S1 E3 - How's Chuck? (feat. Dane Mosher)
Published March 6, 2017
43 min
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    Dane Mosher is an ex University of St. Thomas football player and the official NBA Outsider for the Backpocket. We talk to Dane about the NBA stories, March Madness, and about the time he met THE Jimmy John (owner of Jimmy Johns). You will be shocked with what Dane said to him. We also check in on a local concern and rapper “Chuck” to see how he is doing. 

    (01:05) Average Qualities

    (02:52) Chuck Update

    (05:23) Steve Hog’s Dog

    (07:35) YouTube TV

    (08:25) March Madness Tips

    (15:10) Interview with Dane Mosher

    (27:44) iTunes Rating and Audience Questions

    (29:00) Huge Domains Backpocket URL

    (30:24) Matty C Memorial

    (30:47) Evolution Update

    (33:05) Pursuit of POTUST

    (34:51) What did we learn today?

    (36:45) Feel Good Story

    (38:20) Another Chuck Update

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