev Amerikai
Need to separate wheat from chaff on your own
July 6, 2019
Coco Chanel Coco 143
Drug addicts most have broken in that day and did the podcast. That episode goes against everything I believe in.
Fix audio
Good content but plz fix audio. You blow my eardrums out every time you come back from a break when you scream in the mic
Great, but lose the robot voices
Love the content, only gripe is the computerized voices sometimes. I skip them out of annoyance.
Great compilation and a diversity of topics and speakers.
One minor suggestion - please stop doing computer readings of articles. You can get an intern with a good voice to read them but listening to computer voice is super annoying
Excellent show
Great spectrum of conservative, Constitutional and libertarian ideas. For the people who rated the show low because it “contradicts itself,” you are missing the point. This show is not designed to pound one ideology over and over again, rather it showcases a wide range of opinion-makers we seldom hear in the mainstream press. The point isn’t to create lock-step agreement or even consensus...but to help people think through important issues from a right-leaning perspective. Well done.
Very trump-esk...
libertarian view point
Mostly good info, very contradicting at times. Preach about how government is too big but wants them to mandate vaccines upon us. Is kinda bias towards Trump.
Mostly Great
They have a lot of Newt Gingritch and Glenn Beck... and they seem pretty trusting of vaccines and the Gates Family, but most of their content is educational and entertaining.
Needed more now than ever.
After I #walkaway'd from the Democrat side, (they left me 1st). I found this awesome podcast. Thank you. I'm also thrilled that I have podcasts dating from 2006 to listen to, not just the last 20 or so episodes. Thank you also for that also.
Almost there
Love the content, just need to have better annotation and give like a time line and more info about each excerpt so we know who’s talking
Great podcast!
A collection of different conservative views. If you’re like me and are picky about your conservative political commentators this podcast is for you. I try to get a well rounded perspective but can’t tolerate all political commentators, enter ACU, the collection has everything from documentaries about butterflies, to audio books about the Spanish flu, Ben Shapiro, to biblical messages. All to challenge and inform the conservative world view. Keep up the excellent work!
Excellent values, Excellent principles!
This podcast will be 1st nixed from Apples platform due to Tim Cook’s attack on Free Speech & Liberty by labeling all that he doesn’t like hate speech. Authoritarianism & Tyranny eventually comes to the door(s) of those not 1st affected, believe that. Stand and fight for Freedom!!! 🇺🇸
Confirms my bias
Too often conservative media presents its ideas in the best possible light, but this podcast blows right past the politically correct respectability line and presents its ideology as blatantly racist, misogynistic, homophobic and fascist. Hearing Ann Coulter, Laura Loomer, and Stefan Molyneux on a rotating basis helps reinforce the my perception that this is what these people actually believe. I can only ever make it through about 10 minutes per episode, but that’s usually enough to get my blood boiling. Great work!
Roman z
One of the best podcasts for a conservative who wants to deepen his knowledge
Dan Bongino
Ancient alien fan
Dan filled in for Mark Levin and you highly recommended Mark and Ben. You should included Dan Bongino Show Podcast. I listen to all three. You always put together a great show. Thanks!
Dr. Laura call of the day
Laguna Lass
I so miss hearing her on KFI. This was like listening to a friend, catching up on little details of her life since we last met. And there was literally a call for everything going on in my life or someone I know. I shared the relevant calls with the people I thought would be helped by them. Very thought provoking, the best advice, she’s still the best!
Racist content
I like Listening to right wing podcasts. And Coulter, Dennis Prager, people like that. Don’t really get that kind of perspective from the main stream media which I also listen to. But I really don’t like listening to racist rants. I’m referring to the podcast that includes:”Lana Lokteff responds to anti-Whites.” An absolutely worthless waste of time. Unbelievable that any respectable podcast would choose rebroadcast such a vile rant.
Excellent compilation.
This podcast compiles a wide range of experts, pundits, researchers, authors, intellectuals, etc. Listen & learn!!
Was not what I expected.
boston bound.
I wish there was more factual information, a lot the talking points were boosted by emotion.
Trying to find a responsible conservative podcast
I’m very interested in learning about conservative thought. I had to give up on this podcast pretty quickly due to thinly veiled racism.
Excellent podcast
Great material, fantastic ideas worth sharing. Also, judge it's quality by the number of facist Lefties who want it "SHUT DOWN NOW!". HaHa. I've shared this podcast with many of my friends and family who enjoy it also.
Great so far—want to hear both sides of the debates
M.S. Kaye
The few that I’ve listened to so far have been great, very informative. My one qualm is that the episodes focused on debates provide just the conservative side. We must always hear both sides of every debate, or else we’re no better than those with TDS.
her o shee
Re we q
This podcast is pure brainwash. Who ever is posting this knows very well how to promote fear into white American. This has nothing to do with the blue or red side.
Fearful Generalization
History rhymes. Incredible to hear such sweeping generalizations about people. But listeners may be confused by the rhetoric, which talks about refugees "swarming" into third countries. In a time of misplaced fear, language and ideas like these perpetuate hate and xenophobia. We need to be careful as we don't want to repeat mistakes of the past.
This will make you a better, more educated, and informed thinker. Learn history lessons and scientific theory, political debate and human nature that shapes our conservative core.
Great Podcast — many unexpected gems
Such a great and simple podcast. I enjoy listening to this podcast every day and it has lead me to authors and thinkers who I would typically not be exposed to. Every episode is different, some are interviews, some are documentary clips, some are audiobooks. Keeps it fresh and engaging. Highly recommend. Thank you to the creators/curators for American Conservative University for making and keeping up with this content
One small thing
For the most part, this podcast is very helpful, and I will continue listening. My concern is over specific topics. I think that even here on the right, there is a political correctness (in small degree). For example one episode was a Mormon apology by Glen Beck. He claimed in the show to answer hard questions about Mormonism, but other than the polygamy, Holy underwear, and other basic doctrines he didn’t really answer the deeper questions about Mormon theology that are more biblically irreconcilable. This is just one example, and I have noticed others. Anyways, thanks for the hard work!
Daily surprise
This podcast is a daily surprise of unpredictable conservative sources. It brings intelligent and moral thought to my life daily.
Amazing one-stop shop for American ideals
Alden Guy
I accidentally stumbled upon this podcast. I’m very glad I did! It’s quickly become my favorite! I await new episodes each day with great anticipation. The range of different types of content they provide is excellent: top authors and filmmakers, snapshots of conservative YouTube stations, even a stand up comic. However one thread holds it all together: it’s a reflection of deep seeded American values. Well done!
Excellent Podcast!
This podcast has a nice mix of Conservative thought from multiple sources covering a large range of topics!
Great selections, one of my favorites
Always relevant, always interesting and especially it is always entertaining. Don’t miss it
Lacks the GOP spin & elite capitalist agenda
This seems to lack the republican party propaganda that passes for “conservative talk” . In fact i listened an episode where republican wasnt even mentioned for most of it. Thats refreshing since republican party has no conservative platform in practice its just a shell party for the corporate & billionaire elite to run a scam on uneducated Americans .
Fake news
EssEx 69
Divisive and Un-American, part of the problem.
Usually good. Not today
2087 seems off from what is usually on this podcast while some key ideas are foundationally trueI was definitely put off my some of the views of these speakers
Lefty teachers should listen
The subjects they cover teaches more about life then useless school classes
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