Captivating from the jump
I started listening to this on the plane, with little clue as to what it was about. I was drawn in by JBM from the start. I finished it last night and I’m still reeling. The storytelling was superb - you feel like you’re in Alabama with the narrator. A+ job.
This is the first time I listened to a podcast that my son recommended and I glad I did. This is definitely a different type of story that transforms your perspective of humanity. Very well done. I loved the music and lyrics.
This is my favorite podcast of all. It’s hard to listen to any now that can compare! Should totally be made into a movie.
Loved this. Tells a wonderful story, that seems to go way further than originally planned. You really get involved. Great podcast!
Beautiful, Raw, Humanity but Not for the Faint of Heart
I wish there was more John B. Fascinating and oh so captivating. I hesitate to recommend this to friends because I’m not sure I can pin point the type of listener who would appreciate this podcast with confidence. I loved it. I am partial to the messiness and inconsistencies of humanity. If that’s your jam, listen immediately.
So Good
Honestly, this was one of my favorite podcasts of all time. I was so emotionally invested in the story. I could relate at times and at other times I was appalled and saddened. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole series.
This was a very cool, different kind of podcast. The host didn’t really know what to expect when he started talking to people. And it’s a surprise for the listener. Loved it.
Lasting effects
I listened to this shortly after it released and still find myself thinking about it. This is a story that will resonate for years and is well-worth a listen.
This podcast was the most beautifully awful thing I’d ever encountered. I hated listening to it, but I couldn’t stop and most definitely do not regret it. It’s so hard to listen to but one of the most amazing things I’ve heard. It takes a regular town and paints it in the most awful way possible and reveals its beauty at the same time. It shows the quality of your life here on Earth and how little value your life has. You question what difference you make and are assured that it is nothing and everything. It is like nothing I’ve ever discovered and everything that my life and everything around me is. This—this is not bedtime reading.
Unexpected twist
silenceing the mind is a reset
Unexpected twists. Very interesting story. I don’t feel like this last episode the end of this story.
S-town is AMAZING
Hands down the best podcast out there. So beautifully done. I’ve listened to it twice so far. I never thought a podcast would make me feel so many emotions! I love how when it starts, you expect the story to be about one thing, but it somehow transforms into something so amazing and so unexpected. Brilliant.
My favorite
By far, this podcast is my favorite that I’ve listened to. It was the first one that my amazing friends recommended to me. Every time someone asks for a podcast, I tell them this one. Thank you for sharing this event with us. Kept me engaged the whole time.
Not what I expected.
This podcast caught me by surprise. I’d seen it tons of times but never gave it much thought. Then my husband recommended it to me. He said it’s really good. So I gave it a go... and binged the whole thing in two days. SO GOOD! The end is a little frustrating but that’s not the podcast’s fault. Definitely give it a chance, you won’t be disappointed. 😁
Spoiler alert...this whole podcast was built up as if there was going to be some big conspiracy with the first non-murder then made us think there was something fishy with the next big non-murder.....ALL FOR NAUGHT!! Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The most anti-climactic story ever. I want my time back from listening to episodes 5-8 bc those were a waste of time. Nothing happened. Nothing.
What a fabulous and tragic experience for the storytellers. Heartwarming, crazy, ridiculous yet totally real. I want to know about each character more and more! Where are they now? Worth a listen that’s for darn sure. The editing makes this even more mesmerizing if that’s possible.
So Good, Listened Twice
Currently listening to this for the second time. Probably my favorite podcast of all time! The mix of true crime and emotional story that keeps you on the edge of your seat and tugs at your heart strings is amazing.
That voice
The story is great, but when he’s doing his interviews, the voice is normal, when he “cries” or does the voice overs, his voice raises a couple octaves that make it hard to follow along.
Disrespectful of subject
Jonny Dep
Later episodes felt sketchy...didn’t get the feeling the subject would have consented to the way he was portrayed.
Never have I been
Brought through so many different emotions in one sitting. Yes I listened to all episodes in one sitting. This is my fourth time listening and it’s more amazing each time. Wonderfully done.
Wonderful story told masterfully! Simply brilliant!
Such a Masterfully Told Character Study
I loved this so much, it was very poignant. I was amazed that the journalist could turn so many intertwining things and the history of someone into such an interesting and beautiful story. I have a memoir in me, a story of my own that I've always felt has the potential to be something like this, but to produce something this special it takes more than just a unique person and unique place, it takes a very talented writer to shape the story. STown has that. The website for this podcast is worth checking out as well.
Wow.....just wow
100% ear candy
J. G. H.
I got roped, bagged, tagged and released by this story. Great for a road trip because you cant stop listening.
I’ve listened to many podcasts....this one is amazing - I cried quite a bit at the last ~ John’s words will undoubtedly stay with me for some time. What a mind. What a tortured genius. Thank you for doing, what I think, is a lovely job in letting us know him.
I can’t stop listening
Maine Girl
Just like reading a good book - I just can’t stop listening
Very gay and no story
Started pretty good but end very nasty
The best podcast ever made
Mr neenya
I revisit it at least once a year and it is the standard to which I compare all other podcasts
Alabama Native Here
It’s such an amazing story, and knowing all the places talked about was so crazy. I didn’t want it to end. John B’s voice was so familiar, it’s almost like I knew him or maybe ran across him somewhere sometime.
Must listen!
This story is unmatched. It’s a must listen!
Thoughts over thoughts over thoughts for seven chapters
Stanley Rider
I found this story deeply thought provoking. How does a smart man’s life grow and then wonder into and end filled with emptiness and pain. John B was slowly poisoned by his own wonderful talents and this squeezed his glorious mind into disorder. Happy endings are often just in Hollywood for sure.
I absolutely loved this podcast. Thank you for producing something so unique, strangely uplifting and truly life changing. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know! ❤️
One of the best podcasts I've ever listened to.Funny,sad,educational, thought provoking!Thank-You.
As someone from Alabama this really hits home. A journey worth listening to. The stories and insight are amazing. Hope you come up with a new podcast similar.
Storytelling at its finest
samiam 1972
This is one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to. Superb storytelling of an engrossing story.
S Town made me laugh, cry, yell, and feel grateful for what I have. It was honestly life changing on some level and just an absolute pleasure to listen to. I highly recommend people listen and then do some research after to not give away any part of the story. Brian Reed does an absolutely outstanding job, I’m listening to it now for the second time.
Couldn’t even get through it
I was so bored while listening to this that I couldn’t get through all the episodes. I felt like I was waiting for something exciting to happen but it never got there. I’m sure John was an incredible man but this podcast series wasn’t at all what I was expecting / hoping for.
Heart wrenching
My favorite podcast so far. Loved every moment of Johns story. Thank you for doing it.
escape to a podcast
I was absolutely entrenched in this story! The writing & reporting was phenomenal Such a window into a human soul......sad yet immensely inspiring! I can only wonder what all John B would have contributed to mankind had he only given himself a chance
Love the podcast
This was one of the most incredible portraits of an individual I have ever heard, and what a special human he was. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
The Best
The best podcast I've listened to. An amazing story, brilliantly written and edited, fascinating people. I'd love more like it, but this series is one of a kind.
... what?
This podcast is completely misrepresented by being in the true crime category. It just doesn't go anywhere. The story itself is interesting & the journalist seems like an intelligent, compassionate guy. So I kept listening ... but... there's really no conclusion. I feel like I got led on waiting for a punchline that doesn't exist.
I loved it so much, I had to listen to it again!
Didn’t want it to end
Brilliantly done, devoured every episode. Did not want it to end!
So good
This podcast is quite literally the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. The way they lay this magical story out is truly brilliant. I couldn’t wait to listen to the next episodes, yet I was dreading the end every minute I listened. Everything about this was amazing
It’s hard to describe but well worth the listen. Funny, deeply sad, and a reality check. Definitely can only tell for yourself if you listen. Thanks for producing this.
I can’t believe how this has gotten such good reviews. Small town drama and exploiting an old closeted gay man for a story that goes nowhere.
Favorite of cast ever
I laughed, I cried, I didn’t want it to end. I will definitely listen to this again.
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