My Corona (A Viral "My Sharona" Parody)
Published February 15, 2020
3 min
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    Video outbreak coming soon! Lyrics: Ooh, my little Wuhan one, viral one Coming to congest my lungs, ay Corona Zoo-o-notic transmission …where’s it from? Bats or civet cats who knows why, Corona? When’s it gonna stop, fever cough, wash your dirty hands Why’d I ever stop in Hubei for vacation, man? Why Why Why Why AHHH CHOOO M-m-m-my Corona Don’t you come no closer, huh, no closer bruh Unless you got an N95, Corona Got a travel history, I’m quarantined Should’ve just quit touching my eyes, Corona Never getting off, stuck onboard such a dirty boat But why you hoarding masks when you live in Alaska tho? Why ey ey ey ey NO M m m my Corona M m m my Corona When’s it gonna get to me, get to me You killed the doc that called you out, why Corona? Internet conspiracy, COVID-19 Just a pack of communist lies, Corona? Never gonna stop, media, such a dirty game Cuz no one gets the shot for the flu but it’s just as lame Why Why Why Why A Choo Wu Han Wu Han Wu HOO M m m my Corona M m m my Corona M m m my Corona
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