I loved it.
The podcast had me hooked pretty much from the beginning. Really enjoyed it!
I’m literally 20 minutes into episode one and know it’s going to be great. I know these are real people but there are some characters in here that I love! And some I know I’m going to hate. Will update once I get through them all.
Amazing podcast!!!!
music has my heart
When I was told to listen to this podcast, I wasn’t given any hints about it. After reading the first few lines of the bio. I was very intrigued and started listening instantly. Brian I feel you did John a great service capturing his story and all the many people in his life. I laughed, cried, and had many OMG thoughts. Well done to all involved with this series.
Listened to this back in my first year of college and I’m listening to it again as a graduate in 2020. It’s just one of those stories that sticks with you.
Beautiful and tragic
Stunning work from an immensely talented group of people.
Issues with consent of personal stories
While initially I loved this podcast, I have since reexamined my view. The story telling is interesting and compelling but due to the twists and turns it leaves me questioning the consent. This person was not asking their personal story to be told and it was done so without their consent. We cannot know whether or not they would have agreed to this deviation from the initial conversations with the journalist. Therefore, I struggle with the content of the podcast even if it poses interesting questions.
I absolutely loved this podcast! Soo incredibly interesting. Trying to tell people about it was hard to do because I couldn’t express what an amazing person John turned out to be. To think that this started as looking into a murder and corrupt police and ended where it did. I had no idea this was headed in this direction. It really moved me. Thanks for airing.
Jeff Miller1
This was an amazing journey. Thank you, Brian!!!!!
I wish I met John
John was so interesting... I’m sad about the loss of a man I never knew. Great binge worthy podcast. I’d love to hear an update on some of these characters.
So good
[ Bee ]
Podcast keeps you guessing! I loved it and was in tears at times.
Fantastic Pod
Boilermaker 79
This podcast keeps you guessing with twists and turns as the story evolves. There is much focus on John, who initially contacted NPR about possible corruption with law enforcement in his small southern town. Getting to know John and hear this story unfold was great. This podcast evoked a lot of emotions and I highly recommend it. Binge-worthy.
Where is season 2!?
This was an amazing podcast ! I wish they made another season! Great job Brian !
I got CHILLS from listening to this. That’s how you know it’s good!
Beautifully done
Great story, makes you feel like you know the people involved. Highly recommend.
You won’t regret it
The most surprising podcast I’ve ever listened to. I could not predict where each episode would go and I went through every emotion. Sad it’s over and so sad about a man I’ve never met. It’ll stick with you.
Twists and Turns
Thought provoking...surprising...heartbreaking...brutally honest. The characters are complex and will often surprise you. Brian Reed did a phenomenal job in acquiring the story, editing and presenting this story. So well done and I look forward to his future works.
Podcast S-Town
Scorched Earth.
Incredibly powerful and thought-provoking.
one of the best
M K 1
I've listened to this podcast 3 times. Each time is a wonderful experience. Without question, one of the best.
Absolutely loved this podcast
I heard about this podcast after enjoying Serial and thought Brian was fantastic. John was an interesting character so it kept me listening. I am still sad about John. Thanks to the entire team. I will recommend your podcasts to friends & family. After a year or so I listened to it again & found I missed a few things the first time. Great job.
Rie Shoemaker
I wish someone had told me that this podcast would be full of Suicide ideation, depression, angst, mental illness, and would drown me in my own issues by association.
Lump In Throat
Binged all 7 chapters of this most affecting human drama. I felt terrible at the end. Depressing, heart shattering, engrossing and expertly told. Revisiting this review a year later to say it holds up as the best podcast I’ve ever listened to.
Very well done podcast.
Crazy Andy !
Best podcast that I have listen to in a very long time! You won’t regret downloading this I had no idea this went on 45 minutes from where I live.
I laughed, I cried, I felt horrified, I felt inspired. Brian Reed crafted and narrated this story brilliantly. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this one left me in a state of reflection.
Get ready bc this podcast will ruin all other podcasts for you! It’s literally one of the very best stories I’ve listened to. I keep checking back to see if their could somehow be another one similar to this by Reed. It’s intriguing, thoughtful, original. I could not stop listening. BRAVO!
Twists and Turns!
Found it fascinating and listened to it in one day. Love the recordings with all their emotions.
Just about the best thing I’ve ever listened to
Jacquie Van
The characters are incredible. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll never want it to end.
Worth a re-listen
It’s been almost 3 years since I listened to this podcast the first time, and it was only my 3rd one to listen to at the time. As much as I was riveted back then, I’m getting much more out of it this time. Fascinating, heartbreaking, makes you think. You never know what someone else is going through, or what others are capable of doing.
This had my attention Real Quick!!
I am a people person. John B’s story is sad, pitiful but WELL told on the Podcast. I salute this reporter for sticking with it to the end. Recommended!!
Excellent topic and reporting
Very important topic
Interesting podcast. Very detailed and in depth, just wish they had the real ending to some of the stories, but no one knows what that is. Very cool ending story too. Thanks
One of my favorite podcasts I’ve listened to
Amazing, interesting, moving series.
NOT even remotely what I expected considering it was recommended by This American Life and Serial, BUT still good nonetheless. Not sure I could ever recommend it though. It’s just too weird to casually mention in conversation.
What a stunning podcast. Captivating and inquisitive, this captures the essence of great story telling and reveals the inner madness of genius gone awry!
Honestly just boring
After reading all of the positive reviews, I came into this podcast with high hopes. I love true crime podcasts so I thought I’d like this one. I made it through four or five episode before I had to stop listening. It was SO BORING. While the first couple episode were rather captivating and the death certainly caught me by surprise, everything after that was exceptionally bland. It felt like the author was just trying to stretch a simple, one-episode story into something bigger. I left the S-Town feeling rather disappointed and felt that my time was wasted. Not a fan.
My all time favorite podcast
No joke, I listened to this entire podcast all on 1 day. Binge it.
Wow... just, wow. That was an entertaining, complicated, well told story. Awesome job! Bravo!
Great job
This was so well done!
Rusty gypsy
Keep coming back to listen
You can’t help but fall in love
You can’t help but fall in love with the main characters, John B. This podcast is intriguing to hear. It touches your heart in different aspects.
What a tragic yet somewhat inspiring story. Well done. Did not see many of the twists coming. Excellent work!
Beautifully told Life Story
Well done-every part of John B.’s narrative is beautifully done.
A well done story
S-town is an amazing well researched story that deserves award after award. I respect every person and their choices in this heart reaching memorial to John B Macklemore. Thank you so much for this amazing journey, I will never forget it
Still the best!
I have listened to this podcast multiple times. What starts out as one story quickly becomes a fascinating exploration of one mans life. I will forever remember John B. McLemore. Whenever I see a sundial I think of him. While perhaps a life that was “tedious and brief “ you left an impression on many. RIP John.
Definitely one of the most unique audio journeys I’ve ever been taken on.
The Wolf of WAshington
What a wild story. Beyond well done. Great podcast. LISTEN
I’ve listened to this a few times. Great story telling. A peek into the life of an anomaly. Thank you Sarah Koenig and Brian. We love you!
Open book
This podcast left so much to be desired. The flow of it is good and the way the narrator leads you on had me wanting more, but when that more never came I was disappointed. It starts out as a story of mystery and suspense and ends up being a biography about a sad repressed man who’s life story was all around depressing and not what I went into the podcast for. None of the mysteries get cleared up and and what I found to be the most interesting part of the plot and what was advertised as a huge selling point was left hugely open and just seemingly forgotten about. Also, the narrators voice does this thing where it goes up at the end of the sentence, like it’s a question, and he does this with more words than he has breath in what I found to be a very annoying mannerism. Almost a deal breaker right of the bat, but I trusted Sarah because of serial.
John B Macklemore will be someone i always remember whenever i hear "climate change"... this podcast is phenomenal as it hits on so many societal issues and mental health. wish we could have more time with John B
The most thrilling podcast I have ever been turned on to..... I am bummed it’s over! Please do more work.
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