Love it
Best way to start my news intake for the day. Clear and concise, with the quality you expect from NPR.
Perfect way to get the news
I listen to Up First on the way to work every morning. Quick way to get the news for the day.
Pairs perfect with breakfast
I listen every morning to stay informed as to what is going on in the world. I also listen to local KTOO to stay with local current events. Thanks!
way to start my day
With sooooo much news happening I couldn’t start my day without Up First! Thank you for such a good overview of the daily news!
Great start to mornings
Love listening to this podcast while I get ready and drive to work. Very good breakdown of what is going on around the world
Reliable daily news
I LOVE Up First! It’s by far the best source of news I’ve ever consumed. I listen Monday - Saturday!
One of the most informative
To keep in mind I listen to a lot of politically informed Podcast, however Up First sets itself apart with the information that is provide, to the host. Love Up First.
Best way to start my day
I love this show! They get right to the point and report the news, just what I’m looking for.
Highly recommended
I listen to Up First every day and recommend it often to others as the most reliable and concise news source around.
Great Way to Keep Up with the News
I listen to this podcast most mornings while I pack my lunch and get ready for the day. It’s a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the US and around the world, especially on complex issues with multiple sub stories like the impeachment investigation.
Great coverage, stories and insights
Start my mornings with up first. Insightful reporting, interesting stories. Keeps me current and informed.
Leans left
I just wish they would deliver the news in an unbiased way, but I guess that’s to much too ask for these days.
The best
I start the day with it every morning!
Start your day informed
Great way to start the day informed regarding the most important news stories.
Great way to start the day
I liten to this almost every morning. Its is always ready and waiting when I get to work and prepares me for the day.
Quick Morning News to start the day
Great start to the day. Although it’s quick, they give context for news stories.
Great show
Reliable information. Can be slightly anti-trump, but focuses on the facts within the news
Daily news source
I love being able to wake up and easily get the top headlines every morning!
Best morning podcast for keeping current with today’s news cycles.
Best way to start your day
HSHS Capt Planet
Great info
Check Your Bias at the Door Please
This news is about as good as it gets. I am a dedicated listener and will remain so. I hope you will take notice of how your political bias spills out all over your reporting. I am a reasonably intelligent person who does not need help forming an opinion. How lovely it would be to wonder how the reporter really feels about our president (Steve and Rachel).
Best use of 15 minutes to stay updated
CA Scott
Among all podcasts Up First is the best and most efficient way to understand the main news stories every day.
David Greene’s voice
Is so sexy!
The first thing I listen to in the morning
This engaging podcasts gives me a great overview of the top news stories.
Thank you!
Neil Rrrrrrr
Thank you UpFirst! Thank you NPR. You never let me down. Wonderful programming. Great production. You are all a part of my morning routine (and afternoon...evening too). In these wild times that we are living in it is wonderful to have a program to remain updated with objective, insightful commentary, news and updates. Thank you! Happy Holidays!
Love UpFirst but why oh why do I keep getting Planet Money shows in my downloads. I don’t want Planet Money. Can’t this be fixed?
Morning roundup for everybody
Jazz Robin
Incredibly well produced and un-biased source of the top news of the day. Highly recommend it. It tell you what happened without telling you what to think...!
Thanks for adding Weekend Episodes
I like how you are bringing in Scott Simon’s and Lulu Garcia-Navarro’s perspectives into weekly politics. Like a kaleidoscope, it helps me see a new pattern in the weekly political situation. Plus I appreciate the late-breaking news updates.
Thank you, Up First!
I’ve listened to this podcast for 2.5 years as an instrumental part of my morning routine. It is concise and gives me the daily news I need to feel educated on what is going on in the US and around the world. The hosts consistently do a spectacular job making everything digestible and engaging!
This show is must-not-miss.
I listen every morning. Great job 👍
Plant Money is playing Up First
I click on Planet Money, but it plays Up First.
Leaning too much
I’ve been listening since episode one, great way to stay up to date and informed. I have noticed that as time has gone by the hosts seem to be showing there more liberal leaning selves as appears to delivering the news straight down the middle. I’ve noticed an almost jovial tone to their voices when reporting on the Presidents miss steps and Democrat victories in regards to the President.
ARich Life -Alisha Richard
Thanks for this amazing podcast. Great show. 💖
Every day pod
Daniel Casey Hopkins
Count on it!
Fix this Planet Money bug!!!!
I love Up First. I listen to it every morning; however, lately it seems that every day or every week Plant Money episodes are popping up. I am a subscriber for Up First so it automatically downloads their episodes and it makes me have to delete the episodes for Planet Money which show up here and I don’t care to listen to. Sometimes it’s nearly a dozen episodes of Planet Money that show up. It’s extremely annoying since it’ll play the next episodes automatically if I don’t delete it first. NPR: Please fix this bug!!!!!
Used to be a good source of general news...
Reynaldo Agama
Now it’s so wildly biased I can’t even listen. Poor reporting and almost entirely devoid of any second perspective, you aren’t providing news - but instead you provide your opinion as fact. Unsubscribing.
Bad journalism
I have been listening for years. As a faithful consumer I am extremely disappointed in your lack of coverage of Bernie Sanders, a current candidate for the US presidency and the 2nd frontrunner of the Iowa Primary. Your lack of coverage tells me one thing, you fear his policies that will impact your “big money” goals. As journalists, you should be ashamed. Good journalism seeks to report the truth, without bias, and without pretexts. You are doing your listeners and NPR a huge disservice. I will boycott your news coverage and I will encourage others to do so until you can fairly portray the candidacy of a legitimate candidate that voters need to know about.
Great podcast, always entertaining and informative
However, the feed is perpetually filled with Planet Money, which I have not subscribed to.
Good way to start the day
I like the condensed news delivery format and listen to it every morning on my commute and have been listening to them for almost a year now. The only part of the podcast that I do not like is the first 20 seconds where the presenters try to be “cute” / “flirty” with each other. If they are trying to show some character, it’s coming across in a very annoying manner. These days, I click play on Up First and use iPhone’s nifty 15 sec forward feature to skip that part.
You forgot to quickly mention one thing about Turley
He’s a hypocrite. He was in favor of Bill Clinton’s impeachment when he testified in the late 90s. Very negligent to not include this fact because it showcases how much this man contradicted himself throughout the hearing. I know your short on time, but it wouldn’t have taken long either.
Best way to stay informed
Fantastic, balanced news that keeps you informed every day with some of the most important things going on around the world.
Up First: great way to start the day
I listen every morning. Quick snapshot of the news that matters, and cuts through the onslaught. I better track the rest of the day’s news/emerging stories. Strong reporting, coverage, and delivery from on-air voices that are now as familiar as those of friends.
Love y'all.
So thankful to have ya'll in my ears every morning ! You give me a good quick summary of the news and always seem to make me laugh or smile also which is impressive amidst all of this awful sad news. 💛
NPR great but stop cutesy banter
NPR Up First should be essential stuff, dealing with critical issues. Please please stop the cutesy, embarrassing, “TMI” banter by the hosts. It is a waste of time & more importantly does not reflect NPR’s quality and standards. Not why we go to NPR News.
Fair and Thoughtful. With challenging issues in front of us as Americans why cry about left and right? Learn, Grow, Change and Solve. Focus on the issues and the Future.
Massive spam download bug continues
This is ridiculous I don’t have time to delete several hundred episodes every time this bug happens and massively downloads this NPR podcast I don’t even listen to! Now I won’t listen to NPR at all of this is going to keep happening. This is the 4th time!
Please stay in the middle
This show has been going to the left. Please stay in the middle .
I Can’t Start Without It
I honestly don’t feel like I’ve started my day until I hear those opening notes of Up First each weekday. Even as more claim NPR is skewing more Left, I don’t agree. For those of us standing in the middle of those at the Left and Right, I appreciate that NPR remains one of the few remaining sources that seem to try harder to present just the facts. You don’t have to like ‘em…but they’re still the facts. To NPR, keep up the good work.
Effectively concise
Great summary of the important news.
The best!
megan alissa
I listen to up first everyday, it’s part of my morning routine and I’m so glad they’ve pulled together the top headlines into a brief overview I can listen to while I get ready! Great team, great reporting and definitely worth subscribing!
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