June 10, 2018
Vince and Kat mix things up this week and chat about, after various requests by the community, a “Beginner’s guide” or a “Newbie’s guide” this time in part 2, its for the DM and how to get started. Vince and Kat give you their opinions and tips for getting started, based on their experiences overRead More
June 3, 2018
Vince and Kat mix things up this week and chat about, after various requests by the community, a “Beginner’s guide” or a “Newbie’s guide” for the Player and how to get started. Vince and Kat give you their opinions and tips for getting started, based on their experiences over the years and what they believeRead More
May 13, 2018
The crew is back for a new show, talking about Sal’s Green Gene Ogrelund Arena, a thing to use in a large city to add some flavor to your session, Vince talks about Gadgets at the table in fireside chat, and Kat brings us in a new direction with the summoning circle! The live YouTubeRead More
April 22, 2018
Fausti’s flute of Dancing Chaos Rare Item This instrument appears to look like a normal everyday flute, and can be played as such if needed. If checked it will only faintly come up as magical, but normally brushed off as the check will be so faint, it’s not believable and can be misinterpreted as aRead More
April 15, 2018
These rings were designed by me to give to the players when they joined a guild of bandits that were robbing the lords and ladies of Asheville Times. The characters would each put on a ring and this ring would give them the ability to communicate to one another telepathically. They can only each andRead More
March 11, 2018
Items talked about on today’s show: Foldable Stool Item, uncommon (Cost: 25 gp, Weight: 1 lb) For the short rogue who needs a step up to unlock the door or disarm the trap. Gives a +2 to Halflings, Gnomes, and Dwarves when making lockpicking/trap disarming checks   Jar of Preservation  Item, uncommon (Cost: 50 gp, Weight: 5Read More
March 4, 2018
We are back for another show! This week we get right into the swing of things and talk about weapons (ha!). Sal talks about taking boring old weapons and making them special with “named” weapons. Listen to what he has to say, and maybe try it out. In fire side chat, Vince talks about gunsRead More
February 12, 2018
Join the crew this week as they talk about weird and wacky pets and what use they could be for your campaign!     Links of Importance: AfterDark Compendium – Watch Kat on EncounterRP –   World of Arkonis Actual Play Podcast Links Click here to find Arkonis on iTunesRead More
February 4, 2018
In this very episode the crew is back for a full show, starting off with Sal talking about how named creatures are really important to add the flavor to your campaign, and comes up Skaava The Devourer! Vince follows up in the fireside chat with adding some spices to that flavor by talking about reskinning monsters,Read More
January 28, 2018
Gems: Silver Colored Gem (maybe can call it clear) Red Colored Gem (ruby like) Blue Colored Gem   The Silver Gem if placed inside a bag with any coins (gold, silver, copper..etc) will make more of it while the character sleeps. For it to work again, the character would need to take out the fundsRead More
January 21, 2018
Canteen of rejuvenation Wonderous Item (very rare) This wooden canteen was carved from the Father Tree as a gift to the Elves. The liquid inside is a magical spring that mixes the rejuvenating powers of the Father Tree sap with pure water granting anyone that drinks it the ability to recover more quickly. Drinking theRead More
January 14, 2018
Gem Coated Weapon – Just like you can cover your weapons in silver to be able to fight ware-creatures, master-smiths can coat your weapons in gem dust to add damage effects to your weapon. You must provide the smith with gems = 200gp of one type, and also 200gp for the work. Your weapon willRead More
January 7, 2018
Well its a new year, which means a new season for this show, yep, Season 2 starts, with episode 19! So what’s on this show? WELL.. this show starts off with Sal talking about his homebrew world some more and the Zealots of UL… An interest group of people that carve spells into their fleshRead More
December 31, 2017
Lantern of the Fell: This lantern is painted in abyssal black. When it’s front cover is opened with a switch on the handle, the lantern casts a ray of darkness. This ray projects the view of what the Shadowfell looks like wherever the lantern is pointed at. The ray is not only casting a projectionRead More
December 26, 2017
You think Christmas specials ended with episode #18? Think not as a special treat, we are releasing all the interviews Kat did at Dragonmeet this year for your listening pleasure! Our second interview with the makers of the game Shadows of Esteren discussed both this game which is less combat based and more about theRead More
December 25, 2017
You think Christmas specials ended with episode #18? Think not as a special treat, we are releasing all the interviews Kat did at Dragonmeet this year for your listening pleasure! Special guest: Twitter: @rolistespod Follow us on Twitter The Show – @PocketMimic Vince – @TheEvilDM Sal – @Deadnosave Kat – @KatTulip Zac – @ZactruRead More
December 24, 2017
Its our Christmas show! Let’s talk about the various things that could make your game more holiday like with such ideas talked about on the show as Sal talks about his “Winterbeast” and how he used it in his game (and see if you can figure out what movie he ripped the idea from?). InRead More
December 17, 2017
Welcome to the After Dark show, where the full crew is present and Zac leads us on a topic of conversation that involves how a Gem slotted sword works in his campaign world, and then the rest of the crew gives some ideas on how they would use it in their games. Also Zac hasRead More
December 11, 2017
Welcome to another episode the of Pocket Mimic Podcast, this week the show starts off with Kat reporting in on DragonMeet 2017 and her experiences there with whom she met up with! Sal then follows up with The Bones of Captain Kalumaad in the worlds we live in while Vince talks about how initiative isRead More
December 3, 2017
Masterwork weapons and armor can be bought at double the price from a master smith. Masterwork weapons have sharper edges that don’t dull as quickly and are made from finer materials. Weapons do one die greater damage on hit see table below. They offer no plus to attack. Armor grants 5 temp hp per shortRead More
November 26, 2017
Join the crew this week as they take you on a trip, an adventure of sorts, fueled by dru- Imagination! Sal talks about a location from his world, called “Drakkanridge ” and provided us with a nice drawing to show what it would look like in his world! Then in the fireside chat, Vince talksRead More
November 22, 2017
Just in time for Holiday, a Cursed weapon! Join in as the crew talks about this unique item. Want to know more about it? See the write up below!   Gold Lust dagger and the Hoarding Purse: This +1 Magical dagger is a cursed item. It was forged from the heart of a vampiric dragonRead More
November 13, 2017
We’re back with a new episode! Starting off the show, Sal talks about how he reskinned a creature for use in his game, and how people shouldn’t be afraid to do the same. In the fireside chat Vince talks about his new alignment system that he uses for his actual play podcast, the world ofRead More
October 22, 2017
Bow of many Arrows Features: This is a +2 magical bow that has the ability to magically modify your arrows when shot. It can shoot one of each shot per long rest.   Each shot takes an attack action.   Dual Shot: You nock two arrows on your bow and let fly. The arrows use theRead More
October 15, 2017
The Feast Encounter – Starving adventurers come to a cozy camp or room full of their favorite foods, drinks and desserts. It is irresistible. DC 20 Wisdom Save against the Confusion spell cast by a pixie. The adventurers sit down and immediately start eating. They start gorging themselves on food being overwhelmed by how deliciousRead More
September 24, 2017
Welcome to another episode of After Dark, with your hosts, Zac, Vince, Sal and Kat! This week we talk about designing a magical location. We go into detail about a location that has been designed for this very show! Your party has been wandering in the wilderness for weeks trying to find the Old WizardsRead More
September 17, 2017
The Pocket Mimic Podcast is back with another episode! This week Sal returns from his trip bursting with interesting ideas for the show as he talks about a custom little creature to use, and explains how he uses this little cute creature to recharge the magical weapons and items in his game (see pics below). Read More
September 10, 2017
Welcome to After Dark! Sit down and listen in as Zac, Vince and Kat walk through creating a trap from the bottom up, or top down, whatever you wish to call it, but they walk you through it and chat out how each part of it works. Of course we make use of Nodwick Bob!Read More
September 3, 2017
Welcome to lucky #13 of the Pocket Mimic Podcast, or as Zac says, “14”, Why? you’ll have to listen in to see his reasoning and you decide! But in this very show we break the normal format while Sal is out of town on vacation. Vince, Zac & Kat sit down and do a reviewRead More
August 27, 2017
Welcome everyone to another edition of After Dark, as Zac leads the crew in a chat about designing siege weapons. The group talks about designing Gelatinous flying cubes as the weapons. How would you keep them? how would it work? Have you done this? We chat it up and discuss what can happen and howRead More
August 20, 2017
Greetings Mimics! Here we are with another show this week, and we had a little running joke the entire show about how Kat was supposed to be eating some yummy donuts and we were keeping her from doing so..Thus we named the show #NoDonuts4Kat – But onto the what show is about, we announce theRead More
August 14, 2017
Join Vince, Sal and Zac this week as they tackle the question of designing quest items for D&D 5e! Listen in as Vince goes over his item, the Ashes of Witnessing. Sal gives the run down on The hand of Tzentok and Zac show us Lurues Golden Heart! All this in one giant packed showRead More
August 6, 2017
Welcome to a new episode of the Pocket Mimic Podcast! This week a new voice joins the show, Zac.. Listen in as we make him feel right at home on the show (and poking fun of him with #ZacAttack (look it up kids, Save by the Bell reference). Then we speak a little about Kat’sRead More
August 3, 2017
Join Vince and Sal this week as they tackle the option of creating a different kind of familiar/pet for your game, as Vince talks about a War Chicken he created for an old 1e and 4e game and translated it for 5e, while Sal talks about his “ALEmental“! Check out the Write up for theRead More
July 23, 2017
Welcome to Episode #10! We’ve made it to double digits for shows finally! Listen in as Vince, Sal and Kat explore the topic of “The Creep Factor” in your game. This week show starts off with the trio speaking about D&D Beyond and the pricing that’s involved with it. In the main segment of theRead More
July 16, 2017
Vince and Sal sit down this week and answer a question seen on the DM Mentor’s Guild, about needing someone to design up a pirate ship. So listen in as the boys sit back and design up a ship, Lola’s revenge and her crew. They speak on the importance of what’s needed and what’s notRead More
July 9, 2017
A new show is brought to you this week, just like every week! This week, Vince, Sal and Kat sit down talking about different takes on races that you can incorporate in your worlds, with Sal’s WyldBourne Elves, and Vince’s Dwarrow race. Listen in as they talk about what they are and how they canRead More
July 2, 2017
In episode number 8, Sal and Vince discussed an idea of a wig shop that was a front for a demon worshipping cult. While we really didn’t think much of it, you the listeners wrote in and tweeted us on how you loved the idea and wanted to know more about. Tweeting us and emailingRead More
June 25, 2017
Welcome back to another show from the Pocket Mimic crew, Join Vince, Sal and Kat as they open the show up talking about city building, what goes into your town, what’s needed, and what’s not needed? Things that are mostly important to remember when designing up your campaign, or even your one site, so goodRead More
June 18, 2017
Join Melanie and Vince as they sit down and design up a tavern for you! This tavern comes complete with description of the grounds, a map of the layout, the owners, patrons, a full menu and a bunch of rumors! Links: Map and description of Tavern – Stephen Joy’s Maps – DM Mentor’sRead More
June 11, 2017
This week, we dig deep into the email bag, and open up the emails, read the important questions and answer them. Some questions are about the game itself, others are questions about the hosts and their past history, others are just “how to handle this…” question. Either way, we thank those that flooded us inRead More
June 4, 2017
Join Vince and Melanie this week as they tackle another thing on their list of things to do in their campaigns! This week they sit down and talk about Legacy items, something that was around in the D&D 3e era, but never move onto 4e and not in 5e (as of this recording). Legacy Items,Read More
May 28, 2017
Welcome to episode number 6! The team is back with another full show full of ideas to spark the fire that lights the imagination in your brain when creating YOUR stuff. Listen in this week as Sal talks about a creature he was thinking about designing up in his world, in the worlds we liveRead More
May 21, 2017
This week Melanie and Vince sit down and answer an email question from a fan about designing Big Bads! Listen in as they talk about the process, and then design up big bad for high end games and then a mid level big bad. Big Bad is a term that comes from the Buffy theRead More
May 16, 2017
Welcome to a brand new show of the Pocket Mimic Podcast! Sit back, enjoy as we chat about how to introduce new elements into your campaign worlds, do you use a clever reason or just say, “F it, its the speed force baby!” ala The Flash TV show style? Next up in the Fire SideRead More
May 7, 2017
The After Dark train is chugging along as this week we tackle the subject that is often asked when playing D&D, creating a custom, balanced class for your players. Melanie and Vince speak this week about designing a class called “Rune Priest”, a custom runic casting priest for that was designed up for a playerRead More
April 30, 2017
This week the show starts off with Sal as the main host and going insanely silly for our intro, What did you get yourself into this week folks? As Vince steers the show back on track, the group talks about flavoring your world, with NPCs, and government structured societies. The fireside chat gets heated up,Read More
April 23, 2017
Join the crew as they bring you a new mini show, called “After Dark” where they take on one topic that is going on in games for them or Dungeon Masters in general, break it down, explore and it create it for you. This week’s episode, Vince and Mel break down how they handled a customRead More
April 16, 2017
On this very early morning edition of PMP, the crew sits down at talks about the deities that shape their worlds and what they mean to the peoples of their respective worlds. The fireside chat continues the conversation about “divine intervention”, talking about the actual mechanic for 5e, along with allowing other characters to seekRead More
April 2, 2017
Welcome to show number two! The crew will sit down this week after deciding on our world names, giving you a little about the background in the world, how it was kind of created, and where it maybe heading this week. During the fireside chat, Vince leads us in a talk about Alignments and howRead More
March 26, 2017
Welcome to episode 1, time to get into the swing of things and start talking some gaming! In this show the hosts sit down and talk about World building, how they go about the process of getting ready, some tools they use and advice on approaching the topic. The hosts also decide on a fewRead More
March 26, 2017
Hey we are who we are! We are a bunch of gamers, who enjoy D&D, maybe enjoy it a little too much! We hope you enjoy our little show, but we wanted to get the whole, “Who we are” and what the show is about part out of the way, in this small intro toRead More
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