No episodes
Nothing appears but a blank screen for available episodes.
OK, Jack Spear is a horrible newsreader in the world. Annoying ads.
Super annoying full of advertising and marketing. Some of the newsreaders can barely read and speak (Jack Spear, Nora Rahm) or have speech impediments. Awful. Furthermore, it comes with really annoying ads and promotions. My twitchy finger is hovering near the delete button :)
Love NPR’s Up First podcast!
Burnsie monkie
Light-hearted yet deep-dive into day’s most important issues, essential listening
Love love
Great content With top news happening.
Daily Driver
Quick bite sized trustworthly hourly news show. Perfect.
Articulate, trusted, convenient
I greatly appreciate the hourly update via podcast so I can catch the latest information whenever I want. Thank you for your hard work and polished delivery.
Great way to get news
Thanks for being there with honest, upfront news. There is not always enough time in our morning to catch the news, but this helps to keep me current.
Love the show and content. I just can’t keep up with the volume of podcasts. I listen 1-2 x daily which leaves much to delete.
I listen to nearly every hourly podcast
I wish they would leave the hourly podcast up longer. The iOS podcast app sometimes doesn’t download according to my subscription so often I may miss one or many downloads. I may not listen intently so playing several of them consecutively helps me to catch the important stuff. Maybe keep the last 6 shows up?? Please.
Is this “summer series” new..?
Sixum Suave
I’ve heard this before I feel? Why is it advertised as if it hadn’t been released before? It’s a fine podcast, but I wish it would let you know when something had been released previously.
Quick Updates Without Any Silliness
Listening is a regular part of my day. The podcast is prompt and without technical difficulties or any banter between ‘hosts’, just real reporting about the important stories of the day. Not much depth or analysis in these short reports, just breaking news, quick updates, and reports on developments to ongoing stories.
NPR news
Seems like it doesn’t follow my settings. Otherwise it is a good podcast.
Podcast never updates
The podcast sends notifications for new ones but when I go and listen they aren’t there. kind of frustrating
I listen atleast 4 or 5 times a day.
Great news, quick and easy, and no problems for me with sound, cutting off, delays or any of the technical complaints I’ve seen in the other reviews.
Great news but hourly updates
News is good but often 6 hours delayed and it takes lots of effort to find recent one
So much yes!
Great way to keep up-to-date with news all over the country.
Quick hits on the hour...
Scott T Mac
I’m not in the car or near live radio, so when I need a quick hit of news on my schedule, this is a perfect fit.
Mothers & Protestors, NPR
NPR news is as neutral news as I have found. I appreciate the attempts by most reporters to be concise and not opinion fronted. I appreciate the narrator self corrects they leave unedited- such as not referring to women as mothers unless they themselves have opted to be a mother. However today was disappointing when reporting on North Dakota planned pipeline, referring to Lakota, Dakota tribal sovereign nations as merely protestors and not citizens of their respective pre-colonial nations. That is signed, sealed, delivered assimilation propaganda and projected assumption that native sovereignty is a cute liberal antic. Not ok NPR. It’s hard work being neutral in journalism, but it matters. A pregnancy doesn’t make you a mother, just as 300 years of Pilgrim Law doesn’t make first claim inhabitants, protestors.
NPR hourly newscasts.
Bill Leader
The short segments offer a concise up to date recap of breaking worldwide news.
Relevant facts
prefers impartial
Those five minute segments are packed with information ordinary people can understand.
1964 Rodeo Girl
This is truthful relevant news. Reported concise and up to date. Get your news here.
Good Reporting
This feed has had issues lately, but NPR News is some of the best reliable reporting in the US. Ignore the trolls who can’t stand them reporting relevant stories, or who need everything spoon fed to them in the form of propaganda. NPR does a good job, and honest reporting is needed now more than ever.
What happened...?
A week ago or so, NPR News Now suddenly disappeared from my subscriptions and was replaced with Planet Money! Now, NPR News Now is back but, instead of 5 minutes of up to date news, it’s still episodes of Planet Money! What Happened?!?!?
What happened to NPR news now?
a broke sufer
Used to be subscribed to news now but it doesn’t exist on Apple Podcasts now? Need some clarity....
Long time fan just unsubscribed
What’s going on with NPR apps? I was subscribed to several NPR pods - including the indicator. Yesterday everything went haywire. Indicator is mislabeled and all NPR pods show me as not having listened to any eps that I have. Please fix. I am unsubscribing from all my NPR pods for now.
Where’s the NPR news now?!
I don’t what happened but I was subscribed to NPR news now & for some reason it has disappeared. That’s why this is getting 1 star. Fix it!!
Soothing news
I don’t know what I’m about to say but Shannon sounds very soothing when breaking news in this podcast, iv never heard bad news about bombers and felt “I’m so glad you broke me the bad news” 😂😂. Also content is great.
Always broken.
This podcast is always broken. Podcast unavailable errors when I try to stream it. BBC and CBC works fine so I dont know where my membership dollars go.
So glad
I used to drive to work and got my NPR News fix all the time. Having these post throughout the day let’s me stay up to date on my bus commute. I limit my streaming when off WiFi so this is now my fix!
Cringe cringe cringe. Awful and biased.
Luv NPR & balanced reporting
My #1 podcast! I love getting the up-to- the-minute updates and news. Truly wonderful reporting and insights condensed into a quick 4 minute update.
Editing needs some work; overall short and sweet
Nikolai Shkurkin
Often the beginning and ends of the podcast are garbled, cut-off, or oddly made. I listen to NPR on the radio sometimes and hear the same reports and they sound fine. It should be easy to fix for an otherwise polished set of NPR podcasts.
How subscribe?
askjfaoi pajeoipra
I was subscribed to this podcast. Suddenly, I'm not subscribed. Now I can't subscribe. I click on Subscribe and nothing happens. I subscribe to other podcasts. What's wrong with this one? Please don't make me go to Fox news and see if they have a five minute news podcast I can listen to. Please.
After all these years it still needs work
Please please work on the sound balancing, please work on your time zone, I kind of expect this thing to around 645 and it varies it’s always 20 minutes one way or 20 minutes the other one. It makes it hard for me to actually listen to it while I’m getting ready for work.
Horrible sound balance
Please work on your sound balancing, the sibilance is seriously unbearable.
Very good and timely!!!
Love the real-time and quick updates.
Good but,..
Often cuts off, mid sentence, before the report is finished. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Dig it
I love NPR. Get the NPR One app. It is hella rad.
Best of the news !
I support NPR for the quality of the news they provide and live having this quality podcast every morning :)
NPR keeps me up to date
I love to start my morning with ‘Up First’ and then get my updates through the day with NPR news.
I love npr
How not to get every update
Subscribe. Unsubscribe. Now podcast remains in your library. Visit when you feel like it instead of struggling with hourly updates.
Biased News Reporting
I sub to this and a variety of other news sources so I can get a well rounded report of the news. The bias in NPR's reporting isn't anything new, but I starting to hear more fake news lately, especially with the current gov't shutdown showdown. Just report the news.
Disable download
For about 1-2 months, the hourly news does not download. I have tried multiple apps and is is the same. There is something wrong with the NPR feed. Please fix this. I have relied on this news feed for years and miss having it.
Broken downloads
Downloads have been broken for weeks. Please fix.
error downloading podcast
living in hawaii
Hi its broken again, on itunes getting stopped (err=-2146893018).
This is ideal!
I despise cable news and network news. This is the perfect way for me to stay up on all current events and just get the facts.
Sick of hearing nothing but criticizingTrump!
Absolutely pathetic! Can’t you report anything besides what you think trump is doing wrong?! Hate this news anymore
Hard News Only; Fast and To-the-Point
I don’t care what your politics are; NPR has probably the best 5 minute hourly news update around. This is the same constantly updated newscast you can get on the NPR app, and they also post it on Twitter on the NPR News Now account. Fast and to the point, hard news only — one of my fav ways to get the news.
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