Susan Rice
precious poodle
Makin money
Dr Levy did not give a balanced scientific account of adult vaping. If there is a next time, please invite a physician who is more positive about adult vaping either to debate her or on his/her own to provide a more informed perspective on adults. Not impressed.
Five Stars for Tom Ashbrook
I agree with many others that Tom Ashbrook made On Point what it was. I listen much less than I used to and I’m just not crazy about Megma. I think NPR cut off its nose to spite its face. I still listen on Fridays to Weekly News Roundup. I like that host a lot. (David Folkenflik?)
Bring back Tom Brook
Tom Brook apologized for his action then why can’t he be pardoned?.What I heard about the allegations, he was bossy and mistreated women’s. This is not a big crime? His not having in the show is the greatest disservice. His excellent interviewing skills is unparalleled. He took journalism to a new height.I have to admit my interest for the show has declined ever since he was let go. No matter how good Meghna might be, Tom has an aura about himself that is so captivating that you are hooked to the show. Too err is only human. He can be pardoned and brought back!
Lawyer Farmer
The content is great. But Ms. Chakrabarti: Please stop the “mmmm...” and “hmmm...” and “huh...” responses as speakers talk. You don’t need them and they are distracting.
Better without Magda
Magda is obviously biased. She uses her interviews to attack people she disagrees with and lets obvious weaknesses go unchallenged among those with whom she agrees. I understand that Tom Ashbrook is no longer viable, but can’t you do better than this?
A Sinking Ship
First, let me say that I was no fan of Arrogant Tom. Glad to hear him gone. But in terms of hosting, Megna is no improvement. Her rushed pacing, fake incredulity, and clear biases make for an ofter exasperating show. The producers need to revamp this tired show...most episodes of which simply recap print media stories with absolutely no added insight. I delete more episodes than I listen to nowadays...and am very close to unsubscribing altogether.
Deletes Episodes
many episodes i had kept saved to listen later. on point app deleted all of the ones which aired earlier than the week prior. disappointing. new host is rather annoying. always seems exasperated.
Vagina Bible
Thank You for this episode I have been thru so much and have always been told to use dove soap and to not stick anything in my vagina And in my experience doctors also say the vagina is self cleaning I always wonder is this is true or false. And is it true or false that if you don't douche your dirty??? Its really confusing.
Bring Tom back.
L Christine
On Point was a must listen when Tom was hosting. I really miss his exemplary interviewing skills.
I like this show (still miss Tom), but it feels like guests or callers get interrupted by Meghna too often. I realize it’s a live show and there are time constraints, but I listen to other live podcasts and there aren’t as many interruptions. Love Jack and never miss the Friday news show!
Not what it used to be
Tom was fantastic. (Oh, how I miss him.) Meghan does a good job. And who wouldn’t love Jack, even if you disagree with him. However, I’d rather listen to nails on a chalkboard than to David. His delivery is incredibly amateurish. Despite my best efforts to listen for content rather than performance, I cannot get past David’s verbal inadequacies. The only saving grace for On Point is that David isn’t on the show five days a week.
Bring Tom Back
The show has taken a significant dive. The only episodes really worth listening to is the weekly news wrap-up. Everything else is meh. Jack Beatty is the only reason I even listen to the weekly wrap-ups. The show seems to be starting to lean to far to the left. The host needs to do a better job steering the ship back towards the middle. Thats what made Tom so good. He truly knew how to deliver an unbiased opinion.
Great show
Mark Loelo
I really enjoyed the show under Tom Ashbrook, and Meghna Chakrabarti was my favorite of all the guest hosts to replace him. She has done an excellent job hosting the show [Mondays through Thursdays] after Ashbrook’s departure, especially with regards to moderating and holding guests accountable. Jack Beatty is what keeps me listening on Fridays. His responses are well thought out—even if I disagree with some of them—and he usually introduces me to at least one new word that I had never heard before. I wish Friday host David Folkenflik would stop trying to be hip with his lingo; e.g., “Folkenflik Fridays”, “hit us on the twitters”, etc. However, besides these moments of trying to sound like a youngster, Folkenflik does a pretty good job of moderating and holding guests accountable as well.
5 stars
Wah Hey
Well informed analysis, like the weekly round up. I could live without the Beyonce obsessed cocktail chatter.
A small criticism meant to be constructive
nickname thing is too annoying
Meghna talks and inserts her opinion too much. Sometimes the expert guests can’t seem to get a word in edgewise. I wish her well
Meghna better worrrk!!!
I love this show. Was a listener back when Tom was the host but must say I’m a tried and true Meghna fan!
Tom Ashbrook
Tom Ashbrook must come back. I used to listen to this very day. Now, perhaps once a month. Please, please, bring Tom Ashbrook back. I tried to write this review again but it put me back here so I’ll add to it. I used to listen to this show every day. I miss it very much. Please bring back Tom Ashbrook. Sincerely
Hit or Miss Nowadays
I’ve been a long time listener and I’m sorry to say this show has been hit or miss recently (mostly miss). Even if Tom Ashbrook is gone, the show really needs to focus on what was working before.
Without Tom
I can’t listen any longer. Tom’s perspective, voice and inquisitiveness made this the best show of its type anywhere.
Bring Tom Back
I want to preface this by saying Meghna is a decent host. However, she is nowhere as good as the legend Tom Ashbrook. I used to look forward to hearing Tom’s show every day. Now, I just listen once a week.
Great Show
Not sure why these people are asking for Tom back. His inappropriate behavior was inexcusable. I for one enjoy this show and I believe she is doing a fantastic job. Her interviewing skills are great and her compassion for the topics are apparent.
So disappointing
It is becoming consistently clear that Meghna’s orientation is considerable to the left. I will be unsubscribing because of my frustration in her inability to remain neutral in her interviews. (it’s also clear that she has not done a great deal of research on supporting evidence of any topic that even slightly tilts to the right.)
I miss Tom too!
Green headed duckling
I agree with a lot of other reviewers. Tom Ashbrook is extremely talented and made this show great. I think Tom should be given a second chance. Can’t people be allowed to grow and change? If he has, then he should get another go. In the meantime, “on point” is no longer on my favorite podcast list. It is just not as interesting.
Where I get my news
My favorite part of this podcast is the weekly wrap-up. Short to the point and smart callers (for the most part). The weekly shows are great topics and Tom does a great job trying to get alternate views while keeping the discourse civil (something lacking in so many news shows). I do miss Toms interviews, hard and fair, but the topics continue to me interesting.
Bring Tom Ashbrook back!
Beginner Player
Bring Tom Ashbrook back! He is a victim of what you know is going on!
Bring back Tom
RI meditator
The new folks are fine but Tom Ashbrook was excellent. The greater good will be served by not depriving the nation of his rigorous journalism.
Bring back Tom Ashbrook
Davin E
I used to listen every day when Tom hosted. Now I try to listen but often end up tuning out or turning it off with a few minutes. Absolutely awful hosts.
Show has lost some of its groove.
When Tom Ashbrook was hosting On Point I listened religiously. I still listen but not as intensely. The show is and always has been left leaning. I wish that radio stations and programs would be honest and say “we acknowledge a liberal lean to our perspective and that our target audience tends toward this political affiliation but we strive towards impartiality and objectivity.” That would be an honest and accurate statement. I guess as a society we aren’t ready to be forthright. Incidentally, I describe myself as Center-Right but still seek my news from NPR. I wish a Center-Right mainstream media source existed, but I know that it does not. it’s hard to say whether Tom A was an overly demanding host in pursuit of excellence or just a bully. His shows did have a certain polish that is now lacking—in my opinion. Ashbrook did, however, seem to be in decline towards the end of his tenure. I like Mehgna as host, but I preferred her work on Radio Boston. David F is improving but his radio relationship with Jack Beatty seems tense. Jack, you seem to dislike David. I hope I am mistaken. For me, the NPR politics podcast has displaced On Point somewhat. My advice for On Point is to keep focusing on International News of the day. This is sorely needed for an American audience.
Insightful and fair
This is the show I turn to for enlightening discussion of a wide range of issues. I have been extremely happy with Chakrabarti and Folkenflik as new hosts of the show. They are fair minded and ask the questions that need to be posed of their guests in order to illuminate the issues up for discussion. I also really appreciate the way they engage with callers. Some hosts are not very effective at including listeners while also maintaining a grip on the conversation so tangents don’t throw the discussion off the rails. Great show!
Awesome podcast!
i find this podcast really informative and interesting. i usually only listen to the episodes that seem interesting to me from the description. the hosts are great and the guests are usually very interesting.
Major downhill slide
Long-time listener, but now completely done with this podcast. Replacing Tom Ashbrook has led to significant decline in both quality and tenor of discussions. The female host has no gravitas, constantly interrupts commentary with inane and politically correct tripe, while male host seems hopelessly uninformed and uncomfortable in his role. The quality of topics has been degraded, and discussion is predictable, insipid, and dull. This podcast had previously been a staple in my listening portfolio, but it now seems purposeless to maintain any contact with this once-riveting show.
Good content, but the sound of swallowing is horrible!
I don’t need to hear every tiny sound the guests make... turn it down a notch. The sound of swallowing, breathing.. lips separating- it’s cool sound engineer... we get it, you’re dialed in.
I love everything about the show. But PLEASE make more than one week’s worth available! It’s beyond irritating to have to go to the website and play from there when I missed a show only two weeks ago. I understand not having 6 months worth of shows, but maybe a month?
Still relevant
Erich J Pacheco
I’ve been an On Point listener for almost a decade. Great show. I liked Tom Ashbrook, great journalist, but I guess a terrible coworker/manager. Meghna Chakrabarti was a great replacement, but I guess she too has moved on. Some episodes not as good as they used to be.
Magna better than Tom
I’m enjoying the podcast so much more since Magna C took over. Thanks. Tom was sometimes too breezy and an arrogant blowhard.
It's declined
I used to really like On Point, but it has declined over the years. One of my big pet peeves is the reliance on invited experts to the show, who get premium space on the show despite often supplying routine or boring information, over informed call-in listeners. Sure, a call-in listener is can often be bad radio, but often they are much more insightful and worth listening to than the stilted in-studio guest. My advice to On Point would be to stop cutting off the truly interesting call-in listeners in order to cram in other callers or expert voices, who are often a step down in quality.
Meghan C talks too much with some arrogance. Other hosts are very good. Please use other hosts
Thanks for posting the entire two-hour podcast, unlike 1A which is aways incomplete.
Where is Tom?
I have been an avid listener of the show for 12 years but now I barely do. I have tried to give Magna C. a chance but as a host of this format she is just not good. In the vast NPR stable there has to be a better choice.
J0K3R 1776
One sided narrative driven talk.
Would be better without callers
Freelancer 170
This program suffers from its call in portion. Everyone gets their say, no matter how ill informed they are. As a listener, I want to hear the informed opinions of writers and reporters, not the left wing and right wing nuts who call in with misinformation from occupydemocrats or info wars respectively.
Inspired to post a review after listening to the Jan. 15,2019 episode of a conversation with the author of “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism” (Shoshana Zuboff), and host Meghna Chakrabarti. I could have listened for hours more — please Meghna, have Professor Zuboff back so the two of you can talk again. Perhaps a series with her about this topic?... would be fantastic; even patriotic... I’ve increasingly been appreciating your hosting in general Meghna—thanks!
Not as good as it was. Less balanced and empathetic.
This show just isn't as good as it was with Tom Ashbrook. Often the hosts stumble over words and seem barely informed on the subjects they cover.
I Miss Tom
I have been a listener for many years. Tom Ashbrook was just a better host. The new folks are doing okay but it isn’t the same - more left wing, more extreme, and less empathetic. Still a good program but bring Tom back — at least occasionally! Tom = 5 stars and new hosts = 4 stars.
On point is back - on point!
I loved Tom and was disappointed to hear about the problems he created. It took a while for the show to find another good interviewer- or two. I have always liked Meghna Chakrabarti and David Folkenflik. Neither lets the show go stale or off on a tangent and the daily topics are - well, topical.
Amazing podcast!
Long time in China
Meghna does a wonderful job interviewing guests and acknowledging different points of view. Her research is solid and she is always well informed. I though it would be hard to replace Tom, but I like Meghna's style more and more and don't miss Tom at all.
You are missed Tom Ashbrook
Please do another news podcast Tom ashbrook. The world waits for your voice.
Still waiting...
This show used to be my Absolute favorite podcast. But it lost its warmth and flow after removing Tom Ashbrook for rubbish reasons. Sorry,but the quality of shows has fallen. If Tom ruffles some feathers in the pursuit of excellence, so what. Unfortunately Tom was a victim of Me Too gone too far. BRING BACK TOM! I’m sure I’m not the only listener that feels this way and waiting for him to return on air.
Not the Same Quality After Tom Was Canned
Cali MusicLover
Used to be my favorite and one of the best podcasts available. The quality of the show has taken a nosedive since Tom's sacking.. I gave the show time to recover and get back to it's previous quality, but It has not so I have given up. Sadly, I am moving on.
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