November 28, 2019
For the first time in BHooked Podcast history, I’m hitting the pause button and planning for growth. But this is not goodbye! The BHooked Podcast will return with episode 145 in 2020. I explain all of this in this episode, including why I’m hitting the pause button and what you can expect in the coming months from B.Hooked as well as what to expect from the show when it returns. If you want to get your crochet podcast fix in the meantime, browse through the archives of this podcast including more than 143 hours of podcast inspiration, motivation and tips
November 21, 2019
In this episode of the BHooked Podcast you’ll hear from, Brittany, creative entrepreneur behind the popular blogs Ideal Me, Dabbles and Babbles and My Yarn Club. She shares her best strategies for starting a crafting blog in 2019, growing an audience and maintaining a balance to keep you on the right track with your goals. Click Play to Listen! This episode is brought to you by my online Blueprint class, “Tunisian Crochet for Beginners”, everything you need to learn Tunisian crochet and make your first three projects. If you are ready to learn Tunisian crochet, this is the class for you! Links
November 14, 2019
In this episode of the BHooked Podcast you’ll hear Jessica from The Hook Nook share her biggest, most exciting secret. When you’re hearing this, it’s no longer a secret, however, when we recorded this episode I had no idea what the secret was and therefore what we were going to talk about. The resounding message is to kick fear in the face because no dream is too big. Click Play to Listen! Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode Details about The Hook Nook Collection – Please check this post for the store list to see if your local store
November 7, 2019
In this episode of the BHooked Podcast you’ll hear from Sarah at Warm Up America about this seasons Made With Love | Crochet Challenge for Warm Up America event and why we would love for you to consider participating. The items made and sent in from the challenge will be hung in low-income areas, primarily in the Dallas TX area, so anyone walking by who needs them can keep them for warmth this winter. The challenge officially kicks off in just a couple days (as of when this episode is published in November 2019, so have a listen to discover
October 31, 2019
In this episode you’ll hear from Caitie of Thoresby Cottage, talented designer and crochet addict located in South Africa where yarn resources are a bit limited. In order to grow in her craft and pursue her passion as a designer, Caitie has needed to be resourceful to create patterns and projects she loves. She shares tips for finding and substituting yarn in patterns, ordering online as well as some clever projects for those one or two special hanks in your stash that weren’t easy to get. Click Play to Listen! This episode is brought to you by my online Blueprint
October 24, 2019
Are you looking for a way to take your projects to the next level? Try dying your own yarn! In this episode you’ll hear from Ashley, talented dyer and maker behind Montana Crochet. Her passion for dying yarn really shines as she shares some tips for getting started and for achieving some really great looking coloration. Ashley is also very passionate about her maker business and the community as a whole. We wrap up this episode chatting a bit about where you can find inspiration for your yarn dying experiments and tips for standing out. Click Play to Listen! This
October 17, 2019
Being a maker means lots of decisions and lots of “stuff”. I don’t know about you but sometimes that can feel a little overwhelming. Yarn that seems it’ll never get used. Pattern decisions. Project decisions. Do I use this color or that color? Wait maybe that stitch instead of this one? If you create with yarn, chances are you have thought some of this before. I think about this stuff on a daily basis! A refreshing change of pace came in my chat with T from Debrosse, a maker, business owner and minimalist. In this episode I explored all the
October 10, 2019
What does knitting and crochet do for you? I’ve been on a journey this year of discovering my place in the community and how my strengths and values can enrich someone’s life. I’ve learned that although knitting and crochet effects many areas of my life, at it’s core, the process of creating a knit or crochet item is what fuels me the most. Yarn does more for me than just make a pretty thing. That has become sort of a mantra for me and you’ll hear me say it more and more as B.Hooked grows and develops over the next
October 3, 2019
Have you been thinking about trying to earn additional income from your hobby? Whether you’re ready to take the plunge and turn your hobby into a full time job or you just want to earn a little extra money each month, you’re faced with a big decision. Do you make this change or not? Will it be worth it? Will it even work? The question Brianna from Life and Yarn asked herself “what do you care about more than failing” helped her realize the decision that needed to be made and she’s here to talk about that journey today; how
September 26, 2019
A (flexible) routine keeps me focused, productive and happy. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without my daily and weekly routines. You can say I’m a creature of habit – for good reason. Habits just work for me. I’m often asked how I manage to do so much work and there’s no way I could get it all done without a solid plan. In this episode, I want to share my updated routine, schedule and habits with you. My goal is to share what works for me and give you some ideas to explore of your own to
September 19, 2019
Hate seams in amigurumi projects? Me too! I’m always worried I’ll seam the piece on crooked or that it’ll fall off someday. I know I’m not alone in this struggle so I was absolutely thrilled to chat with Melanie from Knot Too Shabby Crochet about how she eliminates seams in amigurumi altogether. Her new book, Hooked On Amigurumi, 40 Fun Patterns for Playful Crochet Plushies is filled with cute little projects to help you learn how to use shaping and color changes to eliminate the seams and she shares her best tips with us today! Links & Resources Mentioned in
September 12, 2019
You don’t have to be a designer to use your surroundings to inspire your projects. Truth is, you can inject little aspects of you, your likes and your world into anything you make. This episode and my chat with Vincent from Visuvios Crafts opened up my eyes to unique ways to find inspiration for projects and I’m even more energized to start something new. So whether you publish your designs or you just like to free style projects for your self or others, we can all benefit from Vincent’s unique perspective on finding inspiration from the world around you. Click
September 5, 2019
Did you know you can use crochet as the foundation for embroidery? I was blown away when I learned about Andy from O & Y Studio, a talented maker in this community who blends her crochet and embroidery skills into one gorgeous project. Whether you know how to embroider or not, Andy tells us how possible it is for anyone to embroider on crochet and I learned so much from her. I know you will too! Click Play to Listen! This episode is brought to you by my online Blueprint class, “Tunisian Crochet for Beginners”, everything you need to learn Tunisian crochet
August 29, 2019
Are you still completely confused by gauge? No worries! I’m back this week to answer even more of your questions about gauge. Here’s the scoop… Don’t worry, you’re not alone! I turned to my Instagram community again this week to bring you another “what you wanted to know episode” to find out exactly what you need to know about gauge. So many questions were submitted that I’m breaking it into two episodes so I can answer as many of your questions about gauge as I can for you! Click Play to Listen! If you enjoyed this format and would like
August 22, 2019
Are you completely confused by gauge? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! I turned to my Instagram community again this week to bring you another “what you wanted to know episode” to find out exactly what you need to know about gauge. So many questions were submitted that I’m breaking it into two episodes so I can answer as many of your questions about gauge as I can for you! Click Play to Listen! If you enjoyed this format and would like to hear more episodes in the future where I answer your questions submitted through my Instagram Stories, please tell
August 15, 2019
Do you want to increase your engagement on Instagram? Although it’s the place many of us hang out for fun and for the community, if you’re using it for your maker business you need to master the basics to get the most out of it. In this episode, you’ll hear from April from OTH Crochet Nook as she shares her best tips for increasing engagement on Instagram so you can up your maker business game! Click Play to Listen! This episode is brought to you by my online Blueprint class, “Tunisian Crochet for Beginners”, everything you need to learn Tunisian crochet and
August 8, 2019
Ready to create your first basic crochet garment? It’s probably not as difficult as you might think but it’s good to have a feel for basic crochet garment design before diving in. You don’t know what you don’t know, right? Here to help you understand the basics and get a little extra confidence boost is, Emily, designer behind Hooked Hazel. She brings many talents to the crochet industry but she really has a nack for designing and making garments. She’ll share her knowledge and experience with designing garments that are both functional, pretty and easy to make. Click Play to
August 1, 2019
What does “Crafting Made Simple” mean to you? This episode is about exploring what it means for yarn to do more for us than just make pretty things. Specifically how simplicity and stories can help us identify what type of crafter we are, why we do what we do and how to inspire the next generation so they can enjoy these things too. To help me with this is Jen from Stitch and Story, a resource that’s dedicated to simplifying the often complex processes in our craft. Jen and I had a wonderful chat about our personal experiences with learning
July 25, 2019
Curious about why so many crocheters love working with wooden crochet hooks? This episode will help you see the benefits of working with wooden crochet hooks so you can decide if they are right for you. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect wooden crochet hook for me and after my chat with today’s guests, I’m anxious to give them a try. You’ll hear from Rick and Danny, the father-son team behind the family business, Laurel Hill. They share how their hooks are made and why they are the perfect wooden crochet hook for so many crocheters. Click Play
July 18, 2019
Have you ever made a pattern yarn substitution and it didn’t turn out quite right? Either the size was off or the finished project didn’t look the same. Can I get a yes?! I had to learn the hard way that you can’t use whatever yarn you want with the same hook or needle size and have it turn out the same. That’s not to say yarn substitution isn’t possible, however! You can avoid the frustration that comes from finishing a project you’re not happy with if you do a little prep work first. That’s what you’ll learn about in
July 11, 2019
Confused about what fiber to use for your project? You could learn the hard way or you can listen to this episode of the yarn mini-series for a place to start! Truth is, selecting the “right” fiber for your project involves a little knowledge and personal preference. I reached out to my Instagram community to learn exactly what you want to know about choosing fiber for your projects. So you guided the conversation! In this out-of-the-norm episode, I answered as many of your questions about making the right fiber choice as possible and to be honest, I had a lot
July 4, 2019
Are you afraid of ordering yarn online because you need to see and feel it first? Maybe you’ve tried before and it wasn’t the right color or even worse, the textured wasn’t what you expected. This has happened to me too! There are so many variables potentially working against us. Is our screen to bright? Too dim? Am I familiar with this yarn already or is it brand new? I’ll be honest, I love the “thrill of the hunt” – going to a store like Joann’s or Michael’s not knowing what I’m going to find. You just can’t get the
June 27, 2019
Is your yarn stash out of control? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! I usually need to sort through and organize my yarn stash at least once a year. Admittedly, this isn’t something I love scheduling time for but it does save me time in the long run! Here’s the deal – organizing your yarn stash can do four things for you. First, it will save you money because you won’t be buying yarn you already have (that you forgot about). Second, it will save you time when looking for the right yarn for your project (because
June 20, 2019
Are you looking for a quick and portable project? The granny square is perfect! You can turn them into just about anything – blankets, purses, coasters, totes…and they work up with scraps and a few spare minutes. In this episode you’ll hear from Kate from Jellybean Junction and get an earful of granny square inspiration. You’ll hear of different ways to use granny squares, how to incorporate color and texture to change things up and ultimately why the granny square is the perfect little go-to. Click Play to Listen! This episode is brought to you by my online Blueprint class, “Tunisian
June 13, 2019
Do you want to share what you know about crochet and knitting through tutorials on YouTube? Making the decision to put my first tutorial up on YouTube was quite literally life changing, I just didn’t know it at the time. If this is something you’re interested in exploring yourself, this episode will be very helpful for you! You’ll hear from Sarah-Jayne, the creative yarn entrepreneur behind Bella Coco Crochet. She peels back the layers and shares everything you need to know before you upload your first tutorial, how to grow your channel, how the numbers really aren’t important and some
June 6, 2019
What does crochet mean to you? For so many of us crochet is more than just a hobby. I know for me it’s a creative outlet, a way to express myself and most importantly, a way of life. So what does crochet mean to you? Here to share an inspiring story of what crochet means to her is Elise from Le Petit Saint Crochet. Through one of the most difficult times in her life she found crochet. She calls it her saving grace. Click Play to Listen! This episode is brought to you by The Handmade Business Summit, a virtual
May 30, 2019
Are you ready to write your first crochet pattern? Well don’t worry, it’s much easier to write your first crochet pattern if you keep it nice and simple to start out! Basic shapes and stitches are the perfect starting point and if you would like to add some interest, throw in some stripes! Here to explain just how easy the process of writing crochet patterns can be is Krista from the blog, Rescued Paw Designs. This is pretty much her specialty and she shares all her tips in this episode! Click Play to Listen! This episode is brought to you
May 23, 2019
Are you struggling to stay on top of your maker business? You’re so not alone, friend! We may not see it from the outside looking in, however, many makers are struggling with the same problems. Personal limitations, customer limitations, being original – all areas I’m sure you’re familiar with. How you handle this stress will make or break your maker business. Here to talk about that in more detail (since I am not a seller of goods myself) is Cristin, from the shop, Kozy Komforts. She has called herself a maker for several years and has come out on the
May 16, 2019
Are you ready to start publishing your designs? Listen to this first! Making the decision to start publishing your crochet and knit patterns may be the best thing you ever did but it’s not always easy. The first step is to find your place within the crochet community – in other words, what uniqueness do you have to share? In this episode I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Rohn Strong, full time blogger, designer and instructor. He has been published in magazines and made an appearance on The Knit and Crochet Now TV show. His story is so
May 9, 2019
Take your crochet up a notch with tapestry crochet Have you ever seen a project where words were magically incorporated into the stitches? Or maybe what looked like a photograph from a distance but was in fact a crochet afghan? If so, you have seen the beauty of tapestry crochet. In this episode I’m joined by Amber, from the blog Divine Debris, an up and coming tapestry crochet designer and all round tapestry crochet fanatic. You will learn the fundamentals and how you might be able to incorporate it into your next project. You’ll even hear some tips for designing
May 2, 2019
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to earn a living with crochet? It seems crazy, I know, but you can make a living with crochet. There are hundreds (dare I say thousands?) of people out there who are making a full or part time income with their crochet skills. You’ll get to hear from one of those people in this episode! Today I’m joined by Meghan from the blog, Meghan Makes Do, to share her story and we chat all things crochet businesses. Click Play to Listen! This episode is brought to you by my online Blueprint
April 25, 2019
Need help choosing Colors for your next project? In this episode of the BHooked Podcast I’ll walk you through the basics of color theory and how you can relate it to your next project. I recently wrote a guest blog post for Love Crochet that shared how I use color theory when planning a color palette for my crochet and knitting projects. Now I’m turning that blog post into a podcast episode! Click Play to Listen! This episode is brought to you by my online Blueprint class, “Tunisian Crochet for Beginners”, everything you need to learn Tunisian crochet and make your first
April 18, 2019
Are you trying to balance your full time job and your side hustle yarn business? This is no easy task. Finding a balance usually involves is a ton of trial and error, lots of help from your friends and family and a little inspiration from others trying to balance it all too. Today I’m joined by, Melissa, side hustle maker behind the website Woods and Wool. Melissa has a full time job that she loves and chooses to balance that with her passion project and side hustle. In this episode, you’ll hear some of the strategies Melissa uses to juggle
April 11, 2019
Are you hung up on tech editing and gauge? Whether you aspire to be a professional tech editor, need to learn how to tech edit your own patterns or simply have no clue what gauge is there is something valuable for you in this episode! I’m joined by professional tech editor, Emily of Fiat Fiber Arts and it’s our mission to help you understand what it means to tech edit a pattern (for those of you who design patterns) and understand what gauge is (for those of you who follow patterns for fun). Emily started tech editing professionally after realizing
April 4, 2019
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a crochet blogger? Maybe it’s your goal to start a crochet blog but you’re just not sure if it’s right for you. Starting a crochet blog is the best thing I have ever did. It gives me purpose, keeps me on my toes and provides a creative outlet for my endless ideas. That’s a common theme with this week’s guest, Meg, from Megmade With Love. Meg started a crochet blog not long ago and she shares her story today on the show. The successes, the failures, the lessons –
March 28, 2019
Do you want to start writing crochet patterns? Maybe you strive to be a crochet designer or you just want to record the pattern for your own reference. Either way, I think you’ll find this episode helpful! I’ll share my top tips for writing crochet patterns – lessons I have learned over the last six years! Ready to dive in? Click play to listen! This episode is brought to you by my online Blueprint class, “Tunisian Crochet for Beginners”, everything you need to learn Tunisian crochet and make your first three projects. If you are ready to learn Tunisian crochet,
March 21, 2019
Pretty doesn’t have to be complicated When was the last time you looked at a crochet or knit piece and thought to yourself, “that looks way to complicated for me!”? Well, I’d be willing to bet it’s not nearly as complicated as it looks! Jessica from Mama In a Stitch is here to tell you just how easy “complicated” projects can be. She has been doing it for years and her website is centered around the idea of making easy yet pretty pieces in crochet and knitting. Click play to listen! This episode is brought to you by my online
March 14, 2019
Want to learn colorwork knitting? It is such a beautiful way to shake up your knitting routine. Here to give you a lesson in colorwork knitting and to discuss the different ways to incorporate color into your knitting projects is Ella Austin, author of the new book A Beginners Guide to Colorwork Knitting: 16 Projects and Techniques to Learn to Knit with Color. In today’s episode, you’ll learn: The different types of colorwork knitting What projects are best to start as a beginner Tips for working with multiple strands of yarn What you’ll learn from her new book Links &
March 7, 2019
All About Tunisian Crochet Tunisian crochet is one of my favorite forms of crochet. Using a different style of hook, with Tunisian crochet you’re able to create stitches that are completely unique. You can even create stitches that look like knit! If you haven’t tried Tunisian crochet before, I hope this episode will give you the motivation to spring into action. It’s all about Tunisian Crochet today! Toni, from TL Yarn Crafts shares her wisdom and enthusiasm for Tunisian crochet while giving you a good foundation and starting point. In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn: What you can create with Tunisian
February 28, 2019
Do you struggle to finish your projects? It’s so hard to get them all done. There’s an old saying that goes “failing to plan in planning to fail”. I have this posted on my wall as a daily reminder that in order to finish my projects, I must have a plan. I’m convinced that the only way you will be able to finish all the projects you set out to create this year is to have an action plan in place – a rigid yet slightly flexible way of keeping yourself accountable for the projects you want to make. That’s
February 21, 2019
A New Genre of Crochet We often use crochet as a form of self expression without really thinking about it. Yarn isn’t something we do, it’s more of who we are. Until recently, there hasn’t been a way to describe how yarn allows us to express our true selves. That’s where “yarn punk” comes in. On today’s episode you’ll hear from Vincent of Knot Bad Crochet as he shares a new genre of crochet called “yarn punk”. It’s not so much punk or rock related as it is a way to showcase what yarn means and expresses for you. You’ll
February 14, 2019
Overwhelmed by all the crochet tools available? One thing I love about our hobby is that it requires very little supplies. Just a hook, scissors, darning needle and some yarn is really all you need. But when you start looking into it, there are so many options! In today’s episode I’ll to share my “evolution” of crochet tools if you will. What I had as a complete beginner and what I added to my collection as my skills advanced. You’ll Learn: The four essential crochet tools for a beginner to have Four yarn options that are great for beginners When
February 7, 2019
Are You a Busy Maker Trying to Maximize Your Crochet or Knit Time? It’s not easy to balance life, responsibilities and a hobby. We have to experiment and see what works. In today’s episode, you’ll listen in on a chat between myself and Rachel about managing time, hobby and business. Today’s Guest Today’ you’ll hear from Rachel, of Evelyn and Peter – busy mom of three, blogger and maker and how she balances life, responsibilities, her hobby and growing business. You’ll Learn A bit about Rachel, how she learned to crochet and how it turned into a hobby and business
January 31, 2019
Are you Participating in this year’s Crochet Challenge for Warm Up America? In today’s episode I’ll share the project journey so you can hear first hand what went into designing the 2019 Crochet Challenge for Warm Up America lap blanket. Since this is the first time we have done an episode like this, I’ll start by explaining how I tackle the design process and then tie it all into this year’s challenge pattern. You’ll Learn The different stages to my design process Where I get inspiration from and why How the first design for the challenge was a failure How
January 24, 2019
Curious how to get a job in fiber arts? Before I started B.Hooked, I thought working in the fiber arts industry was only a dream. I remember thinking that doing what you love and making a living doing it was a fantasy. Is it even possible for your hobby and career to be the same thing? Yes! I am proof as well as thousands of others working in the field they love – fiber arts! Today’s Guest I’m joined today by Lee from Coco Crochet Lee to talk about how to get a job in fiber arts, what fields are
January 17, 2019
Do you need crochet tips to get better at your craft this year? If so, you’re in the right place! I’m on a mission in 2019 to provide you with as many crochet tips as possible to help you improve your skills this year. I have learned many of these lessons the hard way – if only I had seen this short list of mandatory crochet tips in the early days! In today’s episode I will run you through five of my top crochet tips that will help improve your skills and see results fast. These 5 crochet tips address
January 10, 2019
Have you heard of slow knitting? Not the kind of slow knitting we might be familiar with – how slow it can sometimes be to finish a project. This is much deeper and it’s not just for knitters either! Slow knitting is a concept that was brand new to me before speaking to today’s guest, Hannah Thiessen. Hannah wrote the book on slow knitting and she’s here with us today to share what it’s all about and how we can get involved. In today’s episode… You’ll Learn About Slow knitting – what it is and why you might be interested
January 3, 2019
Looking for new types of crochet techniques to try this year? In today’s episode, I’ll expand on a previous episode and share five more types of crochet to try in the New year! If you haven’t heard that first episode, you should definitely add it to your listening queue. Jump back to episode 32 on your podcast player or listen through your browser here. In it we discuss amigurumi, tapestry crochet, Tunisian crochet, broomstick/hairpin lace crochet and filet crochet. In today’s episode… You’ll Learn About Aran Bavarian Overlay Intarsia Entrelac Now if you haven’t done so already, click on that
December 27, 2018
Happy New Year BHooked Podcast Listeners! I want to keep it short and sweet today so you can spend time with your loved ones this holiday season. Today it’s just you and me in a quick catch up session – I’ll chat about what’s on my mind in the New Year and most of all, thank you for being so amazing. Please Take This Podcast Survey! Please take a moment to let me know what you want from the podcast in 2019. This short survey will only take a few minutes to complete and is so important for me to
December 20, 2018
Are you ready for the challenge? I hope so because this year is going to be a big one. In the 2019 Crochet Challenge for Warm Up America we will be working through a Lap blanket for the wounded warriors at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, MD. Not only will we make them a lap blanket but I’ll also include a knit hat pattern so you can make them a hat too! Today’s Guest Today I’m chatting with Mary Colucci, Executive Director of the Warm Up America! Foundation and you’ll get to hear the first news of the Challenge for
December 13, 2018
Are you on a mission to get better at crocheting? Practice may not always make perfect but in my experience good practice always makes better. There are a few fundamentals that when you “get these”, everything else will fall into place. Do you know what they are? Today’s Guest Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Lorene from Cre8tion Crochet. She is a wealth of knowledge and no stranger to finding ways to always get better. She’ll shed some light on those fundamentals today to help you on your journey to being a better crocheter. You’ll Learn About “A Year
December 6, 2018
Are you working toward a goal but can’t get any traction? If so, fear may be the resistance that’s holding you back. Artists and creators face fear every single day and realization is the first step to overcoming it. If you’re running down a dream, you need to hear this episode! Today’s Guest Today you’ll hear from Tim Grahl, author of Running Down a Dream as we chat about fear and how to overcome it as an artist. You’ll Learn About a book project that I’m working on Fear’s role in creating How to overcome fear Now if you haven’t
November 29, 2018
Do you have trouble picking the right colors for your projects? You are definitely not alone in this struggle! Today I want to share seven tips to choosing the perfect colors for your projects. You’ll Learn How to plan the colors for your next project 7 different ways to find color inspiration How to get over analysis paralysis and make a decision Now if you haven’t done so already, click on that play button at the top of the page to learn how to plan the colors for your next project! Red Heart Yarns Hygge Hygge yarn is a brand
November 22, 2018
 Ever wonder how to dye yarn? My first experience dying yarn wasn’t exactly a success but through that experience I learned that there are crucial steps to the process. Dying yarn can be a great Sunday funday project if your hands need a break from your current WIP. Who knows, it may even become a new hobby for you! Today’s Guest I’m thrilled to chat with Ali of Explorer Knits this week on the podcast! It’s certainly a conversation I wish I had (or heard) before I tried dying my first hank of yarn. You’ll hear about that interesting
November 15, 2018
Do you crochet or knit every day? If so, you’re probably doing a number on your body and you don’t even realize it. I didn’t realize that my passion was causing me pain until I could literally feel it – pain in my shoulders. A few episodes back I shared that story as well as some ways to avoid aches and pains while we crochet. That episode led me to today’s guest, an expert in the physical fitness and wellness world. Today’s Guest I’m so excited to share today’s guest, Elena with you. She is so passionate about health and
November 8, 2018
Have you ever wanted to modify a pattern or perhaps create your own? If so, you’ve probably found yourself trying to figure out your foundation chain number. Although the process to figuring out how many chains to crochet your foundation chain is unique to every situation, it’s pretty easy to figure out once you know the steps. That’s my objective today – share with you exactly what bits of information you need and how to figure out the number of chains you need to start your project. You’ll Learn Why figuring out the foundation chain is different for every person
November 1, 2018
Are you ready to take your crochet up a notch? Corner to corner crochet (C2C) can help you do just that. With little to no difficulty you can use C2C and a color changing yarn to create unique color patterns or a gradient-like appearance. With moderate difficulty, patience and a diagram you can quite literally crochet a piece of art. It’s one of the most versatile techniques I have ever come across in both style and difficulty. Today’s Guest Today on the show I’m joined once again by Jess from Make and Do Crew. She is a wealth of knowledge
October 25, 2018
Do you have bits and pieces of yarn skeins everywhere you look? You are not alone my friend! I found my guest on a quest to use up the little bits of yarn laying around my studio. You know those little quarter skeins you try to stuff away when you don’t have the heart to throw them out? Since I don’t have enough for a full knit or crochet project, this led me to think outside the box and look to other fiber arts as a solution. Today we’re going to explore the world of weaving together! Today’s Guest I’m
October 18, 2018
Have you ever wanted to explore more ways to craft with yarn? I think we all do once we get to a certain point with our craft. Whether you knit, crochet or both, at some point you’ll probably want to expand your creativity and find more ways to craft with yarn. Perhaps it the learner in me but I’m always looking for a fun new way to use yarn. I’m not necessarily looking to become a master, but just give it a try; experiment and see what I like! I’ve made it a personal goal to try everything my guest
October 11, 2018
When was the last time you did something that was just for you? Self care is one of the most important things you can incorporate in your day. When you do, you’re fueled with the energy to be your best self for everyone around you. Whether you’re a maker, designer, blogger or hobby crocheter, we all have one thing in common – we’re all human. When your fuel light comes on in your car, what do you do? You get to the gas station because you don’t want to be stranded. When the light bulb won’t turn on any more,
October 4, 2018
Do you design patterns or create content? If so, I’m sure you can relate to the struggle of figuring out what to make! Before you invest time, effort and energy into creating a pattern, blog post, video or any other type of content, it’s wise to know what your audience actually wants. This is easier said than done! Today’s Guest Marie Segares is on the podcast again today! This time she goes in depth to help us figure out who our audience is and how we can use that information to create the patterns, blog posts and/or videos they want
September 27, 2018
Have some extra yarn in your stash? Well if you do you can share it with a new fiber friend with FibreShare! Through FibreShare you can connect with someone new and swap yarn. How cool is that?! Today’s Guest Today I’m joined by Ashley, Founder and CEO of FibreShare, a business who’s sole purpose is to help you meet someone new in your niche and get some yarn that’s just for you. You’ll Learn What FibreShare is How to Participate When enrollments are open each year That’s it’s not just for crocheters! Now if you haven’t done so already, click
September 20, 2018
Are you looking for ways to improve your Etsy shop or just any Etsy shop tips? If so, this is the podcast episode for you! “Winning” at Etsy can be a challenging game but with a little research, preparation and a bit of luck, your shop can be everything you need it to be. It doesn’t matter if that’s a full-time gig or a part-time way to earn a little extra cash for family. You won’t want to miss these Etsy Shop tips! Today’s Guest I’m joined today by Destiny from Knifty Knittings, successful Etsy shop owner and kind-hearted knitter
September 13, 2018
Do you have aches and pains when you knit or crochet? It’s heartbreaking when the thing we love so much causes us pain or even worse – injuries. I was recently told that my posture while knitting and crocheting had caused some serious irritation in my shoulders leaving me with painful mornings and sleepless nights. I’m lucky. I caught it before it got too bad. That’s why today, as we move into our busy season, I want to bring awareness to your posture and habits while knitting and crocheting so you can avoid any potential issues that could be looming
September 6, 2018
Do you struggle choosing the right yarn for your fall projects? You’re not alone! Honestly, it wasn’t until I started learning the hard way that particular yarns are more appropriate for some projects over others. If you’ve ever had a saggy sweater or fuzzy pair of mits, you may have found a yarn that isn’t right for that project. Rather than learn the hard way, let’s take an educated approach to choosing the right yarn for our fall projects. That way we can save ourselves time, effort and money! Today’s Guest I’m joined by Kersti and Taiu from Koigu Yarns,
August 30, 2018
Do you struggle with finding the motivation to finish a project? My friend, you are not alone! We all need a little staying motivated through a long project sometimes. The afghan that’s been a WIP (work in progress) for three years; the scarf you started last summer that would currently only keep your daughter’s teddy bear warm. We all have them hiding in our house just waiting to become something great. At any given time I have between 5 and 10 WIP’s, some of which have been around for months…or even longer. I dream up a new project and leave
August 23, 2018
Do you struggle to stay on task and meet project deadlines? I’m raising my hand because like you, I have a lot going on and sometimes I struggle to meet deadlines. Truth is, we all struggle with over-commitment and meeting deadlines. It’s helpful to know that we aren’t alone in this struggle! Today’s Guest This week I’m joined by Michelle, creative entrepreneur behind MJ’s Off the Hook Designs and Sentry Box Designs. Michelle has a LOT going on and she’s had quite a bit of time as a full time design entrepreneur to figure it all out. I’m thrilled with
August 16, 2018
Looking for a glimpse of the life of a crochet designer? Dedri from Look at What I Made is on the show today to share her real life experiences as a full time designer, mom and part-time worker. Dedri has a lot going on and somehow she is able to juggle it all and release some of the most gorgeous designs. One of those infamous patterns is Sophie’s Universe, a CAL published back in 2015 that is still incredibly popular today. In this episode, I like to think of you as a fly on the wall as Dedri and I
August 9, 2018
Are you a new yarn entrepreneur or want to be one? Janine from Knits’n Knots is on the show today to share her successes, struggles and wins with starting and growing her fiber arts business. And she gives it to us straight – the good the bad and the ugly! We don’t always recognize the struggles that go into starting a fiber business and this episode was designed to help you set a realistic expectation as well as give you the inspiration to find what works for you so you can implement that in your business. Whether you’re just starting
August 2, 2018
What do you do to plan for the upcoming year? Do you sit down and set goals for yourself or do you just wing it? I take planning very seriously and I’m sure this is the reason I am where I am today – not because I’m lucky, because I sat down one day and decided what I wanted to accomplish. I could read Jim Rohn quotes all day (and you’ll even hear one in the episode today) but this one really struck a chord with me today. “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” That is the topic
July 26, 2018
Build a community. Build Success. If I had known this right from the start, I probably could have saved myself a lot of time and headache! Truth is, I waited far too long to start reaching out to people who were also crocheters, knitters, designers, bloggers… Here’s one reality. Every success I have achieved has been the result of a relationship. That is why I’m sharing this mini-series with you. Because I know that when you start expanding your network, you too will find success. Last week we talked about the why and the how. This week we’ll focus on
July 19, 2018
Build a community. Build Success. If I had known this right from the start, I probably could have saved myself a lot of time and headache! Truth is, I waited far too long to start reaching out to people who were also crocheters, knitters, designers, bloggers… Here’s one reality. Every success I have achieved has been the result of a relationship. That is why I’m sharing this mini-series with you this week and next week. Because I know that when you start expanding your network, you too will find success. You’ll Learn Why it’s so important to expand your network
July 12, 2018
We’re Shaking Things Up Today. Rather than myself interviewing a guest today I recruited Jewell from Our Maker Life to interview me! We’re both so excited for the Our Maker Life Event 2018 happening this weekend and we chat all about it. If you’re attending the event this year, leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You’ll Learn About the Our Maker Life Event and why it’s great for makers What to expect when attending the event and who you will get to meet My keynote and how that opportunity came about Now if you haven’t done so already, click
July 5, 2018
Create a design collection to take it to the next level! Creating a design collection is one way you can strive for bigger and better things both for your business and customers! There aren’t a lot of designers out there doing it so this is one way you can be different! With a little time investment and planning, a design collection could be just the thing for your business this year. Today’s Guest Here to share her wisdom once again is Lena Skvagerson, creative genius behind many of the designs at Annie’s Catalog and the Knit and Crochet Now TV
June 28, 2018
Extreme Amigurumi? Yes, it is a thing! My friend, Stephanie, from All About Ami opened my eyes to this new world on last week’s episode and I just had to explore it a little more. Why didn’t I think of this? Who doesn’t want a giant, cuddly ami? Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Holly, creative lady behind Storyland Amis. Ironically enough, she got her start making tiny amigurumi but today she takes it to the next level and creates amis that are almost as big as she is! You’ll Learn About Holly and the start of her extreme amigurumi adventure.
June 21, 2018
We’re answering as many of your amigurumi questions as possible in one episode! Stephanie from All About Ami and I reached out to you on Facebook and Instagram to find out what you’re number one question is related to amigurumi. Then we compiled a list and answered as many as possible! Today’s Guest Stephanie is the kind and talented lady behind the beautiful All About Ami creations. Fun fact – her husband works with her to bring these cuties to life! In the planning phases of “amigurumi month” here on the podcast, Stephanie was the person I just had to have back
June 14, 2018
We’re Exploring Amigurumi today with Author, Lauren Espy! Whether you’re an amigurumi pro or have no idea what the word means, you’re in for a real treat today. You may know Lauren from her viral crochet chemistry set and she’s on the show to share some of her infinite amigurumi wisdom. In this “brainstorming session” of all things amigurumi we explore some of the most frequently asked questions and we share our experiences with one another and with YOU! Today’s Guest Lauren was made known for her Etsy shop, a Menagerie of Stitches, and now she’s proud to call herself
June 7, 2018
Amigurumi Patterns – is writing them the same as other patterns? This is a question I’m sure you asked as soon as you had a vision for a darling crochet creature and wanted to share it with the world. Writing patterns is an art in itself and amigurumi patterns are no exception. In fact, you should take a slightly different approach to recording a pattern for your amigurumi creature so recreating it is a joyous process for someone. Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Lee, tech editor, amigurumi enthusiast and professional crochet designer and we explore the required differences in the amigurumi pattern
May 31, 2018
Crochet and Knit Blankets. A Love/Hate Relationship? When was the last time you finished a knit or crochet afghan? How did you feel? Relieved? Or maybe you thought to yourself, “I’ll never do something like that again!” It’s no doubt the time and yarn commitment required for an afghan isn’t for everyone. I tend to be a one or maybe two afghans a year kinda gal. My motivation usually evaporates after that. You can imagine my excitement to find someone whose passion is fueled by making blankets, one little stitch at a time. Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Alison, creative lady behind
May 24, 2018
What is yarn bombing? Have you ever heard of the term yarn bombing before? If you haven’t, I have a feeling we’re going to open up a whole new world to you, my guest and I. Yarn bombing is the act of wrapping an object in yarn to give it a new life or color. You’ll most often find yarn bombing in public places, where it can be admired. Now you may wonder, is yarn bombing illegal? Or is yarn bombing harmful? These questions and more are answered right here on this episode. Today’s Guest I’m joined by, London Kaye,
May 17, 2018
Have you ever considered yarn as an artistic medium? For many of us the yarn will guide the project, meaning only after we see and feel the yarn do we know what to make with it. For some though, the entire concept revolves around a yarn base (a blend of fibers) that inspires color, texture and eventually a project. This is the approach taken by the team at KnitCrate when then plan for their monthly subscription crate. Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Rob and Hannah, from KnitCrate and let me just say – I learned so much from them! Rob
May 10, 2018
Do you have a yarn business or want to have a yarn business? If so, you’ll want to listen to today’s episode! Starting a yarn business is the best decision I’ve ever made although definitely not the easiest. I want nothing more than to share my experience and the experience of my guest with you so that you too can build the business you’ve always wanted. Today’s Guest I’m joined by,Kate, from Love Crafts, one of the largest digital yarn businesses there is! She graciously shares her experience and peels back the curtains a bit into the business giving us
May 3, 2018
Have you ever wondered how wool is processed to make yarn? You’re not alone! The process of turning wool into yarn is pretty incredible and it’s even something you can do yourself! This month marks the beginning of yarn appreciation and what better way to appreciate yarn than to follow the process of cleaning, spinning and dying? I have just the perfect person to share this journey with you. Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Bren, creative entrepreneur behind, Snerb Yarn. If you have seen her photos on Instagram, no doubt one word comes to mind – talented! Bren taught me
April 26, 2018
Do you overbook yourself with deadlines? You’re not alone! As makers we need to find the balance between what we think we can handle and what we actually can handle. It’s best to take an educated approach to figure this out. That’s what this episode is all about! Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Tara, from the Explore Your Enthusiasm Podcast and we chat all about the different stresses we face as hobbyists, entrepreneurs and bloggers and the ways we deal with them to stay productive and happy. You’ll Learn About Tara and her journey from hobbyist to full time entrepreneur.
April 19, 2018
Crochet Community fosters the joy of making. When you have someone to share your passion with you’re able to externalize your emotions and a crochet community gives you this outlet. You don’t need a huge circle of friends to crochet with but even having one person to share in your joys of making will bring all these things together – connecting, creating and experience the joy of making. Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Melissa, creative and kind woman behind Woods and Wool. We explore the importance of these three things, connecting, creating and the joy of making and why they
April 12, 2018
Why do you crochet? Perhaps you use crochet as a creative outlet. Maybe you even use crochet as a way to unwind after a long hard day. What if I told you that you can use crochet to help you achieve even more? If you enjoy this craft, there’s no doubt you experience joy and accomplishment but this episode challenges us to dig deeper and explore the internal benefits of crochet. Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Sandra, also known as Mobius Girl and she’s here to share how we can use knit and crochet as a way to meditate, be in
April 5, 2018
Do you Stitch Away Stress and Unwind with crochet and knitting? When was the last time you picked up your current project after a long hard day? I’m guessing the answer to this question was sometime this week. We all have so many stressors in life and getting through them means we need to have something we can go to that melts them all away. Sometimes we don’t even realizing we stitch away stress! For me, this is crochet and knitting – “stitch time” I call it and it is an absolute must. April is stress awareness month and the
March 29, 2018
Connecting with other makers will uplift your business and/or maker life. I have learned in my own journey the importance of connections and the relationships that come from stepping out of my comfort zone to meet new people. It is these connections that have led to every opportunity I’ve had. Today’s Guest She’s returning for another memorable episode here at B.hooked, Jewell, the amazing woman behind the Our Maker Life movement. She has a passion and calling in her life to bring makers together, from all walks of life, to support one another and celebrate each other’s successes and today
March 22, 2018
What Kind of Dream are You Building? I truly believe that the only way to turn your dreams into a reality is to set consistent, attainable goals. When we take some time to figure out what we want to accomplish and where we want to be in life, the path starts to form and calculated actions turn into steps toward that goal. I love this topic because it’s not only relatable to us in our craft businesses but to our goals as crafters. Today’s Guest I have to pinch myself and make sure I’m not dreaming here because today I’m
March 15, 2018
Pricing Your Handmade – Your time is valuable. That statement literally means your time has a value associated with it. You expect your employer to pay you for you time. Pricing your handmade is no exception. Your work and your time is worth a fair price. Be fair to yourself. Today’s Guest I’m joined this week once again by, Chantal, of Knitatude to elaborate on her top tips for makers back in episode 53. She gives it to us as real as possible – why we should charge for handmade, why it’s worth a price and how you should calculate
March 8, 2018
Failures happen. Our community gets us through it. When you realize that failure is an integral part of moving forward and discover how much your community picks you up during that time, that’s when you’ll see the tides turn. Your community and your tribe will be the driving force to get you to where you’re headed no matter how many detours you take along the way. Today’s Guest I’m joined this week by one of the most passionate women I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with, Michele, of 144 Stitches. She says “I’ve learned that failures happen. I fail
March 1, 2018
Maker Strong is an Educational & Inspirational Community to Boost Confidence an Build Profitable Business. “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle” they say and it’s true. Although we have a natural tendency to be “in competition” with one another, the industry and our business will only benefit when we recognize that we are stronger together. This month I’ll be focusing my attention on the makers in the community, sharing my best tips and patterns for those who sell their goods starting with the top tips from the creative and passionate women behind the Maker Strong community. Today’s Guests I’m
February 22, 2018
“Crochet is Cool. I promise. “ Jessica is on a mission to show the rest of the world that crochet isn’t just a retirement activity. Through passion and the power of positivity, she has touched thousands of lives through her authentic self and the designs that expresses who she truly is. I’m so thrilled to have her back on the show as the Bhooked Podcast’s first repeat guest! This time she is here to share her journey of garment making – the creative and technical process – and she does it in true “Jessica” fashion. Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Jessica Carey,
February 15, 2018
“Effortless Design. Modern Style.” This is the goal of Olive Knits wonder woman, Marie. Garment making doesn’t have to be an intimidating thing My goal for this episode is to empower you with the confidence to try your first garment and equip you with the know-how to be successful. Understanding Marie’s focus of effortless design can allow you to see that although a pattern may look complex, it might in fact, be easy to do. Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Marie Greene, entrepreneur, accomplished knit wear designer at Olive Knits and recent TED talk speaker. She shares some amazing tips
February 8, 2018
A routine keeps me focused, productive and happy. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without my daily and weekly routines. You can say I’m a creature of habit – for good reason. Habits just work for me. I’m often asked how I manage to do so much work and I’m excited to take this opportunity, benchmark episode number fifty, to share my routine, schedule and habits with you. My goal is to share what works for me and give you some ideas to explore of your own to catapult you to where you want to go in life
February 1, 2018
You can adjust a pattern and it might be easier than you think. By far the most frequently asked question in my inbox each week is “how do I make this pattern to fit (fill in the blank)?” When I see a huge trend like this in the request of my readers, I jump at the opportunity to help as many people as I can and the Bhooked Podcast is the perfect format for me to teach you this valuable and useful lesson. Today, we’re going to explore how to adjust a pattern so you have more flexibility in your
January 25, 2018
Why Knitted Knockers? Knitted Knockers was founded by one courageous woman after hearing the diagnosis that so many women fear – breast cancer. When Barb was unable to have reconstructive surgery, she found herself turning to fiber arts to feel “whole” again. Little did she know that this was the start of a new journey; a journey allowing her and a team of volunteers to help so many women. Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Barb Demorest, the amazing woman behind Knitted Knockers. You’ll Learn How Knitted Knockers began and what their mission is. About the patterns and resources available to
January 18, 2018
The Crochet Challenge for Warm Up America Kicks off Friday, January 27, 2018 (at midnight EST) and ends February 24, 2018. I’ve teamed up with my friends at Yarnspirations to bring you our third Crochet Challenge for Warm Up America! Are you ready to make a real impact on someone’s life? You’ve seen me tease this big event on my social pages for a couple weeks now and I know you’re bursting at the seams to get started. Well friends, it’s almost time to begin and this page will give you ALL of the information you need to prepare (in one convenient
January 11, 2018
Why Warm Up America Foundation? The Warm Up America Foundation, founded by one giving woman in 1991, is one incredible organization to consider when looking for a charity to donate your crochet and knit gifts to. I have worked with their team for three years now and in this time have come to see just how caring and passionate they are about helping others. If you’re looking for the perfect home for your gift, I encourage you to listen to this week’s episode to learn why Warm Up America! Foundation may be the right choice. Today’s Guest I’m joined by,
January 4, 2018
Crochet for Charity If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the fiber arts community it’s that it is filled with some of the kindest people in the world. We are always eager and anxious to use our crochet and knit skills to brighten someone’s day. I’m so inspired by the hope and joy we share together. In today’s episode, I’ll talk briefly about how you can find your motivation for crocheting for charity, and I’ll give you some tips on how you can get involved locally and highlight four amazing organizations you can donate to on a National level. You’ll
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