Excellent content, horrible production
I love the content, but the producer needs to learn to use a compressor. I definitely lost some hearing because I turned the volume up by 50% to hear something and then it got loud again
Great content. Consistently entertaining.
170 Swift
I have not missed an episode and find the Green Dot to always fulfill my need for an Aviation fix. There have been times when reading the subject line I say “not so interesting.” However, the green dot team always brings out the best in every episode and I am glad I had the opportunity to listen. Keep up the great work. A loyal and happy fan.
Excellent Work!
Only problem that we get cleared to "land" so we can listen, but never to "take off" so we can go use our flying skills to find the next one!!!😉 But all in all this is an excellent podcast, and I look forward to more!
Obsoletely the best
Hatz flyer
If you like airplanes you will like this.
Extremely enjoyable aviation podcast
Hal and the other moderators of this podcast are not only spot on in their questioning but have a vast array of knowledge in aviation. I particularly enjoy Hal’s humor. These are all great and I look forward to many more.
Best aviation podcast hands down
One week past AirVenture, I find myself lisyening to old Green Dot episodes to keep some of the Oshkosh magic alive until next year. Hal, Chris, and Tom consistently get the greatest aviation stories and characters on the show. Never disappointed!
Missing Hal
I’ve been an avid Green Dot listener since Episode 1. While I’ll admit Hal Bryan's sense of humor(?) is an acquired taste, having acquired it, I think the podcast is much, much less without his insight, especially in the areas of film and technology. Here’s hoping he’s back soon.
Aviation fix!
Todd Hendrickson #103 & #113
Well done, entertaining, great production quality!
Really worth listening to!
Great mix of guests and subjects, with very knowledgeable hosts!
Every Episode is Interesting
I have enjoyed every episode and always learn something new.
Oshkosh Talk Hits the Dot!
Derek Cooks
Just discovered this AvGeek gem, with some of EAA's finest discussing aviation from their highly knowledgeable perspectives, along with guests with really interesting stories to tell. Non-pilot here, I find this padcast fascinating, and am looking forward to many, many more episodes!
Man I love these episodes!
Just got done with the hanger flying episode. It’s tied with aviation movies as my favorite. Just really enjoy the around the campfire feel guys! Keep them coming! And thanks!
Great podcast!
I'm Hooked
Discovered this podcast yesterday, and have already listened to multiple installments. I am finding it very interesting, informative, insightful and entertaining. Highly recommend for all with a passion for aviation.
Thank you
Great job guys! I listen to your pod cast on a long commute I do every week. You guys are very entertaining as are the topics/guests. My long commute flies by (pun intended) and makes me wish I was in the cockpit instead of behind the wheel.
cherokee flyer
the most recent episode with the movie reviews was very entertaining and reminded me of a few holes I have in my aviation library. Please do another one soon. Also the interview with Joe Engle was way to short! Bring him back! Fun podcast, thank you and keep up the good work.
Awesome podcasts
If you have an interest in aviation this is worthy of you time.
NV XX701
Great guests, fun hosts, interesting topics. A must listen for aviation enthusiasts. Well done guys!
Rudest Buddhist
One of the best aviation podcasts around!
Great podcast!!
Keep them coming!!
Awesome podcast
Av8r 4 life
Great info and entertainment!
Love these Guys
What a great podcast! As someone who loves aviation but doesn't come from an aviation background, I love ways to get involved and immerse myself in all things aviation! This podcast is the perfect thing to listen to! The guys have great chemistry together and always talk about entertaining topics and have great special guests! I love the behind-the-scenes look we get surrounding EAA's AirVenture. The quality and production of the podcast is great! Overall, one of the most well-done podcasts that I listen to. Always look forward to the next one. Keep up the great work!!
Totally Great
I really love this new podcast!!! Great hosts, interesting and entertaining topics, and an inspiring message. Every aviation enthusiast, AirVenture lover, AvGeek, etc. you must check The Green Dot out. So wonderful, I binge listened to the first six episodes. Thanks EAA for another great vessel to open up aviation to a wider audience! Can't wait for your next episode!
This is a good one. I wasn't sure what I was going to encounter, but I'm glad I gave it a try. Can't wait for the next episode! ...and thanks for your effort to stop the republicans from destroying GA and the NAS.
Thank you EAA!
Goggles Kittah
This pod has been great from the beginning. I appreciate the wide variety of guests and topics.
Fun and informative!
I listened to all episodes during a recent road-trip. Along the way I learned: how astronauts think about each flight; how an art teacher became an aircraft designer and manufacturer; how Ice Pilots was filmed and behind the scenes information on the Dam Buster show; how to get to Oshkosh and enjoy the annual aviation extravaganza. Very informative. I laughed and smiled through each episode. Looking forward to an episode about the EAA Museum. Keep up the good work Brady and crew!
Whoop! Finally!!
Waiex Flyer
Great to hear one of the most relevant aviation organizations finally joining the podcasting market! Fantastic way to keep up to date on EAA activities, and catch interesting topics during my windshield and excersize time. Excellent job all, keep them coming. Cheers, Waiex Driver
Great start
Pete Bergstrom
I enjoyed the first episode and look forward to all that follow. The hosts are an interesting mix of talents and backgrounds. The audio quality is first rate. Well done!
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