Must listen!
This story is unmatched. It’s a must listen!
Thoughts over thoughts over thoughts for seven chapters
Stanley Rider
I found this story deeply thought provoking. How does a smart man’s life grow and then wonder into and end filled with emptiness and pain. John B was slowly poisoned by his own wonderful talents and this squeezed his glorious mind into disorder. Happy endings are often just in Hollywood for sure.
I absolutely loved this podcast. Thank you for producing something so unique, strangely uplifting and truly life changing. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know! ❤️
One of the best podcasts I've ever listened to.Funny,sad,educational, thought provoking!Thank-You.
As someone from Alabama this really hits home. A journey worth listening to. The stories and insight are amazing. Hope you come up with a new podcast similar.
Storytelling at its finest
samiam 1972
This is one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to. Superb storytelling of an engrossing story.
S Town made me laugh, cry, yell, and feel grateful for what I have. It was honestly life changing on some level and just an absolute pleasure to listen to. I highly recommend people listen and then do some research after to not give away any part of the story. Brian Reed does an absolutely outstanding job, I’m listening to it now for the second time.
Couldn’t even get through it
I was so bored while listening to this that I couldn’t get through all the episodes. I felt like I was waiting for something exciting to happen but it never got there. I’m sure John was an incredible man but this podcast series wasn’t at all what I was expecting / hoping for.
Heart wrenching
My favorite podcast so far. Loved every moment of Johns story. Thank you for doing it.
escape to a podcast
I was absolutely entrenched in this story! The writing & reporting was phenomenal Such a window into a human soul......sad yet immensely inspiring! I can only wonder what all John B would have contributed to mankind had he only given himself a chance
Love the podcast
This was one of the most incredible portraits of an individual I have ever heard, and what a special human he was. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
The Best
The best podcast I've listened to. An amazing story, brilliantly written and edited, fascinating people. I'd love more like it, but this series is one of a kind.
... what?
This podcast is completely misrepresented by being in the true crime category. It just doesn't go anywhere. The story itself is interesting & the journalist seems like an intelligent, compassionate guy. So I kept listening ... but... there's really no conclusion. I feel like I got led on waiting for a punchline that doesn't exist.
I loved it so much, I had to listen to it again!
Didn’t want it to end
Brilliantly done, devoured every episode. Did not want it to end!
So good
This podcast is quite literally the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. The way they lay this magical story out is truly brilliant. I couldn’t wait to listen to the next episodes, yet I was dreading the end every minute I listened. Everything about this was amazing
It’s hard to describe but well worth the listen. Funny, deeply sad, and a reality check. Definitely can only tell for yourself if you listen. Thanks for producing this.
I can’t believe how this has gotten such good reviews. Small town drama and exploiting an old closeted gay man for a story that goes nowhere.
Favorite of cast ever
I laughed, I cried, I didn’t want it to end. I will definitely listen to this again.
What a sad and misunderstood man
It’s so glaringly obvious that John was autistic and, like many of us on the spectrum, also suffered from mental illness. All of his “oddities”, “quirks” and his difficulty with interpersonal relationships are all due to his autism and comorbids. So were some of his amazing savant gifts.
Required Listening
This is my favorite podcast. It digs into the story of a man without prejudice, and presents him to the world.
Not why you expect
This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. The story is amazing and completely different from what you expect. Must listen!
Dude what is the deal with the guy on the phone during the first episode?? What a weirdo, I almost turned it off because I couldn’t handle the redneck rambling 🤦🏻‍♀️
Must listen
OMG nickname not available
One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to. Great storytelling. Definitely not what I thought it was going to be, but it took an interesting (and amazing) turn.
What I’ve learned so far
Lee Geranios
Baptists are bad. Conservatives are bad. The South is bad. The guy you’re interviewing is depressed, he hates his people, he hates Alabama, he hates poor people. Why you give any credibility to this loser is beyond me. He sounds like a nutcase. You’re only purpose here is to disparage the South.
So good!
Jenni Dee 03
John - such a great guy, may his mind be at peace
Great for long road trip
Leydi Chow
Made 12 hours go by so fast!
John Reed this was amazing. I was truly engrossed just like a great book. I wanted more and didn’t want it to end. It was thrilling, horrifying and deeply moving. Thank you.
On my fourth listen.
This is the best podcast ever produced. The music, the writing, the story. It changed me.
An incredible roller coaster ride
Who would have thought one could become so attached to stories from complete strangers? This is one worth listening to for everybody- especially those in the mood for something deep and meaningful- its on another level. Great audio, editing, and attention has been put into this memorable piece.
N Paradise
Multi dimensional, twists and turns, hilarious and heart breaking. I am devastated it’s over.
Interesting but not my favorite.
It was an interesting podcast but not my favorite. I’m surprised by all of the rave reviews.
Who would have thought
Amazing pod cast thank you so much for this great one.
Emotions galore!
I loved this series. I found myself expressing my feelings out loud in a car by myself - “no, he didn’t!” And “oh, boy” and more! John was quirky but the kind of interesting we all need to be challenged by in our everyday lives. Excellent work.
I could not stop listening
Brian Reed did an amazing job painting the picture of this story and how it played out. I could not stop listening.
Simply Outstanding. Thank you.
Exceptional! Emotional! Inspiring!
Thank you for doing this podcast! Macklemore became the man I annoyingly loved. With all the twists and turns the plot takes, I couldn’t turn it off. This is a surprisingly inspiring tale propelled by a grim end. It has all the feels!
Now I rate everything to this!!
I could not stop listening! And it has stayed with me.. This show was groundbreaking to me. I told my friend to listen and she did and liked it also and she said that the voice actors were really good. I told her.. no that was actually the people of the story in the story!!!! Really top notch!
Well done
Epic Arabella
One of the few podcasts I really looked forward to listening to every time I got in my car (only time I can listen) Love the narrator and the story was brilliantly portrayed. I even cried.
Not worth it
This podcast makes you believe it’s a true crime podcast but don’t be fooled. It’s a waste of time and never delivered on any of the build up.
Best podcast
The best podcast I’ve ever heard. Completely enthralled in this. I hope this becomes a movie. More people need to know about John B McLemore.
Couldn’t Stop Listening
I spent an entire Saturday binging this podcast. Absolutely brilliant storytelling and reporting following a long, weird winding path of a genius eccentric. Thank you for pulling back the curtains to show us a piece of Americana, childhood trauma, isolation and love in rural Alabama.
Best Podcast!
This was one of the best podcasts I have ever listen to! Halfway through you are asking yourself “Where are we going with this?” And then, boom! Wow... sad story but one that keeps you listening. Loved it.
My favorite
This was the very first podcast I ever listened to and not only did I love it once, I’ve loved it three times so far haha. I binged it and couldn’t wait to hear the next episode. I wish y’all would do a follow up so we can see what those folks are doing now and how things changed since John’s passing.
John B
Gina Bob
I didn’t want it to end ...
One of a kind!
I’ve listened to this podcast three times, and I will undoubtedly listen many more. The storytelling is phenomenal, definitely, but more than anything John B. is so fantastically fascinating you can’t help becoming completely engrossed in his magnanimous brilliance and eccentricities. Well worth the listen!
Twists and Turns
Really well done podcast. I’ve listened to the entire thing twice and always can’t wait for the next episode.
Well done.
I had never listened to a podcast and this was my first. The story is told incredibly well and there are lessons to be learned if you really pay attention. I will likely listen to it again.
Best one yet
By far the best podcast I’ve listened to.
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