Flaw Seagal
I throughly enjoyed this podcast. Definitely relatable especially with the twitter topic about following certain people based on their looks only to realize they aren’t the brightest people in the world... lol keep grinding fellas
These are my type of ninjas. Jokes through and through. Loving the energy and the conversation. Looking forward to listening more.
Man y’all keep up the good work. I just started listening a month or so ago. Y’all keep it real. So I’ll keep tuning in. -Xavier
Delilah josh
Your podcast nice. it is long time . but many good
it is great from USA podcast
First, this show is a breath of fresh air!!! I love how you guys give open and honest perspective with a sense of vulnerability! DOPE! New fan! Posted earlier not sure if it showed.
Thumbs up
oh hell yeah!!!
I would date a kardasian to help ur podcast. It's entertaining and if I liked any other podcast before this then I guess I'd be a bandwagoner by some people's definition of the word. I like how u switch subjects in a subtle way. It's like u r there.
New Wave of Podcasting
Toni Johnson
I started listening to the podcasting with episode 3 and i've been hooked every since. These guys are so chill, especially Fredie and Mac II and River out of the blue comments and Billie's crazy no nonsense antics have me on the floor laughing. Darrius is just angry lol. Love the podcast, love your sexy voices. Keep it up Toni J. from Brooklyn, NY
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