So fun and refreshing
This podcast is a perfect mix of light and funny, while offering some interesting and potentially effective self help tid bits. Such a fun listen!
Love love love!!!
I am obsessed. Just started listening so I’m catching up but I’m basically listening to nothing else at this point 😅 Highly recommend. The advice they pick up and share is so helpful-while also paying attention to the critical issues that different books may have and I think that’s great
Used to be better
Been here since the beginning and I used to look forward to every new episode but I honestly haven’t listened in a few months. The ladies started out by taking on more controversial or challenging books but now they seem to stick to books that don’t push them out of their comfort zone. I also dislike the epilogue and filler episodes that get put in at the end of each season; wish they’d produce fewer episodes and concentrate on finding interesting books.
Didn’t like it
I liked the podcast until the hosts felt it was ok to talk badly about author Hal Elrod. Now, I don't know who he is, and Im not a fan but I was taught that if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all. Why read the book if you’re only in it to use as content. You didn't really want to “live” the book.
Love love love
Minkt usbdomf
I’m a year behind but working my way through and I find it incredibly relaxing, hilarious, and insightful.
Funny, Fantastic, and Free!
These ladies are awesome. Just listened to their review of The 4-Hour Work Week, and I’m super impressed. Their lighthearted humor, professional production, and ability to connect with listeners is superb. They literally had me laughing out loud like a lunatic in the gym. Recommend to anyone looking for a fresh show!
Blatant, constant self-promotion
I used to really love this podcast. I loved back when it was about Kon Mari, Nature Fix, etc. I could always pull helpful tidbits from their verdicts. However, something has changed. I’m not sure if it coincides with their change in production or not, but it’s mostly self-promotion now. Kristen released a book. It’s cool, it’s a big accomplishment, and it deserves to be talked about on the show. HOWEVER, 2 episodes dedicated to “living” by this book that they clearly were already living by? That just seems cheap. And of course, Jolenta can’t think of a single bad thing about her BFFs book. Their typical “privilege” criticism that they lay on nearly every other author never got brought up. Yeah, I’m sure it’s easy to start a podcast when you already have a successful one. *eye roll* Anyhow, they just announced that they co-wrote a book, so I’m sure it’ll be featured on the next season & I'm just so over it.
Love this podcast
Just came across this podcast! Their reviews of self help books are filled with a healthy dose of real life and lots of laughter. Especially love the input from their husbands as they try to follow the chosen book! Priceless!
Referred to others
I have recommended this podcast to lots of people.
I’ve Laughed and Cried
I discovered By the Book about a month ago, and I’ve since binged all five seasons. I have laughed out loud at some of the things they’ve said and lived by, but I’ve also cried at some of their personal revelations, the topics they’ve discussed, and my own reflections. Jolenta and Kristen’s honesty and kindness with which they approach life and each other makes the podcast not just a fun listen, but a meaningful one. Also, shout out to the amazing Frank the dog!
Love it
Love this show!
Love this podcast!
Love love love this podcast. Jolenta and Kristen are so thoughtful, smart, and funny. I love hearing about their experiences living by the book and that they bring a critical and feminist perspective to the podcast. Can’t wait to hear more!!
My Favorite Podcast
I don’t think I can get enough of this podcast. I always trust I’ll get honest opinions about self-help books and it has probably saved me SO much time and money for not having to read each of these (especially the ones I was skeptical about!). It has also opened my eyes that it’s okay for me to only take advise from parts of books that really work for me instead of trusting everything these books say! I love hearing listeners’ comments and I feel like my eyes have been opened to so many different viewpoints. I’ve been telling everyone about the show so I hope you continue to read as many self-help books as y’all want! Also Kristen and Jolenta, I cannot thank you enough for being so vulnerable on this show - it has strangely helped me work through my own trauma as I’ve been on my own healing journey. Thank you for opening up about so much - I know it helps others and it’s so inspiring to hear about 💗💕
Saves me from reading BS self-help books!
I’m a self-help book junkie. I’m particularly drawn to trending books about productivity, organization, happiness, and confidence. I discovered this podcast after Kristen and Jolenta were guests on another podcast I subscribe to. When I saw that they had done an episode on *Getting Things Done* I decided to listen to their take on it. I’m now hooked and have gone back through several seasons of episode trying to weed out other books that I’ve had on my list. They are great at distilling the key points of each book, and I find much of their commentary humorous.
Great concept. I find it entertaining for the most part. The content can be informational and I've listened up to the 90s episodes. I do think that I'll be taking a break though. Never heard so many ads in a podcast!! It is hard to enjoy the show when you try to listen to multiple episodes in an evening. Between the ads and the increasing drama feel, it just isn't my cup of tea ATM.
A favorite of mine
This podcast is fun to listen to but also provides useful, practical tips for improving your life. The hosts have great chemistry and are very relatable.
The accents!
Quel the belle
I had to google their photos to assure myself that an eighty year old midwestern lady (think Bobby’s Mom on steroids) and a 13 yo hipster-baby talker weren’t doing a podcast!
Mean hosts
Mean, petty banter that won’t make your life better. They claim to be progressive, but scream at anyone who disagrees with them. Save your time and listen to something else. I wish I could have the time back that I spent listening.
Would highly recommend
Fun and silly while also being thoughtful and helpful. Their honesty is refreshing.
Makes Me Happy
This podcast makes me happy!! It’s like self help for lazy people: I enjoy gaining important tips from my life without having to read the books—and I get to hear all about it from my two best good podcast sister friends, Kristen and Jolenta! I love that Kristen is super practical, yet optimistic, while Jolenta is super woo-woo, yet pessimistic. They are so balanced as far as view points go. Of course they’re very kooky too—so you know, they’re only but so balanced, haha! I love that they bring a silly sense of humor to their show, which comes in handy, given how serious the topics can be. Their mutual compassion and respect are what bring me back week after week, (along with Jolenta’s dog, Dean, and Brad!) My only complaint is a selfish one—I wish there were more episodes per season!! But I know, I KNOW, the mechanics of time don’t work that way. Luckily the show is good enough that I can content myself by listening to old episodes again. The show has helped me through challenging times, when I needed some advice and laughs—and By the Book delivered and continues to deliver every time. Five stars, all the way!
Love. This. Podcast.
Something nobody thought of
I listen to podcasts all the time, every chance I get. This is the first time I’ve heard an episode of a podcast and then went back and listened to all of them. I’m blissfully wayyyy behind on all my other favorites because this one has captured my heart — the hosts are honest, kind, and not afraid to show their humanness. Listening to it in full has highlighted the arcs their personal journeys in life, too. I’m so invested! I will be sad when I’m all caught up and have to actually wait for the next episode.
I always recommend this one to my friends. Just such a fun one to listen to.
This podcast makes me so happy! Well, sometimes cry, but you all inspire me to be a better person! Thank you for being so honest!
The hosts are candid and the show is touching and funny. As a fan of self help books it is so fun to listen to!
My fave
By the Book is my favorite podcast! It has the perfect blend of comedy and self-help, and Kristen and Jolenta are hilarious together. They’re so different and yet they’re both so relatable.
My happy handrail.
I love listening to your podcast cause it makes me feel like I’m just chilling on the couch at a girls getaway, too stoned to participate, but it doesn’t matter cause you all just had three shots of espresso and you’re solving all my problems for me by living and thinking at top speed! Like my actual friends, you are smart and hilarious, but unlike my actual friends, I’m not beholden to any of your emotional needs or baggage. Win win! Lastly, Jolenta, I love your voice and sometimes when I need to comfort myself, I imitate it. Thanks for the MOST rad show!
Great for a few episodes. It wore a little thin after a while but I still love the premise and specifically I love their relationship.
Helpful and entertaining
If you like self help books this is a less tedious way of exposing yourself to them. I appreciate their different points of views. Love their audio clips. Well produced and edited.
Keep doing you
I love you guys . You are 100% legit. It’s so refreshing that you keep it real. The barnyard language makes me laugh out loud since it’s everything in my head that I want to say out loud. Keep being your awesome selves.
Highly recommend for those interested in self help
I can’t recommend this podcast enough for those interested in self-help / self-improvement. Kristen and Jolenta give such good insights as a skeptic and a person who isn’t. This podcast has saved me time and money by weeding out self-help books that aren’t worth my time. Wish I had found it sooner. I just love Kristen and Jolenta (and Cameron, Brad, and Dean)!
The GBBO of Podcasts
I LOVE By the Book! One of my friends recommended it to me, claiming that it is the “Great British Baking Show” of Podcasts— and she was totally right! It’s wholesome, uplifting, and fun. It’s been great for my mental health :)
Super fun and relatable!
I usually binge a ton of true crime but this podcast is a little ray of sunshine for me. The girls are super relatable and I love how raw and team they are.
Love this show!
It really has changed my life.
I Didn’t Even Know I Needed This Podcast, Turns Out I Didn’t
I’ve listened since the beginning and I feel like these ladies are starting to get a little off-brand. Now that they have a new reality podcast to put that energy, maybe it’ll get a little more about the comedy and a little less about the whiny, politically correctness. When ya tell people not to leave even remotely negative reviews in your episodes, it comes across like you can’t take any sort of criticism. You preach about how great every person is, but I have been leaving episodes feeling more and more shamed because I am not of color. We’re not all bad people because the vocal ones are getting media attention.
Saving time!
Robin PK
As a mom of 2 little ones I have to choose my books carefully since I don't have a ton of extra time to read. Thank you for helping me save time with your thoughtful reviews of popular self help books. Now I have a much shorter list to get through.
Love this podcast!
Very funny and often profound!
So entertaining.
Love Kristen and Jolenta. So many laugh out loud moments.
morris cow bellus
Fun to listen to the ladies and not have to read the books without a good recommendation first.
Not basic!
My favorite podcast ever and no where near basic!
One of the best podcasts! I love Jolenta and Kristen. The books they select are amazing and, to be honest, it saves me time in having to read them.
Two sassy real af ladies who do the work of sessing out the situation so you don’t have to. Guaranteed to make you yell out loud in agreement or opposition:)
Reading without reading!
Sandy Aronson
I love this podcast. These ladies are so real! Additionally, I’m able to read a self-help book every single week, without actually reading it! I love hearing from their vantage points, and even though were in very different stages of life, I feel like I can still relate.
Thoughtful and hilarious
Jolenta and Kristen are amazing! I highly recommend this podcast, whether or not you're into self-help books. I'm so-so about self-help, but I have learned a lot from this podcast, including more about myself? That's cheesy, but true. Thanks for all you do Jolenta, Kristen, et al! :)
Love the hosts and the format
Funny, honest, informative
Love these ladies!
H shouldice
Entertaining and enlightening!
Fun listen
This is fun to listen to and helpful to get info from books I may be interested in.
I adore this podcast. It’s basically the only one I listen to, and I tend to binge it. I love listening to Kristen and Jolenta as they navigate the books and care for their friendship. They’re intelligent feminist folks who read all of these self help books so I don’t have to. Recommend to everyone!
So Entertaining
Found this show about 3 seasons in and became addicted. The hosts are funny and entertaining! They’ve saved me a lot of time reading books for me and just giving the best and worst points. They really engage with their listeners in their epilogue episodes which is also great! Love them and have recommended them to multiple friends!
Fun and enjoyable podcast
This podcast has two hosts that live by a self help book and then report back to you. It is great because they do all the hard work and we just sit back and listen. They make it funny and interesting.
Helped my stop buying self help books
3 Dog Pack
I adore this podcast! I was always buying and reading self-help books that left me feeling like I was the problem. Enter By the Book, now I am able to be more critical of bad advice and obnoxious authors while still being open to good tips and ways of changing my patterns that work for me. Love the hosts, Love the show!
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