Love this podcast !
Great way to get the small dose of news I can mentally and emotionally stomach on a daily basis. This podcast perfects the style for providing the facts without making you want to lose all hope and kill yourself and for that, thank you
Great source for news!
I love Up First and trust what they report. It’s the first thing I listen to every morning. Unfortunately the podcast has a glitch and it loads Planet Money episodes. I’ve tried deleting the podcast and re-subscribing but it didn’t work. However, that slight annoyance won’t prevent me from listening.
This podcast is informative and helpful
I started to listen to Up First every morning. It takes less than 15 minutes and I feel informed about the days biggest events. At work now when people ask if I have seen or heard about things in the day to day news cycle I actually have an informed opinion. I love this podcast and it is becoming part of my daily routine.
Quick and fair
I love the way this podcast provides a fair and equal news. I also like I get my news for the day in under 15 minutes or less.
Most Unbiased
I listen every morning because I can’t find another quality news source that is more unbiased. The podcast does lean to the left, but does the best job (from what I’ve found) at giving a fair overview of the biggest stories in the news with both sides of the story.
Technical issues
It keeps downloading hundreds of Planet money episodes... has happened at least three separate times. When I get the podcast I actually want (Up First) it is good. Update: I unsubscribed months ago and it STILL adds planet money episodes to my phone, be careful
Reformed subscriber
Where is Whitney Webb??
When did you become so propagandist NPR? Been listening since birth. Can no longer stomach 5 minutes of your supposed news. Propaganda for who? “USA overthrows government in...” does not equal “Fraudulent election in..., leader steps down.” See most recently, Bolivia, Venezuela, etc. Wake up people! Please.
Love this podcast
Muscle Gregg
Right after my shower at the gym, as I am getting dressed I listen to this podcast. In fact I have gotten several of my gym mates to listen as well. And who knew Steve Inskeep was a total hot daddy.
Despite the Autocracy-in-Chief
mark marco
I can listen to this show with confidence that reliable media, as an institution, is alive and well. We all should do so much- To protect democracy. To truth and justice.
Daily News in a flash
Love to start my morning listening to up first. Highly informative, pleasant voices, and directly to the point. Really happy that they added a Saturday segment as I felt odd starting my day without a weekend briefing. 10/10 would recommend
I Love NPR
This is how I begin every day. I absolutely love my NPR/Coffee mornings, and I’m thrilled it’s on Saturdays as well!!!
Scott & Lulu are wonderful
Scott Simon is a broadcasting legend and we are lucky to have him. Anyone who thinks otherwise can go straight to hell!
Shallow Reporting - not worth your time
Not only does this podcast only cover 2-3 stories a day but it does so very badly. They attempt to give the listener an analysis in the very short time they have and as a result give way to their neoliberal political slant (which makes sense seeing that they’re funded by corps like Capital One). This is especially evident whenever they report on international news. It can be very useful for anyone studying American media bias and the ways that they promote imperialism but not for your average joe trying to get the facts straight. There are many amazing podcasts out there that provide much more in-depth information about daily news. Don’t waste your time with this one.
Listen to this everyday. Brief talking points and a nice stab into the hot topic going on.
Incredibly helpful
I go to work a bit later in the day so I usually miss Morning Edition on my local radio station, so this podcast has been a great stand-in. It’s helped me be aware of what’s going on from the beginning of each workday, and it’s exciting to have a new Saturday episode too!
Much needed
Quit waiting
The ideal amount of news to keep you informed with situations in our country and around the world.
Love Up First
I love getting my news from Up First every morning. It’s short, sweet and to the point. Unlike other news sources after Up First I feel updated without the overwhelm and fear. Thank you for your work!
Not varied
Surely there is more news happening then a daily impeachment update. When the coverage varies it’s a great program
Up First
Excellent analysis of the news.
What’s going on?
Up first keeps loading as planet money. Please look into this.
Saturday edition
Great podcast, so good to have a Saturday edition
Can’t start my day with out listening to UP1st
The best morning news podcast out there
I wouldn’t know what the heck was going on in this 24-hour news obsessed modern world if it wasn’t for the team behind Up First. I trust their expertise and I enjoy their morning humor as I start the day trying to stay informed.
Listen every morning
And now I can listen Saturday too! Thanks Up First. And please don’t ever lose the perfect little piano rift at the beginning. There’s something Pavlovian going on but it’s always the first thing I hear in the morning and makes me feel like the day is going to be ok!
Becoming too casual
This show used to be very straightforward news. Now they’re adding bloopers and quirky conversations that are absolutely meaningless.
Thanks for adding Saturday!
Listen daily. Appreciate your hard work and diligent reporting.
Just the Right Amount
I really enjoy this podcast. The hosts are all great and it's on my list of podcasts I listen to every morning while getting ready for work. I also like The Daily but it's a different format from this podcast. I listen to them both. * * * * Love that this podcast now comes on Saturday!
On Saturday Now!!
Thank you for making a Saturday show! This is my favorite podcast, a staple of my morning. What a delight to listen this morning, especially to hear Lulu Garcia-Navarro and Scott Simon. Well done, NPR.
Love the Weekday version... not so much the Weekend Version
Listened to the weekend version today... hard to hear and hard to understand the guy. Love the weekday version!
Get Rid of Scott!!
This is the only way we can voice our dislike regarding the new Saturday edition. Sorry to the other 5 days of this program. Scott’s voice on Saturday program is so distracting, that I could hardly concentrate on the actual news. I do not want to get used to his voice amd will keep this one star review up until Scott gets the axe on Saturdays!
6 days a week
so happy we now get saturdays and scott simon.
Great way to start your day
Jon Belmont
News junkie onboard since almost the beginning. Great to see Scott and Lulu add to the flow on Saturdays.
First Up!
The first thing I do every weekday morning is listen to Up First. It’s a must have!
My favorite daily news briefing
I have listened to Up First nearly every day since it started, and I am happy NPR has added a Saturday edition. This is my favorite daily news podcast because it is concise, with just the right tone. I prefer it to other podcasts that try to be funny. The hosts of Up First know what they’re talking about and have a great rapport with each other and with their listeners.
So happy to listen Saturday morning!
I listen to as part of my early morning wake up and news from Friday is old by Monday during this time in the world. Love the two hosts!!!
Yayyyy! Sooo happy you’re on Saturdays now! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 thank you for all you do! I look forward to this every morning!
SIX days a week!
Lady Knitsalot
Hooray! You’ve added a Saturday podcast! (Sincere thanks to all the hard working people who make all six days possible!)
Was great but now even better
Sue Mommy
Up First is the perfect length. I listen as I begin my morning routine-if I am not out of the shower by the time Up First ends I know I am running late. I love to have the latest info and if I need more, I search later on Morning Edition. I really missed UpFirst on the weekends, but as of today, it is here on Saturday!!! Scott Simon is awesome. He and Lu Lu are a great team.
Happy Saturday
Bodega Bay Gal
LOVE that Scott Simon is now cohosting Saturday edition. Thank you for adding it to stellar weekday program
Perfect start to the morning
And I love the new Saturday episodes!!
Two Thumbs Up
The new Saturday podcast is great for those of us who may be easily distracted during the week. Thanks for a great show!
What a gift the new Saturday edition is!
Thank you!
Another great one from NPR!
E Fitbit
Love starting my day with this NPR Podcast. Terrific hosts giving an informative & timely briefing of top new events. Perfect length. Not too long and gives you everything you need to know! Five stars!👏
And now Saturday!
So glad to have another day of up first and so pumped to hear Scott and Lulu’s enthusiasm. A must listen!
Great start to my weekday (and now Saturday!)
There are several indispensable morning news podcasts I turn to. Up First is always Up First. Love the format, the broadcasters and content. Always a little smarter having listened to the daily broadcast. So happy to have a Saturday edition to wake up to.
Morning must-have!
I start every workday with this podcast. It’s just long enough, and the hosts are intelligent and down to earth.
Planet Money?
Why does Up First keep loading episodes of Planet Money into my queue!? Please stop it.
Perfect amount of time.
I love the up first podcast because it fits so nicely in my 12-15 minute commute. I used to have a longer commute and my local NPR station was great, but now that it is short, I wasn’t getting the news I wanted from my local station at that time. This keeps me up with world and national news.
A great brief of national and international hot topics
So glad you will add Saturdays to the podcast- thank you! Still love listening to NPR, Fresh Air, etc. but this is a great quick overview of what’s going on. Never enough info for me but it is a good length (catch-22) so don’t change it! Thank you for producing this great reporting option!
Best part of the weekday
Sums up the highlighted news of the day, I look forward to it every morning—despite how depressing the news tends to be they do it in an unbiased way that is refreshing to see in the news these days.
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