The neon is sizzling.
RJ brings the heat. He has to have a near genius IQ. The way he calls out his co-hosts when they slip up is a riot. He talked about Trump and the art of the steal one time which made me roll my eyes. But aside from that you will learn alot about gambling.
RJ unlistenable
Man his takes stink
Head of the Class of betting pods
This pod is just flat out smarter than its competition. The insight goes deeper, and is supported by facts. I love that RJ doesn’t let anyone make a statement that they can’t support with data. In that way, it is not like any of the other betting pods out there.
Great show!
Great show! Really good and dense content. Podcasts post kind of late being in the central time zone.
Excellent skill & fun content
Intelligent and insightful. Always teaching throughout the shows and making listeners smarter. Never a dull moment especially when they get on each other!! A fun listen!
These guys get a little too wrapped up in the headlines and don’t concentrate enough on the matchups! I am looking for breakdowns of the week ahead. Maybe I’m listening to the wrong podcast...
Love These Guys
You’d have to be a “Duct Tape Shoe Guy” to give this pod one star. Too many people think pro gamblers win every game. These guys are sharp, fun and entertaining.
Awesome podcast
Great insight to “know more than your buddies” and make some good bets. Only wish was they did a “blazing 5” style pick em segment before big game day weekends.
Nothing but love
I went from not ever listening to a podcast, to listen to this one, and the Dream Preview, the moment they drop.
Love Rj Bell’s other podcasts about sports betting. Straight outta Vegas started out good last year actually discussing sports betting but has turned into a show rehashing the same garbage every other show beats into the ground .
Too much RJ
Let the analyst do the talking, just produce the program and be seen and not heard, looks like most people think that way, take a hint
The knowledge of college? Terrible picks last night.
Dead wrong on UCLA and BYU. Get a few games right before you anoint yourself. Embarrassing.
Best handicapping podcast
Best sports handicapping podcast I've ever come across. The info is super valuable. I came in 20th place in the 2018 las vegas super contest “texastrio” in large part thanks to this podcast insights.
Top Shelf
An auto go-to every morning for me. RJ keeps the Vegas boys honest and their back and forth makes for outstanding radio.
Max Sperling
This pod is fantastic! Rj and the pros bring knowledgeable insight and Jonas always brings up great points and is the voice of the fan! This show is a one stop shop for Vegas weather (fav part) , knowing more then your buddy, and if you like betting on sports.
Informative and entertaining! Deadly combo!!
By far the best podcast ever created!! Forget the fact that it’s informative with Vegas insider info from the handicapper perspective but it’s like a tv show where you grow to love the characters lol. Can’t miss the weekly Dream Podcast either, RJ keeps everyone in line and the rest have to bring their “A” game because you never know what question may come their way.
Less Jonas Knox more fezzik
Less Jonas Knox more fezzik
The best
Steven Saballos
These guys are all so good at what they do. And RJ really knows how to complete the podcast with his wise insight and analogies. I listen to them daily and what an enjoyable group of guys. Brad & Fezzik are brilliant and offer their great personality to the show. Can’t wait to see this thing kick off into perhaps a live tv show. Great job fellas!!!
Serious review from a long time listener
I first heard RJ Bell almost 7 years ago on the Herd. I’ve followed ever since. Listen, the most important quality is honesty and truthfulness in this business and RJ tells it how it is. On a serious note, Brad Powers is a sports genius. Brad is definitely the most accurate and selective pro I’ve ever followed. His college football knowledge and nfl picks are gold. I subscribe to Fezzick as well, he picks a wide variety from all sports but gets insider info. Best Podcast out there hands down
A Daily Appointment Listen
Love the show. Although sometimes I think RJ and Brad pick on Fezz skittle too much . Good listen for bettlors and non bettors
Not as good as expected
Should be called straight out of any sport talk but basketball. I’ll listen to dream during football but there’s not Nearly enough about baseball golf soccer etc...all the good betting opportunities
Most profitable free POD in universe
The radio show/POD and RJ’s regular POD are the most profitable POD’s out there. No need to waste time doing research when the experts are sharing it for free. Also VERY ENTERTAINING even if a non-bettor.
People complain for no reason
Love the POD. RJ and his wise guy round table are the best. Keep up the good work fellas!
rj needs to tap the brakes
although he often makes fun of some of the gambling marks by trying to sound retarded in voice, RJ sounds like a five year old with a speech impediment quite a lot. Can you say “hundred” or “Warriors fought”?
RJ bullies Fez
I used to love listening to this podcast but I am starting to lose my patience. I understand RJ thinks he is doing his due diligence when he keeps Fez from veering off on a tangent, but he needs to stop cutting Fez off 1 second after he asks him a question. Why ask a question if you're going to answer it yourself? Its clear RJ has a narrative and he cuts Fez off all the time to drive that narrative home. Not only does RJ cut Fez off but he belittles him like a school yard bully. RJ take this piece of advice, shut your mouth and listen to Fez a bit more and maybe you will become a stronger handicapper. Brad also acts as an innocent bystander who RJ turns to, to back him up and bully Fez.
T Lite/TBone
Very Sharp! Nice profit on Golden State Assessment!
Strong Knowledge
I have learnt so much about sports betting from this show. THE best sports betting show in the realm!
More losing picks than winning ones
They aren’t as sharp as they portray
This should be a good show...
...but RJ Bell smothers it with his dominance. In addition, he goes way beyond having fun and humiliates the great experts he has on the show. Bell should pull back and let the experts speak and nix the stupid sound effects. Then he will have the premiere sports gambling show that this should be. In addition, please quit brown nosing the other Fox ego maniac Cowherd.
Gold, Gold, and more Gold
Straight to the point! On one side of a rainbow there’s a pot of gold and on the other side it’s Straight outta Vegas w/RJ bell. This show resets the balance in sports gambling to the people’s side.
Thanks! RJ & Crew
LOVE what RJ and crew have done,not only this year but in previous as well.
jacuzzi blake
Love the show, and that we get it 5 days a week! Thanks for the insightful betting analysis presented in a fun and approachable way for those experienced or new to sports betting. Keep up the great work, and go @pregame in the super-contest gold!
#1 Betting pod
bcr 2025
No one better than RJ. looks at every game from a gambling perspective. then picks at end. 1 hour is perfect.
Super show
The information is great.
Awesome pod
These guys are great at evaluating games and their picks are great.
Amazing Sports talk show
I listen to it daily! so much great information across all major sports! A must listen if you gamble in sports
Best Sports Talk Radio Show Out There
A great talk radio show, and a lot of fun. Steve and his co-host/cousin Jeffrey are the perfect one two punch you want from a radio show. Any given show, there is hilarious banter perfectly mingled with astute points on topical sports news events and even some music discussion, as Steve is the drummer for Trigger Hippy and formerly Black Crowes. Big fan of the Midweek Mixtape on Wednesdays! Definitely check it out if you are a sports or music fan.
Awesome Mix of Sports and Music
I've been listening to Steve Gorman SPORTS! since the early days when he was on very late (or very early depending on your perspective) locally here in Nashville. Always has interesting guests and interesting angles on sports and music. Whether is is legendary broadcaster Chet Waterhouse or the great Coach Lou Holtz, you always hear interesting opinions ( and I believe they have never used the phrase "hot take" which is a plus). If you love your sports with a side of music, this show great! (Jeffery is pretty good too)
Best sports talk show on radio today.
Capt Touchback
Sport + music + pop culture + humor = Steve Gorman Sports! Do yourself a favor and listen to this show.
You'll be hooked!
Give this show a listen-you won't be disappointed! A great mix of sports, music, and humor. Steve and Jeffrey are a wealth of knowledge and great duo.
Classy Gents
Refreshing takes on sports, life, and music. This podcast has something for everyone. Keep up the good work.
Great show
Viking in Denver
This show mixes sports, rock and roll, and topical discussions in a unique format. Steve Gorman is the anchor, and his cousin Jeffery Gorman is hilarious. Subscribe and enjoy.
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